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How to transfer and manage your iphone media files on a pc

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally the day you get your first Apple device. Ideally, there are plenty of good things to have on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, but there are also a few downsides. You will agree with me that you have always wished that Apple could do better with iTunes. iTunes can be very frustrating with its limitations and security.

I have good news for you as I have found Windows software that is functional and reasonably priced without installing iTunes. In the course of this article, you will learn about how to transfer iPhone files to a PC without iTunes via WinX MediaTrans.

WinX MediaTrans is the only independent iPhone manager that allows you to manage iOS files without installing iTunes and its components quickly.

How to transfer and manage your iphone media files on a pc

MediaTrans connects your PC with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, allowing for two straightforward transfers such as copy and paste.


You must back up regularly and sync your iPhone to your computer. Although iTunes is an automated system for doing this, many Apple device users find that iTunes is frustrating and restrictive. So, some innovative engineers are helping with various software that can work as an iPhone manager.

They mostly work to choose the best alternative to iTunes, and one needs to look beyond the features. I have used many iPhone files in PC transfer software, but none are easier to use and more efficient than WinX MediaTrans. Other than that, there is no better time to fully enjoy this piece of working software than when using a giveaway.


  • Sync files randomly or in bulk – no data eraser.
  • Back up iPhone pictures/videos to PC – easily install.
  • Manage, edit, add, erase and export – more common.
  • Likewise, you can encrypt your files (Video and photos) with this tool Transfer non-iTunes music to your iPhone. Make a ringtone.
  • Rotate automatically. Remove voice memos. Carry books, etc.



One of the significant problems with iTunes is its notoriously slow performance on many computers, especially in Windows software, and a lot of system RAM. While there are Workarounds in some of its operational problems, iTunes is still slowing down your system and removing it from running other apps. This can be a problem, especially for businesses that constantly upgrade their hardware and use slower computers with less memory.


iTunes is a media manager, which means it can lead to computers at work having the ability to store inaccuracies. Although non-commercial use of iTunes by employees may often include their storage of official media purchased from their systems, it may also lead to their termination of illegal downloads. Additionally, non-commercial music or necessary video storage will consume disk space and reduce the computer’s ability to handle tasks.


In yesteryears, iTunes used to have a lot of tough competition in the media player cycle. However, today too many people donate and do it with Apple iTunes, or it could be a big head. There is another way, through WinX Media Trans, a media manager for iPhones and iPads targeted at people who disagree with the standard, hand-operated Apple that typically works.

Here are a few ways WinX MediaTrans can appeal to users, especially if you are a “PC” rather than a “Mac.”

  • Its Interface Is Much, Much Cleaner

iTunes is the biggest app these days. iTunes is home to Apple’s most extensive library of apps, movies, and music, not just a media player and manager. Like a great storefront, it has a lot on its mind that organizes your media collection. WinX MediaTrans closes all external fluffs, leaving you with a piece of soft and clear software that feels faster and more accurate than Apple software.

  • Photo Backup Is More Flexible

Apple wants you to back up your photos to iCloud. It thinks the storage on the hard drive is over, but WinX MediaTrans does not. Instead of being left to use a scanned Windows photo import tool, this software allows you to select photos and videos to transfer to your computer per file. Or you can share your entire iPhone photo library to a PC at once. With a full wireless connection, you can transfer 100 4K images in just seconds.

  • Full Playlist Control

WinX MediaTrans would not be so powerful if it did not allow you to control almost everything you need day in or day out. But it already does, though many features do not. One of the sweet cherries on top can create, edit and transfer music playlists. WinX MediaTrans’ visual interface makes this quick, easy and painless.

  • Auto Re-Encoding Of Video To Save Space

Almost every iPhone owner knows the frustration of running out of space on his phone. It happens to all of us. WinX MediaTrans helps by allowing you to reduce the quality of downloaded videos without significantly reducing image quality. Fifty percent of your iPhone storage can be saved with this great feature. A must-have if you have a media library that you like to watch on the go. It also automatically imports and converts any video to a suitable format for syncing to iPhone and iPad.

  • Batch Video Imports And Exports

You do not need to transfer videos to your iOS device individually. WinX MediaTrans supports group video transfer, allows you to edit movies with a monthly value, and then continue to do, well, whatever else you want to do. This is the perfect feature for those who like to watch a lot of videos on their mobile devices but who are not happy with streaming content on Netflix or iPlayer all the time. Not everyone has unlimited data authorization, after all.


  • Image Transfer

WinX MediaTrans allows the user to transfer photos from iPhone to PC with just one click. It can also share images captured by third-party applications. A person can select any image they want to transfer, either one or all of the transfers. We find a useful option in this software: you do not need to disconnect the iPhone to send new photos; you need to tap to update to access the recently clicked photos.

  • Music Manager

The WinX MediaTrans music manager tool is available to ensure smooth music transfer from iPhone to PC and from PC to iPhone. It also has a music editor to edit the music meter information, a music manager, music converter to convert any audio format to Mp3 or ACC while transferring music. iTunes will not allow you to copy your iPhone music to a PC but not in MediaTrans mode, and it will enable you to download all the songs to your iPhone. If you love music and have lost your iPhone, you can still enjoy it with a PC. Music Manager allows you to edit music details directly within the app, such as iTunes. The user can create, edit or delete playlists on his devices. Editing is effortless. Move the mouse to the song file and click edit: meta fields that display Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Year, and Comments.

  • Video Transfer

As a Music Manager, you can also convert video instantly while transferring it to an iPhone. The software can convert MKV, AVI, and AVCHD format to iPhone MP4 playable iPhone. The video transfer option is similar to the image transfer. Apart from all this, it has an option called Auto Rotate. It will rotate the video directly to the horizontal video to play well on the iPhone while transferring the PC to the iPhone. Transmission speed is also breakneck and does not wait too long, even for HD videos.

  • Flash Drive

The ability to utilize the iPhone as a flash drive is the coolest feature of this iTunes software. You can transfer files and folders to iPhone / iPad and use it as a flash drive. The only problem is that the iPhone itself does not provide any file manager to browse files on the phone. But you can store, manage and browse files on other computers installed with WinX MediaTrans.

  • EBook transfer

To enjoy your favorite book while traveling, transfer it from computer to iOS devices using WinX MediaTrans. The software supports EPUB transfer, PDF, and audiobooks. Besides, it can export EPUB text in PDF, TXT, and HTML

  • Ringtone, Voice Invitation, iTunes U, and Podcast

Click Voice & Ringtone, and you’ll be able to customize iPhone ringtones, transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to computer, and transfer iTunes U and Podcast between Apple phones and computers.

  • Remove DRM

Want to play DRM movies, audiobooks, and music from iTunes Store on other media players easily? These precautions can help remove DRM without any hassle. However, you are not allowed to kill DRM for any improper use.