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3 Tips for Marketing Your Services to College Students


College students have been the target of advertisers for many years because they are still not set in their ways. A majority of them are willing to try new products and services before choosing their preferred service. Also, their lack of loyalty to brands means that small businesses can capture the demographic and convert them to dedicated customers for their entire lifetime.

Nevertheless, getting college students to buy your services as a small business can be an uphill task if you have no idea on how to market to them. The main reason companies fail to penetrate the market is because youngsters are often strapped for cash, doubtful and transient making them hard to convert into sales.

Even so, below are some proven ways in which a business can successfully market to students in college.

1. Mobile marketing

Most students in colleges use their smartphones for practically everything, making the device an excellent way to reach them with your services. It is essential to have an opt-in option by offering a discount or free service for a period of time so that they can voluntarily share their number and agree to receive promotional texts now and then.

Ensure that the promotional text messages are not too many so that they are open to receiving them. Also, you could have a downloadable mobile application that provides information on the services offered including costs and even an FAQ section that answers all their inquiries thereby increasing the chances of making sales.

2. Invest in social media marketing

Marketing to college students through social media is one of the best ways of grabbing their attention so that they can buy your services. Your presence on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a sign of credibility for most students. Ensure that your pages are always updated and responses to inquiries are made within the shortest time possible. Additionally, marketing services using social media requires the use of photos, videos, and information that would appeal to college-age demographic.

3. Have a fun launch

Majority of students are always looking for ways in which they can have fun both on and off campus. They are always ready to attend events and interact with services being offered to them by a variety of companies. It is important to advertise the event in popular places within the campus using posters and other cool items such as t-shirts.
Another option is printing stickers with information about the launch. The strikers can be stuck on laptops or smartphones, hence ensure that news about the event is spread far and wide resulting in maximum turnout. At the launch, encourage them to take photos and share on various social media pages to increase your reach.

Ultimately, it is essential to understand that the college-age consumer is quite dynamic and needs to be persuaded to buy services and products offered by companies. However, businesses that manage to capture the demographic reap great rewards in the long run.


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