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Utilize FotoJet Designer to Make YouTube Thumbnails Easily


Using a beautiful YouTube thumbnail can upgrade your YouTube channel greatly, so in today tip, we are going to show you how to make effective thumbnails in minutes.

Why You Need Effective Thumbnail for Your YouTube Channel?

The answer to it is quite simple: A better UX, and compete against other YouTube channels!

Previously, a large group of YouTubers thought it’s less important to get a quality-high YouTube thumbnail, as long as their video content is good, they can stand out from the crowds. Or in their words, “Gold glitters!”

Well, it’s not always true. Especially, quite a few YouTubers have noticed the importance of the thumbnail, and some of them even pay a professional designer to create an outstanding thumbnail for their channel.

Thumbnail is the first impression that an audience gets. At least, it should be in equal quality of your videos.

How to Make Effective YouTube Thumbnails Easily? – Take Advantage of FotoJet Designer for Windows.

Quality design service isn’t something that all of us can afford, but why do we stick to that method? Why not give a try of some thumbnail maker? We’ve explored the path and dig out a well-received designer application, it’s FotoJet Designer for Windows. Stay tune and let’s check its features!

In the interface of FotoJet Designer for Windows, it leaves an entrance to customize YouTube thumbnail. Scroll down to Social Media Header, hover computer mouse over [YouTube Thumbnail] and you can know the standard YouTube thumbnail size is 1280 px * 720 px. Left-click it, it will list all the thumbnail templates in an editing mode.

Finding A Template Quickly

The designer software sorts those thumbnail templates in tags. Press [All], you will find all its categories, for example, Tutorial, People, Food, and many more.

How to Customize Your Thumbnail in FotoJet Designer for Windows?

Let’s say, you’ve chosen a thumbnail under a category. Be it your favorite thumbnail template, or a proper but rigid one, the customization will determine whether your thumbnail will be successful or not finally.

Click to select an element, and its customization options will show somewhere near. It enables users to set the layer, copy or even delete itself in [Property] tab. If you want to change its opacity, border width, color, or how to fill it, then you need to switch to [Effect] tab. For text elements, there are more options, like font, font-style…

Besides using its option, you can delete the element and upload your image, adjust its layer to the same. Drag and drop to set the position. It will work as well. For a travel YouTuber, it’s advised to select a template from travel block. And then replace the background picture with best your travel photo/collage. Then DIY is perfectly done. This customization method also applies to other YouTubers.

According to our tests, the customization work takes from less than 1 min to 8 min. Without much modification, a normal computer user can create and download a thumbnail in 1 min, much easier than Photoshop or other advanced editors.

We also find it very convenient to share your work with your team or audience and inquire about their ideas, given it plugs in Facebook and Twitter shares.

Words Closing Up

FotoJet Designer for Windows is relatively an easy YouTube thumbnail maker, giving you the basic and limited options but creating something satisfying. It’s absolutely worthy of your experimentation.

Sidenote: Beside the paid once and for all Windows version, FotoJet has an online version for thumbnail making, which fee is collected by subscription.


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