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Tom Light John: The Israeli Millionaire who lives for poor


No matter which corner of the world you are traveling, you will surely find Israelis. However, it can well be said that it will be difficult to locate any country on this globe where Israelis have not settled.

They have traveled and have become immigrants to almost all foreign nations. Many Israelis have started a new business after settling and have become financially sound.

They prefer to live and adjust in the same or adjoining local colony making each Israelis feel at home. They tend to live in and around Jew and Israeli communities residing in that particular nation.  

We got a chance to interview Tom John Light, aged 32 living in Bulgaria. He is an Israeli millionaire who has a different view. His life revolves around gambling tech, flights on private jets and living at Sofia’s local community where he runs a large orphanage. He has led a different life altogether.

He landed in Bulgaria as VP of SBTech Worldwide. It is one of the largest sports and betting platforms. Being Vice President, Tom is credited to initiate various changes in the company including the introduction of blockchain technology in the field of legalized sports betting.

It led to a high level of safety standards in cryptocurrencies leading to happy customers for the company. Way back in 2017, he left the company and commenced his own app design and development company for gaming needs. The office was set up in Bulgaria with currently employing over 150 staff. 

According to Tom John, at 19, he moved to LA for specializing in InfoSearch media. It is a digital marketing company that acted as a catalyst for the success stories of Amazon, eBay, and many other such big brand companies.

Tim made a website with the name of Answerbag that was meant to answer all little queries, various how-to and other self-help kinds. With the success of a website, the site fetched him $5 million and was renamed to eHow.com. It is now one of the largest site with answers to most questions. 

The sad plight of little kids have always been close to the emotional heart of Tim John. He was engaged into various donation drives and volunteering programs meant for kindergartens and for those taking shelter in southern part of Tel Aviv.

Lots of political movement was going on at that time but the passion to do noble work for kids always remained in his heart as prime task. No matter where the kids lived, his heart bleeded with the sight of poor suffering kids. 

He came in contact with a huge orphanage during his stay at Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. He felt lucky to be rich and privileged that he was in the position to support various donations and can run a orphanage. He understood that giving back to the society gave him a sense of relief and felt that this orphanage was actually waiting for him only. 

He soon started doing charity at the orphanage on every occasions whenever he was in the city. He donated washing machines, electrical appliances, repairs of their home and many other such task which hardly anyone ever thought of. He once took all the orphans and kids to a mall.

They were instructed to roam around and buy whatever they wanted to from any of the shops of their choice. Final payment was to be done by him. It was overwhelming to see kids in their favorite outfit with lovely clothes and pretty coats. Kids walked inside the mail with head held high-up.

There was no bigger happiness for Tom Johns than seeing a smile on the kids. He also opened a school and provided each kid with new uniforms, stationeries, school bag, books and many other such items. As per Tom, the smile was worth the money he invests on kids and the betterment of their life. 

It’s a true fact that a lot many Israelis live in different nation and do not have tendency to gel with other people.

In the opinion of Tom John Light, it is very important for all Israelis people who are doing business to gel with local community. It certainly is a good feeling and provides a sense of homely feeling and respect to the nation where they are living. It also gives a good image about Jews and Israelis to others. This helps in creating a good image of Jews and Israelis in a different nations.


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