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Manage all your private data in one place with PlusPrivacy


PlusPrivacy is a handy new Chrome extension that lets you manage all elements of your online privacy in one place: you can optimize your social-media privacy settings with a single click; block ads and trackers, and create email aliases for signing up to websites. In the future, you’ll be able to earn money by opting to share your info with participating websites.

Manage all your private data in one place with PlusPrivacy

1.Set up an account, install the Chrome extension and open the Privacy Dashboard. Click Social Networks, 1 then ‘Single click privacy’ 2 to automatically set privacy settings;

or use the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons 3 to customize the privacy settings for each site individually.

Manage all your private data in one place with PlusPrivacy

2. Click Extensions & Apps 1 to see Intrusiveness ratings for your Chrome extensions. 2 Use the buttons and tick boxes 3 to disable or delete any you don’t want. Clicking Facebook Apps lets you check the permissions for all apps you’ve linked to the site and also lets you remove them.

3.To protect your privacy when setting up online accounts, PlusPrivacy lets you create 19 alternative email addresses. Click My Identities, 1 then ‘Add identity’ 2 to choose a new email address. Emails sent to this address will be relayed to your genuine email inbox.


4.When you reply, your email will appear to be sent from the new identity, rather than your real email address. Select an alternative identity 1 to have it automatically suggested when you sign up to websites. If you delete an identity, 2 emails will bounce back to the sender.

5.Click Ad Blocking & Anti-Tracking 1 and you’ll see that the built-in ad blocker stops trackers, social-media buttons and malware by default. 2 Click the appropriate switches to disable these features or select ‘Filter settings’ 3 to manage filtered lists and whitelisted domains.

5.On a web page, click the PlusPrivacy button 1 then ‘adblockerOptions’ to temporarily disable it 2 or block specific elements. 3 When privacy-sharing incentives are launched, they’ll appear in the Privacy Dashboard under Privacy Deals. Check https://plusprivacy.com/news/ for announcements.

I am recommending you to read Privacy as Trust: Information Privacy for an Information Age to learn more about online privacy.

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