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Merge video files on Windows or Mac? Try VideoProc with only 4 easy steps


In today’s era, it is all about capturing moments virtually and recording them in-order to relive those moments. These can be in the form of clicking pictures, recording videos or even films.

When it comes to recording videos or making films, it’s not just about recording them. A lot of things are involved in developing these. The most important part of it is to merge videos or joining two recorded videos to integrate into one and this process of “join video” is how films are prepared.

At present, the demand of video-editing software is at its peak. Want to prepare a short film for your college project? Want to merge all your vacation videos into one? All these are a result of software which help edit and merge separate videos.

When we talk about video-editing software, the name of VideoProc travels the fastest.

VideoProc – The Best Video Processing Software!

VideoProc, ranks the No.1 video for its key feature that none of the other video processing software don’t: It uses hardware acceleration to achieve better results and reaches your computer’s hardware in a better way.

The unique technology of VideoProc also performs video transcoding and processing while its still keeps the file size optimized and video quality unaffected. You sure as well don’t want to miss this outstanding video processing software. To get a visual outlook, check out:

You can trim videos and shorten a video, chop away unwanted segments and rearrange clips in any sequence. Convert the downloaded video to MP4, MP3, iPhone, Android, etc. easily with VideoProc.

Recording live streams so that you don’t miss live games, sports, news, etc. You can also search matched subtitle texts online for movies and TV series and use proxy server to download and enjoy media contents anywhere.

How to combine videos in VideoProc in 4 steps?

Option 1: Join separate videos into one.

Step 1: First you have to Open VideoProc and click the Video icon on its interface to show the Video screen. Now, Click the + Video icon and go on to select the video(s) you want to merge.

Step 2: Now select an output format from the Target Format section.

Step 3: You will find a box, on the right side of the window, check that box to enable ‘merge’ option.

Step 4: Finally, at the bottom right corner of the Video screen, press the Run button to put your video clips together.

Option 2: Trim and Merge Needed Clips Together

Step 1: Visit VideoProc, click on the Video button, then press + Video icon, and choose the video you want to merge.

Step 2: From the Target Format menu, select a format as output.

Step 3: At the bottom of the Video screen you will find Toolbox button select that, click on the Options icon to be able to cut clips. The slider bar will help you navigate to the time line of the video along with eliminating the unnecessary portion. Then you can manually fine-tune the time below.

Click on the Resolution button situated on the right side of the Merge Video window, and select the desired resolution for output from the drop-down list. To save the settings, Click on the Done button.

Note: Ensure that all the clips are combined into one video in MP4 format.

Step 4: Before you click the RUN button to start trimming and merging clips together, Click on the Merge button from the Toolbox list.

Option 3: Combine Multiple Video/Audio/Subtitle Tracks into One MKV File

Step 1: Open VideoProc, click Video icon, drag and drop videos you’d like to put together to the Video.

Step 2: At the bottom of the screen head to the target format list, click the “+” icon to open the output video profile window, Visit Common Video Profile > General Video, scroll down and choose MKV Video from the list. To apply the changes and close the window, click on the Add button on the format window.

Step 3: Check the Merge box and you should see the “MKV Multi-Track” option, select its box to enable the feature.

Step 4: Finally press the RUN button and it will enable the process of merging multiple video/audio/subtitle track into a single MKV file.

Additional features offered by VideoProc:

VideoProc offers an array of additional features that go beyond video conversion. The easy-to-access presets and advanced video audio parameter adjustment options for touching up a large HD or 4K footage taken from a GoPro camera make it one of a kind in the world of video-editing.

They include:

  • Stabilize Video
  • Noise Removal
  • Make GIF
  • Lens Correction
  • Make MKV
  • Adjust playback speed and audio volume
  • Merge videos
  • Rotate/Flip
  • Effects
  • Subtitles
  • Crop
  • Cut
  • Resize

Ultimately, VideoProc streamlines the complete editing process in a way that makes more sense than other more complicated or expensive alternatives. This certainly makes VideoProc the best video processing software that separates itself from all the others



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