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Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2: Which Drone is Best For You


Are you looking for a comparison guide between Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2 to decide which drone is best for you? 🤔

We got you covered in this comparison guide.

Without any further delay, let explore this comparison. 🐱‍🐉

The Mavic Mini and the Mavic Air 2 are products from the same manufacturer, DJI. That makes our job to review these two unparalleled drones, all the most difficult in one way.

However, we found some interesting comparisons about these products that will make your reading pleasure.

The first thing that we noticed was the fact that both the drones come at prices less than $1000. That makes it an exciting buy from one of the most well-reputed drone producers in America. While the Mavic Mini comes at less than $400, the Mavic Air 2 is priced at less than $800.

So, which one is better, and why? 🤷‍♂️

Hence, we did a review of both top-notch drones. We spend some time analyzing the drones and finding more on it. For 2020, DJI’s first drone is the Mavic Air 2, and they have made an excellent device, comes with an ergonomic handle and foldable design.

We felt that it is not only better looking, but provides terrific performance, much better than the Mavic 2 based on control range, performance, and photo quality. On the other hand, the Mavic Mini weighs only 249 grams, which you do not need to register to fly in America.

Additionally, it comes with excellent battery life and top-notch charging capabilities. You can use it wherever you want.

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2: Quick Overview

Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2

You might consider using the Mavic Mini if you the following conditions are met:-

  • Your budget is not too big or large. In a sense, you are looking for a cheap drone.
  • Your expectation is nothing less than second to none device.
  • You do not want any problems with the license of the product.
  • You are alright using a lightweight drone that is useful for traveling and hiking.

You can use Mavic Air 2 when the following conditions are met:

The drones come with their own unique features and strengths that make them superior. However, the devices’ purposes are not the same because they were designed and made for different uses.

The Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2 provides you with the ability to make the right decision for yourself. The Mavic Mini has a 2.7K camera and weighs less than 250 grams. On the other hand, Mavic Air 2 comes with sublime features.

If you plan on getting a cheap drone that can take stable images, then you can opt for the Mavic Mini. You can go ahead and order the device for yourself, right now. But, when you are particular about 4k pictures and want to use an ergonomic device, then the Mavic Air 2 is better.

Having the right kind of information on your side is the best way to go about things. There isn’t a better place than you can find more information on the drones, apart from this review.

Let’s find more on the drones by reading further.

Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2 – Comparison of their features

Pricing of the Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2 – The deal-breaker

Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2

There is no denying the fact that Mavic Air 2 is a matchless drone. However, you will find a considerable difference between the price of both the drones. The Mavic Mini (Check Latest Price On Amazon) costs less than $400, while the Mavic Air 2 (Check Latest Price on Amazon) is priced less than $800.

It is noteworthy to mention that Mavic Air 2 comes with top-notch features. Both the drones come with combo packages. In this sense, you can purchase accessories that are compatible with both drones and fly them effortlessly.

These accessories make them powerful devices to own and use. If you purchase each of the accessories, then it becomes quite expensive. Buying them in a combo offer enables you to get them for a lesser rate.

Winner:- We have selected the chosen one here based on the features. The Mavic Air 2 comes with sublime features that cannot be found embedded in a single drone. You will be heartened to know that DJI has infused the best features into a single product they have produced so far.

Weight of the Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2 – Which is lighter?

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2: Which Drone is Best For You

The price and weight of the drones are a crucial aspect of the decision that you make at the end. They both come with the much-hyped foldable design. Though the Mavic Air 2 is small in size, the Mavic Mini is lightweight, and you can charge batteries easily on it.

A foldable design helps you take it for journeys or just about anywhere. The Mavic Air 2 has an ergonomic design for better grip when compared to the Mavic Mini. But we will be focusing on the weight of the devices.

The manufacturer has explicitly mentioned the weight as 249g on the product. That is a reason for doing so because, in many countries, more than 250 grams means obtaining a license for using the device.

In the United States of America, you need to register yourself and obtain a license. We are not surprised to see that the maker deliberately chose this weight for the Mavic Mini. Besides, having low weight means you can fly the device anywhere you want.

We also found that the Mini is portable. Thanks to the portable design, you can carry it with you everywhere you go like a park, beach, or even for a walk.

Winner:- Our choice is the Mavic Mini because it is lightweight and portable. This gives you the flexibility of taking it around with you without hassle. Mavic Air 2 is an exceptional device, but the weight of the device is a vital part of any drone.

Design of Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2 – Which one is superlative?

By design, we concentrate on the remote controller. Unless you can grip the remote controller properly, you may not be able to fly the drone as you want to. The Mavic Mini controller is similar to most of the Mavic series products.

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2: Which Drone is Best For You
Mavic Mini

They are small, but not useful. On the other hand, the Mavic Air 2 controller is slightly bigger than the Mini. You can also mount your smartphone on it if you feel like it. We liked the design because it is large and lets you grip it exceptionally well.

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2: Which Drone is Best For You
Mavic Air 2

Having said that, the design of the drones is not the same. The Mini is much smaller than the Air 2. Using both of them is not the same. Carrying the Air 2 can be cumbersome while taking the Mini can be done effortlessly.

As we say, the best product is the one that you can take along with you wherever you go. The same can be implemented here. The Mini comes with a considerable advantage in the design part of the drones.

Winner:- Our clear winner in the design is Mini because it weighs less than 250grams and comes with extreme portability. The same cannot be said about the Air 2, which is much heavier and you need to register on the FAA website in the United States.

Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2 – Camera and speed performance

The Mavic Air 2 camera performance is smashing, saying the least in real situations. The Mini was good, but average in front of the Air 2. However, the quality of the images was almost neck-and-neck.

DJI - This Is Mavic Air 2

Using the Mini, your color options are limited. That is not the case when you use Air 2, as you have an abundance of color options. According to users, the Air 2 can quickly move around the skies.

DJI - Introducing Mavic Mini

Mini, on the other hand, is not that effective speed-wise. A notable feature of both the Air 2 and Mini was that the latter’s battery life is strong. However, the Air 2 signal is stable, and you will not lose it anytime.

The Air 2 can fly for more than 30 minutes effortlessly. It is almost the same as the Mini. With the Occusync transmission technology, you can use the Air 2 for 10,000 meters.

Though you may not require a huge range of that kind, flying your drone in crowded areas, you need strong signals offered by Air 2.

Coming to the speed, the Air 2 was able to go faster at more than 40 miles per hour. However, the Mini topped less than 28 miles per hour. Thanks to the obstacle avoidance system installed in Air 2, it easily avoids obstacles and moves around like a bird, at high speed.

Winner:- Mavic Air 2 is the winner in the camera and speed performance. It can move around hassle-free. Besides, you can comfortably grip the remote controller. The Mini is good with average speed but cannot find itself on par with the capabilities of the Air 2.

Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2- Additional features

We have given some additional features of both the Mavic Mini and the Mavic Air 2, that you can consider for your assessment. Based on that, you can decide which drone will suit you. Mavic Air 2 comes with exceptional flight modes like the ActiveTrack 3.0, POI 3.0, SmartPhoto, and more.

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2: Which Drone is Best For You
Mavic Mini Features

The technology lets you follow objects easily, without users having to interfere with the trajectory. Using the point of interest, you can now move around the object without any problem.

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air 2: Which Drone is Best For You
Mavic Air 2 Features

The above tracking features are present in Mavic Air 2. The Mavic Mini has QuickShots. Drones make use of the fly app; its maker designs that. DJI developed a simple app that is interactive and easy to use.

License to be got for the Mavic Air 2

Lastly, one of the most vital differences that can prove to outdo the Mavic Air 2 compared to the Mavic Mini is the license. You need to obtain a license for operating the drone in your locality in the United States.

On that note, the Mavic Mini has a lot of going for itself, and rightly so. As we read in the earlier paragraphs, the weight of the Mavic Mini is less than 250grams. That means it is exempt from the license requirement.

This is the reason why the manufacturer, DJI, has prominently stuck the weight on the drone. That means you do not need to register the drone on the FAA in America.

But, if you plan on owning the Mavic Air 2, then please do be informed that you will need to register it on the FAA website, which will cost $5.

Otherwise, you may end up facing trouble, if you operate the drone in your property. The rule varies from country to country. It depends on where you are residing. You might want to refer to their website for more on the registration process.

You could consider joining a blog or forum related to drones; you can find something useful on that. Perhaps, if you know somebody who owns the Mavic Air 2, then they could guide you on the process.

Winner:- You know the answer to this by now. If you are serious or feel that Mavic Air 2 can meet your needs, then you must consider spending some time learning more about the license and operating laws in your country.

Pros and cons of owning Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2

It is evident, Mavic Air 2 is always going to be on your mind if money is not a problem. But the Mini is a worthy competitor. As we saw, it is less than 249 grams. That means you do not have to worry about obtaining the license in the country you are based in.

Another benefit of owning the Mini is that you can charge your battery using USB. This is something that you do not come across often in drones. The lack of object avoidance technology and low speed makes it slightly inferior to the Air 2.

Coming to the pros of owning Mavic Air 2, it is embedded with plenty of features that are often not found in most drones. You can shoot 4K video at 60fps. Another benefit is that the speed of more than 40 miles per hour is better than Mini 30 miles per hour.

We also found that the resistance to wind and other weather factors are way better in the Air 2. The Ocusync, ensures that you are connected with the drone at all times, even at high speeds.

This is something that is lacking in the Mini. At speeds of 30 miles itself, we began to lose the signals, which made the shooting frustrating. But, the Air 2 comes with a noticeable drawback. The battery is an issue because you need a specialized battery charger, and it is large.

Essential factors to consider of Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2

As a potential user, you do have some critical factors to consider before delving into the Mavic Mini or Mavic Air. Mavic Air is one of the best drones available in the market today, offering you exceptional features.

Sadly, for the price-conscious, it comes almost double the rate of the Mavic Mini, at $800. Unless you are a professional, you may not need HDR photos, 4K, and hyper-lapse image quality.

These features are not found coupled in a single device. At the same time, the Mavic Mini is a decent device for family partying, enjoying together with friends, and having fun with yourself too.

Factors affecting Mavic Air 2:-

  • Many people tend to consider buying the drone.
  • The drone is durable and comes with an ergonomic handle.
  • The device is suitable for professional use.
  • It needs a license for operation in your locality, which can be challenging to obtain.

Factors affecting the Mavic Mini:-

  • The drone is lightweight and portable.
  • The device can be charged using USB.
  • You can take exceptional images using it.
  • It does not require a license to operate in your locality.

Verdict on the Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air 2

Is the Mavic Mini or Mavic Air suitable for your needs? When you are worried about breaking the law and want a simple-to-use drone, that is safe too, then the Mavic Mini is the ideal choice. This is for casual flyers who prefer to use a drone once in a while in their backyard or front porch.

It is lightweight, comes with a powerful battery; the drone has a long range and provides users with top-notch quality when flying. As we read, the camera quality may be slightly out of touch, coming at only 2.7k 12-megapixel.

You cannot shoot 4k images using it. However, it is ideal for giving you decent images and stills. Having said all that, the Mavic Mini is your best option, when you are looking for a drone that can offer you impressive features and flexibility for flying.

On the other side, Mavic Air 2 is something else. It comes embedded with the latest technology found in most of the Mavic models. You can find unsurpassed features like the obstacle avoidance system, OcuSync 2.0, ergonomic remote, and elegant look.

All this comes packed for you at a low price. Suppose you are a professional journalist, explorer, photographer, video editor, or graphic designer searching for the perfect blend of quality, camera, size, and rate. In that case, the Mavic Air is your best option.


We can only conclude that between Mavic Mini vs. Mavic Air, the best option would be according to your requirement. That will make you take the final call.

When you are looking for a transcendent drone that can provide you with peerless images, then the Mavic Air is your best go-to device.

If you are alright using a drone that you can charge anywhere and does not come with rigid paperwork and approval from the government to use, then the Mavic Mini is all yours. We have done our part; now it is up to you to decide between the Mavic Mini vs. Mavic Air.