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Best Free Memory Card Recovery Software for Windows


Nowadays, computer users and all other electronic devices’ users are faced with problems of accidental data loss on their portable devices. Fortunately, we have a bunch of tools that are made to handle such situations. Some tools are paid for, some a free.

If you have ever deleted/lost your data from your memory card, whether accidentally or it was caused by an unfortunate reason, you can tell how frustrating the situation was. But it should not frustrate you now that there are data recovery software solutions available out there.

That being said, we’ve tested several memory card recovery software and prepared a list of the best you can use when you lose your data either by deletion or as a result of virus attack.

List of Best Free Memory Card Recovery Software for Windows


DiskDrill is the best memory card recovery software free solution capable of recovering up to 500MB of data deleted from memory card. This data recovery software will recover deleted files using two stages. The first stage, it will do a Quick Scan of the memory card and the second stage is the Deep Scan which does an in-depth scan.

If the Quick Scan cannot find any deleted data, you can switch to the Deep Scan to search the entire memory card or hard drive. But the deep scan will need some time, unlike the quick scan that takes some few minutes to complete. Also, read free data recovery Mac

DiskDrill is easy to use memory card data recovery software for both Windows and Mac OS. It is ideal for data recovery on memory cards either on phones or camcorders. It can recover data from MicroSD, MMC, XD, and many other memory sticks. When recovering data in form of NTFS or FAT file system, you can use Quick Scan but for RAW and Unknown file systems, the Deep Scan will do the best work.

The free version limits data recovery up to 500MB, but if you wish to recover more data, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

The Good

  • It will completely recover all your deleted files.
  • The deep scan takes less time compared to other data recovery programs.
  • It will scan memory card by signatures.
  • It has an option to pause the recovery process.
  • You can filter recoverable files by file type, size, location, and other attributes.

The Bad

  • The quick scan might not be able to find enough data.

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Recuva is a 100% free memory card data recovery software and also a general program that supports data recovery. It has the capability to recover photos, documents, videos and files among other types of data. The software is reliable when it comes to data recovery, but it has some limitations and when your data surpasses the limit, you will need to purchase the Pro version.

memory card recovery software free

With this software, you can recover lost files from HDD, memory card, USB, phone memory and more. It follows a simple process to recover data from memory.

First, you will define the type of the data lost, run the scan, s preview window will be displayed of the recoverable files.

The last step is to save the recoverable files to another storage device. The free version of Recuva does not have user support. But you can get more information about it on the forum.

The Good

  • It can recover photos effectively.
  • It is a stable memory card recovery software.
  • The free version has no limitations.
  • It is easy to use.

The Bad

  • It is best for Windows only.
  • The free version has limited features than the Pro version.

Download Recuva

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Recoverit is also another, free memory card data recovery software that can help you get back your deleted/lost data. It can recover files that were infected with viruses, accidentally deleted files, files lost due to power failure and many causes.

memory card recovery software free

The good thing about Recoverit is that it will restore your files no matter what caused the loss/deletion. It can recover photos, PDF files, videos and more.

The Good

  • It can recover deleted/lost data from recycle bin, memory card, hard drive, digital camera, and flash drive.
  • It can recover files, music, audio, and emails from different types of storage devices securely and safely.
  • It can recover data that is accidentally deleted, from a formatted drive, from a lost partition or data lost due to system crash and many other situations.

Download Here

4.MiniTool Data Recovery

MiniTool Data recovery software can restore any type of deleted files. It can retrieve deleted files and folders from HDDs, USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards. The good thing about this software solution is that it is safe and reliable and is compatible with all types of computers and HDDs.

The Good

  • It can recover files from any type of device.
  • It can recover files lost from any type of data loss scenario.
  • It scans files faster.

The Bad

  • The free version has limited features.

Download Here

The Wrap Up

Although there are numerous memory card data recovery software programs out there. We found these to be the safest and reliable for both business and users.


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