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Makes Hands-Free Wi-Fi Calls with Amazon’s Echo speaker


Amazon’s Echo speaker added support for voice calling in May, enabling you to make free calls to anyone else who uses its Alexa assistant, using only your voice. Interestingly, the feature is not only
available to Echo owners but also works if you have the Alexa smartphone app ( Download )

Go to the app store on your mobile device and search for “Alexa app,” or select a link below:

Note: The Alexa app should automatically download to Alexa-enabled Fire tablets. If your Fire tablet is not an Alexa-enabled device, it won’t support Alexa interactions even if the Alexa app is downloaded to the device.

installed on your iOS or Android device. This has prompted Google to play catch-up, adding voice calling to the Home’s already impressive range of skills, albeit only in the US and Canada at the moment.
Until it’s supported here, UK users will have to make do with instructing Google Now to make a hands-free call.

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To do this, simply say “OK Googlecall (contacts

Hands free wifi call with amazon echo speakerJust bear in mind that you’ll need to manually
Activate your device’s loudspeaker.


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