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9 Best Maltego Alternatives Graph Intelligence Platform


With all the technological advancements in networking and communication, it has become easier to analyze and retrieve data from open sources.

Data gathering and representation keep utmost importance in intelligence investigations. However, arranging and representing data gives us headaches at times.  

Thankfully, there are web-based platforms that offer sourcing of data along with its graphical representation. These web-based platforms also help us to relate the data and reach a conclusion. However, not all the platforms are genuine, and only a few apps or websites provide genuine services. 

One such advanced and the trusted platform is the Maltego; it is regarded as one of the most impressive open-source data analyzing and forensics platforms on the internet. The platform provides reliable data gathering and representation techniques to the users in exchange for some service charge. 

Maltego charges a massive sum of money for a single data transformation, due to which most investigators and people do not prefer using it. Thankfully, many other websites offer the same service as Maltego at comparatively low prices. 

Here in this article, we have compiled the list of best Maltego alternatives for your convenience. Give the article a read and choose the website that suits your needs the best.  

Best Maltego Alternatives: Our Top Pick ūüĎĆūüĎĆ

Data gathering and representation play an important role in intelligence investigations, and it even keeps importance for individuals.

However, gathering, analyzing, and representing data can prove to be challenging from time to time. But, with the internet and other technological advancements, the process of information gathering, representing, and relating have become easier.  

Many web-based platforms have come forward to provide data and its representation in exchange for some service charge.

One such awesome application is Maltego; it is regarded as one of the most outstanding open-source data analyzing applications available on the internet.

The application provides all kinds of data-related services, including data gathering, data mining, data analyzing, and data representation.  

Maltego is best known for its reliable data and forensics features; it offers early data mining and represents the data in an understandable format.

The app even allows you to recognize the primary relationship between the data and the target, making it easier to understand. 

Maltego is undoubtedly an incredible platform, but its service charges are comparatively high, due to which most investigation authorities and individuals do not use it.  

If you are an investigator and want to switch, we have provided the list of best Maltego alternatives that you can choose from. So, without any further delay, check out the article. 

 1. Gephi 

Gephi is one of the most incredible and unique Maltego alternatives that offer the fastest data gathering and analyzing services.

Gephi is the latest and the most advanced open-source platform to visualize and analyze information graphically. With Gephi, one can quickly explore the information with a simultaneous graphic display.  

Best Maltego Alternatives

Gephi offers information from trusted sources, making it more reliable for the users. The platform also provides active sound insulation, which most software in the category fails to provide.

The built-in 3D graphic engine feature of Gephi allows you to visualize the real-time graphical representation of the data. The platform even offers supported file formats coupled with dynamic information filtering.  

The application supports all the advanced features, including statistical representation of data, exporting and importing information, and algorithm layout, making it the most recommended software for data interpretation.  To know more about Gephi, visit the official website without any delay. 

Introduction to Gephi

2. SpiderFoot 

Do you want software that automatically analyzes the data and serves you the report? Here is the best you can opt for ‚Äď The¬†SpiderFoot.

SpiderFoot is technically advanced software that was built with the aim to automate the open-source intelligence program. The platform offers a wide range of features that automatically analyzes the data and represents it in the best possible way.  

Best Maltego Alternatives 1

The software is the best platform for gathering information from different sources, including IP addresses, social media websites, domains, and other sources.

The platform even establishes or identifies the relationship between the information and the target to be investigated. 

Running a Scan in SpiderFoot HX

Features of SpiderFoot:-

  • The software scans data accurately and quickly, thereby saving an adequate amount of time.¬†
  • Once the software scans the complete data, it sends an e-mail notification to let you know that the scanning is completed.¬†
  • It easily integrates with various sources to gather information and even helps in importing scanned targets.¬†
  • The application is best known for its timeous investigation, which is impressive.¬†¬†

3. Linkurious 

Are you searching for the best data security and forensics software? Here is the best you can choose ‚Äď The¬†Linkurious.¬†

Linkurious is another great forensics and open-source data application that helps you with an on-spot graphical representation of information, which is very helpful. The platform is best recommended for fraud and threat recognition and detection. 

If you are investigating threat and fraud cases, then Linkurious is a great application you can use. The Linkurious software has built-in alarming systems that help you detect all possible frauds in the data source.

The platform even establishes real-time relations between the information and the subject, making it easier to analyze and reach a conclusion.  

All you need for the application to work is to identify the detection rules and add them to the commands. Once you have entered the rules, the app identifies all the suspicious activities of the target, which is a pretty fantastic feature.

With all the advanced and unique features for fraud detection and data interpretation, Linkurious can be regarded as one of the excellent Maltego alternatives.

Primary features associated with Linkurious:-

  • Linkurious¬†is one of the best platforms to analyze and visualize information in a structured manner.¬†
  • The platform has impressive built-in features that help you with fraud detection and money laundering cases.¬†¬†
  • The software easily integrates with different platforms, making it easier to implement on the target.¬†
  • The software is highly flexible in its operations and functionalities.¬†¬†

4. DataWalk 

DataWalk is considered one of the most well-known Maltego alternatives; It is the latest and most advanced platform for analyzing information and recognizing the link between them.

Best Maltego Alternatives 2

The software is built with the aim to provide easy identification of data patterns and their relations. It even helps in the identification of all possible irregularities caused in extensive source intelligence investigations.  

The application displays the result in a structured and single data sheet with the help of a variety of charts, including histograms, link charts, and maps. The software even establishes a strong bond between the external and internal information sources. 

DataWalk - Product Overview Video


Features Associated with DataWalk:-

  • The platform is designed to help accelerate the investigation process and reach a conclusion quickly.¬†
  • It helps identify suspicious and false claims, thereby making correct assumptions of the statements and information.¬†
  • The platform even calculates and delivers the risk scores to help you identify the risks associated with data scanning.¬†¬†

5. Visallo 

If you are an intelligence investigator and are looking for software to assist you in information analysis and interpretation, then Visallo is the best you can opt for. 

Visallo is an intelligence data assistance software built with the motive to detect fraudulent activities within an organization.  

Law enforcement officers and individual detectives highly prefer the Visallo software to identify anomalies in the data analyzing process.

The platform analyzes tons of data within minutes and helps investigators identify the critical and hidden relationship between the information and the target, which is an excellent feature.

You can achieve high accuracy and efficiency with the help of Visallo; Hence, Visallo can be considered one of the finest Maltego alternatives.

 Features of Visallo:-

  • The software makes it easier to access various tools and permissions required during the investigation.¬†
  • The platform offers a customizable workspace coupled with data duplication and transfer.¬†
  • The platform can interpret a high amount of data within seconds and assist the investigator in situation management and mapping.

6. Poortego 

Do you want a secure platform that can link and store matters related to OSINT? Here is an excellent software that can help you ‚Äď The¬†Poortego.¬†

Poortego is an Open-source investigating software that helps in the management of information in an OSINT investigation. The software offers the best and secure environment to manage and store information, which is pretty unique.  

Poortego has fixed all the bugs and glitches in its latest updates to provide a more secure ecosystem to store information.

The software is supported on multiple platforms, including Windows, BSD, Linux, etc. The software helps gather and review user data from various sources, which is very beneficial.  

The software is user-friendly and requires basic technical knowledge to operate, making it popular among users. Hence, Poortego can be regarded as one of the superb Maltego alternatives with all the outstanding features. 

7. IBM i2 Analyst’s NoteBook 

IBM as a software developer does not need any introduction; it is well known for its marvelously designed security software.

The i2 Notebook from IBM is a popular data analysis software built solely to interpret and analyze and visualize data. The software can transform and compile the information into intelligence reports, which is very impressive.  

The software provides a state-of-the-art user interface coupled with innovative features. The software even helps you in analyzing social media accounts related to the targets. The app offers superb data views, including geospatial and temporal view options. 

To sum it up, the application is a well-designed and organized platform to analyze and summarize intelligence information. So, it can be regarded as one of the excellent Maltego alternatives.

8. Siren.io 

Siren.io is one of the best and well-known Maltego alternatives that can analyze a massive amount of information at one go. The platform offers massive data searches, understandable graphical representation, and a quick connection between the data and the suspect.  

Search-centric Investigative Intelligence with Siren 12

The software is packed with advanced alarming and monitoring systems that help detect threats and fraudulent activities, which is impressive. With all the fantastic features, the software is built exceptionally to tackle all the investigation problems.  

9. Sentinel Visualizer 

Adding to the list is another fantastic¬†Maltego¬†alternatives¬† ‚Äď Sentinel Visualizer; it is the best data analysis assistant that you can opt for. The software is built to assist data analysts in identifying irregularities in data trends.

9 Best Maltego Alternatives Graph Intelligence Platform

The software provides the latest visual and analysis aids to the analysts to detect threats and fraudulent activities.  

The software is packed with the latest features and provides a detailed overview of data trends, which is superb. The database visualization feature helps with quick and multi-dimensional viewing of data.

The software is best suited for establishing relationships types; it even offers highlights of data trends, making it easier for you to analyze the data.  

10. Social Links

Social Links is a software company that develops automated, AI-driven search methods for extracting and assembling huge volumes of open data.

Their flagship product SL Professional empowers investigators and data security professionals to reach their work objectives quicker and more effectively.

SL Professional offers an immense suite of custom-designed search methods spanning more than 500 open sources. The product’s advanced search queries, many of which rely on machine learning, allow users to filter the data as it is being gathered in a range of sophisticated ways.

However, Social Links OSINT solutions do more than just gather information; they also offer advanced analysis tools for refining data as you progress through investigations and penetration tests, returning accurate results for an ever more comprehensible picture of the data.

The Power of Social Links Professional

Product Features:-

1. A professional bundle of 1000+ original search methods for over 500 open data sources including all major platforms across social media, messengers, blockchains and the Dark Web

2. Advanced automation features which leverage machine learning to deliver an expansive range for information retrieval, delivering accurate results at remarkable speeds

3. Bespoke analysis tools enable data to be significantly enriched and moulded to the user’s particular purposes

4. Seamless integration within any IT infrastructure

5. Social Links offer training and support as part of their product packages

For organizations who need the ultimate OSINT solution, Social Links also have an enterprise-grade platform SL BOX ‚Äď an on-premise solution offering their widest range of search methods, full customization according to the users‚Äô needs, and total data privacy and security.


If you are a data investigator or analyst, we can understand your pain while analyzing and transforming the information. Data visualization and analysis can be complex; however, the internet has eased the data analysis process.

You can find numerous software on the internet to assist you with data analysis, but most of them are spam, and only a few offer genuine services.  

As discussed earlier, Maltego is one of the most trusted platforms that offer all kinds of data-related services, including data gathering and analysis.

It is an excellent open-source data analyzing application that offers active data interpretation and threat detection. However, the platform’s service charges are a bit expensive, due to which most investigators and data analysts don’t prefer using it.  

If you were searching for an alternative to Maltego, we hope your search has ended with this article.

Here, we have provided a list of some excellent Maltego alternatives that provide excellent data analysis services. You can choose any of the software mentioned above as per your requirements.

You can choose Gephi or SpiderFoot, which offers unique visualizing features, or you can opt for Linkurious, which offers an on-spot graphical representation of data, or Visallo that actively detects fraudulent activities.