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15 of The Best Medium Alternatives For Readers and Writers

Medium is one of the most popular blogging platforms available out there. The platform is being heavily used by bloggers and writers all around the globe.

Also, it is the best platform for readers where you can find information about a wide range of topics. But, the question is, are there any other medium alternatives available? Well, we will be finding this out only in this best medium alternatives guide.

I have handpicked platforms for publishing your content free of cost and sites where you can get paid for writing articles. So let’s just go ahead and quickly look at the top alternatives to Medium:

Best Medium Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. WordPress.com

If you are looking for a free-to-use medium alternative, then you can try out WordPress.com. The platform is being used by website builders, bloggers, and businesses. The best part of WordPress is that it allows you to create your website where you can publish your content. Or use the website for your business needs.

Best Medium Alternatives

Along with that, WordPress comes with lots of free themes to choose from. So setting up a website on WordPress is an extremely straightforward job. Just install your favorite theme, and you are good to go.

While WordPress offers you most of the features free of cost. But if you wish to enjoy advanced features for your website or blog, you will need to buy their premium plans. Also, with the free version, you will be getting the .wordpress.com extension. It means your website or blog address will look like YourWebsite.wordpress.com, which is quite unprofessional.

Moreover, unlike Medium, there is no pay-to-write program for WordPress. As a result, even if you post your articles and get views, you won’t get paid by WordPress.com. 

But suppose you switch to the premium version of WordPress. In that case, you can obviously partner up with Ad Networks like Google AdSense or Amazon Associates to start making money out of your content.

2. Steemit

If you want to get paid for publishing content online, Steemit is the best platform. The website is often considered one of the best medium alternatives, which is absolutely free to try out.

Best Medium Alternatives 1

Talking about the website, it is a new-age blockchain-based blogging and social media website. And it rewards your content by sending you few tokens of a cryptocurrency known as STEEM.

Also, the website is often considered as a similar concept to Reddit. Furthermore, it is considered to be a dynamic concept that takes the idea of both Crypto and Social Media and helps you deliver more.

On this platform, you will be able to share content on the STEEM network and crypto tokens. Also, the coolest part of Steemit is that it pays both parties. Meaning the content creator and the user who shares and upvotes it will get paid.

And the risk with digital currencies is that the value of the coin can drop at any moment. As a result, you may not be able to make good enough money out of the website.

3. Vocal Media

Next, I have the Vocal Media. This one is also one of the best medium alternatives that you can try out. The platform follows somewhat similar concepts and ideas works as that of YouTube.

You will need to sign up as a creator, and as you do so, you will get introduced to a bunch easy to use story creation tools. And your job is to publish stories that other readers might find inspiring.

Also, you will be able to earn money from multiple different sources over the course of time. So the revenue depends on the number of views you are getting to stories.

15 of The Best Medium Alternatives For Readers and Writers

Also, vocal media is a platform that supports and rewards content creators in all forms. As well as the platform is absolutely free to use. But they do also offer you a Vocal+ subscription. The free version allows you to publish your stories and monetize them and collect tips from the fans at no cost.

The vocal+ subscription offers multiple benefits such as advanced tools to create content, different features which you may not find on the free version, and much more.

Also, according to Vocal Media, the vocal creators get paid $3.80 / 1000 reads while the Vocal+ creators get paid $6.00 / 1000 reads.

4. Substack

Substack is another cool website that pays you for publishing content online. However, unlike any other platforms, you don’t get paid if you get views on your content. Instead, the website runs on a subscription-based model.

Best Medium Alternatives 3

As a result, you will only get paid if readers have subscribed to your content. So you can pretty much say that Substack is Netflix but for articles.

However, as a publisher, you will get lots of tools that will help you make your content stand out from the crowd. 

Also, you will easily be able to add paid subscriptions without any tech skills. All you have to do is connect your bank account and set a price. Plus, the best part is that you can choose which content you wish to monetize and which is a free article to read. 

However, I feel a drawback of Substack is that you need to build your own community as a publisher. Luckily, the platform has many readers, which will help you get paid subscribers pretty easily. Just make sure your content stands out.

5. Newsbreak

Are you someone who has a keen interest in politics, tech, or the world news? If yes, then you can try out Newsbreak. It is a website where you get paid for publishing news. It is perfect for journalists, professional content creators on every level, and other artists so that they can contribute and create unique content.

Newsbreak pays you based on your content and high rates. Also, you can look up ad share revenue including referrals, etc. Moreover, as a content creator, you will also get all the publishing tools that you need. As a result, publishing content will be a cakewalk for you.

Along with that, it offers you insights into your content. So you can use the data to improve your work, engage with your readers, and reach more readers. However, as a creator, you need to create unique content and focus on building trust.

Plus, the platform expects you to bring your own unique expertise to your stories. Finally, if I talk about the downside of Newsbreak, then it lacks a signup and publishes system. Instead, you will need to apply for the platform. So if you are not really good at the job, you may not get any approval.

6. Blogger

Next, there is the Blogger. This one is Google’s own blogging platform where you can publish articles and earn money from them. Also, being Google’s own product, it is eligible with Google Adsense.

As a result, you will be able to show ads to your blogger blogs and earn money when you get views. Plus, the best part of the website is that it allows you to set your own custom domain name, such as yourname.com. Or you can get started with the free .blogspot extension. 

Moreover, the platform is also pretty easy to use. You will get all the tools that you need to compose a post, edit existing posts, and create unlimited blogs. Along with that, it features a bunch of cool themes that you can apply to your blog. Or you can download blogger templates and install them on your website. Even you don’t really need to have any technical skills to run a Blogspot blog.

However, if I talk about the drawbacks, the customization options are very limited. But unlike WordPress, it doesn’t force you to get a paid subscription or anything if you want to earn money from your blog.

7. HubPages

HubPages is also one of the closest platforms to Medium. Just like Medium, the content on this website gets created by the community. And you can find short and long articles and posts.

Also, as an individual, you will also be able to post your own articles on any topic. However, I would recommend you to stick to the content that the website majorly publishes.

Even using the website is also pretty easy. You will need to sign up for the website and click on the start a new article button, and then you will find all the options. Apart from publishing articles, you can also start your own discussion. Or you can join ongoing discussions to express your views.

Also, yes, you will be able to make money through this platform. HubPages allows you to make money by serving ads on your article. To earn from your writing, you will need to sign up with the affiliate and earning programs that they have.

But you will still need to work on getting traffic or views to articles in order to make money. All you will need to do is, sign up for the ad programs will not really help you out.

8. LiveJournal

Just like wordpress.com or Blogger, LiveJournal is another platform where you can share your stories. This one is a community publishing platform, and it stands on the line between blogging and social networking. It is a network of creative individuals who are looking to share common interests, meet new friends, and express themselves.

Getting started with the website is also pretty straightforward. You will need to sign up on the website, and you can start posing articles.

It gives you all the tools that you need to create beautiful articles or blog posts. Now, you might be thinking of ways if to make money on LiveJournal. And the answer to this question is – yes, there is.

It has a program called Your Journal – Your Money which allows you to insert ads into your blog and keep 100% of the earnings. But you will need to pay for the LiveJournal members to enjoy the feature. 

But if you don’t want to pay for any membership, then it’s completely fine. You will still be able to write articles and share them with those who would love to read your stories.

9. Ghost.org

Up next, I have Ghost.org. This one is also one of the best medium alternatives. However, it is a paid platform, and it comes with some of the extra features that Medium doesn’t have.

15 of The Best Medium Alternatives For Readers and Writers

Unlike Medium, ghost’s target users are publishers who want to have their own blog or website. As a result, you can get complete access to your website. As well as you can customize everything on your website, which is not possible on Medium.

You will also be able to set up a custom domain and generate revenue from your audience. So overall, if you wish to make your own website and don’t have any technical knowledge, then the ghost will work for you.

Ghost is a professional publishing platform. And it comes with lots of advanced features in comparison to Medium. As a result, you will be able to manage your content, your website users, and your site.

Even, you can also organize your content with tags and authors. Plus, you can also run a fully-fledged membership program on your website. Also, as it is an independent publishing platform, you can monetize your content in various ways.

Such as you can use Google Adsense to display ads. Or use Amazon associates for an affiliate. But yes, you will need to work hard to get visitors to your website.

10. Postach.io

If you are looking for a self-publishing blog with a minimalistic design, then Postach.io is a good medium alternatives for you.

Postach.io is a blogging platform that works jointly with Evernote. Hence, you can use Evernote as a content management system or CMS and publish articles whenever you like.

15 of The Best Medium Alternatives For Readers and Writers

Postach.io is also an absolutely free-to-use blogging platform. And it offers you far more customization options compared to blogging platforms like Medium. It comes with 15 themes that you can easily import to your blog. Getting started with the website is also pretty easy. Simply sign up on the website and connect your Evernote notebook, and you are good to go.

Apart from the free plan, a premium plan costs you only $5 a month. And it offers you some extra features like you can use your own domain, customize themes, check password protection, and so on.

Overall, if you are not so familiar with CMS and want a simple to use blogging platform, Postach.io is a great option for you. However, when it comes to showing ads on your website, I am not sure how the website will perform. But if your goal isn’t to make money out of your content, this platform will work great for you.

11. Squarespace

Squarespace is also one of the top website builder platforms available out there. With the help of this platform, you will be able to make any type of website with just a few clicks.

However, Squarespace is not really a free-to-use platform. Instead, you will need to go for monthly or yearly plans. Squarespace is best suited for people who lack technical skills and want to have their own blog. All you have to do is sign up on the website and create a blog or website.

Also, as it is a premium platform, you will also set your own custom domain. As far as it is about making money through your blog, it supports ad networks like Google Adsense. So displaying ads on your website won’t be an issue.

Plus, it comes with lots of SEO tools that will help you to curate your content for more traffic on your website. Just make sure you are posting the right piece of content that people are looking for online. Overall, if you are looking for a website that pays you for writing online, then Squarespace would not be the best platform to try out.

12. Wattpad

If you are someone who likes writing or reading stories, then Wattpad is one of the top websites that you can try out.

Unlike a medium, it is a platform where you can discover millions of eBooks in every genre. On this platform, you can read stories from individual authors and writers. Or you can publish your own.

15 of The Best Medium Alternatives For Readers and Writers

The website allows you to write your own book and publish it on their platform. Moreover, you have access to share what you believe in and let the world know your capabilities.

Plus, you will find all the writing resources that you need and establish a global fan base. However, as far as it is about making money out of your stories, Wattpad has this paid stories option. As a result, your audience can reward you with monetary support.

So you can write stories and unlock certain portions of it. As a result, if anyone wants to read further, the reader can choose to pay and unlock. 

13. WriteFreely

Next in our best medium alternatives is the WriteFreely. This one is an open-source platform that allows writers to create their own space to read and write.

It is an ideal platform for anyone who wants to write and share their work online. It helps you with a lightweight editor with zero distractions. As a result, you can do the only thing, which is to post your articles online.

Best Medium Alternatives 7

It doesn’t help you with any statistics of how well your content is performing or what people are saying about it. It is pretty much like writing something on paper.

Moreover, it also gives you the option to create multiple blogs on multi-user instances. Each and every blog is extremely easy to manage.

Plus, it allows you to organize your posts, write for multiple audiences, or simply indulge in discussion on different niches. However, if you aim to make money from your blog, then writing freely would not help you. As the website only focuses on content publishing and doesn’t really offer you many features.

14. Issuu

If you want to make money through magazines, then Issuu is the best platform for you. This platform allows you to create something unique from your PDF files and other documents. You can download the app on the desktop, smartphone app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media.

Also, with this one, you will be able to get high-quality assets in a few clicks. Plus, you will be able to share content that perfectly fits your social media platforms.

As far as it is about making money, Issuu can help you in this by allowing you to sell different subscriptions of the magazine, eBooks, and much more. However, unlike medium, it doesn’t let you publish articles. Instead, you will need to convert your articles into digital assets.

15. Revue

Lastly, in my best Medium Alternatives list, I have Revue. This one is a platform made for writers and publishers. It allows writers and publishers to earn money through editorial newsletters. As a writer, journalist, or creator, you can start your own newsletter pretty easily and make money from it.

The platform is built for all the writers no matter the niche you are into, or maybe a group of writers. It offers you the best newsletter editor, which is super easy to use. Plus, you will find multiple browser extensions for your Chrome Browser and help you save different articles or links to be addressed later.

Also, sending a newsletter using Revue is free. However, if you choose to send the paid newsletter, then you will only be able to make money. There is another way to earn money that is by adding your newsletter to the paid version of the application.

Final Words

So those were some of the best medium alternatives that you can check out. I have shared a list of all types of blogging platforms.

You can also check out the best apps for filmmakers here.

So go ahead and check them out and see which one is really working for your needs. Also, for any questions, you can feel free to drop a comment below.