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Minecraft java vs Bedrock: What’s Differences Between Them

Minecraft is one of the world’s most known sandbox games since it was released. Its user interface is quite difficult to get started with due to the same independent version it has. 

Minecraft developers made two games; Minecraft Bedrock vs Minecraft Java Edition quite similar to each other even though they are independent entities. 

If you are a newbie to the Minecraft game, you can try playing it for free on your web browser so you can have a feel of what it is like. 

If you want to use a console or a smartphone to play either of the game, Minecraft Bedrock may be your best bet, while a desktop user can select from either Minecraft Java or Minecraft Bedrock.

For those of you that want to get started on this game adventure, in this article, you will find out the version that is best for you.

I will be taking you on an exploration of the similarities and differences between the two games.

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition Comparison

Merely looking at both games, they look exactly like the same thing but you shouldn’t be deceived as the Bedrock edition is developed in C++ while the Minecraft Java is developed in Java. 

The features of both games were developed separately by their developers so that users won’t get confused as to which is which.

Having clarified this, you will discover how the two gaming versions of Minecraft compare

Minecraft History

It is good to know that Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where you move around in a random world. The priority of this 3D game is for you as the gamer to explore as much as you can. 

This seemingly infinite game provides you with several play styles to choose from, countless stories, and an endless virtual tour in the 3D world. Minecraft brought out its first-ever original Java edition in the year 2011 and it blew the minds of game lovers. 

In 2016, the developers has to launch a performance-based Minecraft Bedrock as a result of the game’s ever-growing fame and increasing market demand. 

The Minecraft Bedrock edition started off running on PCs but was later used on several others which includes iOS, Android, consoles, and Smart TVs. 

Chances are that you have heard people using bedrock when referring to any non-java version of the game. Yes, that’s because Bedrock is used to describes games that are non-java. They would refer to Minecraft’s Bedrock version as Minecraft while referring to the Java version as Minecraft Java Edition.

Evolution of Minecraft [2009-2022]

Here in this article, we will be using Minecraft Java vs Bedrock to avoid confusion in the names. 

Platform Support: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

The availability is usually a big issue to tackle, so we will start with it here in this article. The Minecraft Java Edition is available on any Windows, Mac, and Linux computer that uses either of these operating systems.  

Minecraft Bedrock can be used on any platform but not on a Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, but here is a list of platforms where you can play the Minecraft Bedrock:

  • Android
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • Xbox One or the Xbox series, and Series S
  • Kindle Fire OS

You can gleefully enjoy the Minecraft Bedrock Edition on these platforms without experiencing any setback. 

Pricing: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

On all platforms that it supports, the Minecraft Java Edition costs about $26.95. That is on Mac, Windows, and Linux you get to pay this less to game in a 3D realm. How cool is that? 

On the other hand, the Bedrock Edition’s pricing differs on each of the supported platforms it works on. Well, you can pay as little as $6.99 to play the game as a tryout on iPadOS, iOS, and Fire OS. It costs $7.49 to play on an Android, $20 on Xbox consoles and PS4, and $26.99 on a Windows PC.  

The bedrock is the most expensive out of all the Nintendo Switch. It is the game where you need to start with a good amount of cash to play.

Performance: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

Minecraft Java can be used to its extreme if you use a custom PC that has GPUs like that of the recently launched GeForce RTX 3080 Ti.

This version of Minecraft is highly demanding as it is more superior in its graphics. Unlike its counterpart Bedrock which is which was not that superior until it got the full RTX update. 

Now between the two, bedrock will be a better choice if you use a mid to low-end personal computer and you so desperately want to play the Minecraft edition that has a higher-end with RTX.

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

Let’s forget about the RTX support for a moment, the Minecraft Java allows you to increase the structure of its graphics much better than other several mods. Even though, Minecraft Java will not run on RTX as a result of its dependence on an Open GL for rendering which is non-existent on the RTX support. 

Beyond its graphics performance, Minecraft Java needs the highest kind of specifications to play the game without hiccups even if it was using the Bedrock setting. 

Modding Capacity: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

The superior use of the RTX supported graphic might have made the performance comparison between both games sound biased, however, a game’s experience should always go beyond only its performance and this is where we will talk about gaming mods. 

Mods are an additional, customizable user-developed piece of software that you can use to give yourself a whole new kind of gaming experience. Ranging from Starwars to Harry Potter, Minecraft has an ever-increasing amazing community filled with mods. Don’t be fooled, there’s a catch! 

You can only find and use these mods on Minecraft Java alone, and to reduce extreme difficulties, the Minecraft Bedrock has a no mod policy.

Therefore, if you love using mods to enhance your Minecraft 3D world experience, you should opt for Minecraft Java as it has all the mods that you will need to explore the 3D world.

If you feel like you just cannot let go of the Bedrock edition, there are several paid modding tools that are available for you but trust me, they are not worth the stress.

Multiplayer Server and Support: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

Both games have a multiplayer support system even though they both do it quite differently. Using cross-play support, you can play the Bedrock game with friends on a console or on a mobile phone.

It only means that you and your friend do not have to use the same platform at a goal. You play on either the console or your mobile while your friend plays on an Xbox/PS/ or Switch console and still enjoy exploring the map with you. 

Minecraft Java has this same cross-player support but with limitations. It is exclusively limited to Linux, Windows, and macOS computers. So if you do not possess any of this, it’s game over for you. 

This limitation is expected since Minecraft Java is not supported on consoles and mobile devices. 

If you have somebody you want to play with that is on a different platform, You should choose the Minecraft Bedrock option, even though this changes when it comes to the server part of both games. 

To have cool mapping options, mini-games, and countless random players at your disposal, Minecraft Java has got every inch covered. The Minecraft Java has an unbelievable massive community even while lacking good cross-play support. This crowd winning is due to its early release all around the world. 

To run the server, just get yourself a good personal computer to explore all the features available to you. It has the best of the best online server there is. 

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Better & Faster Game Updates: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

Both Minecraft Java and the Bedrock has regular maintenance updates done by the developer. The same features and bugs are found whenever an official update gets released.

The Minecraft Java which is a standalone version usually gets its updates earlier in the past but now, its updates come exactly the same time updates for the Bedrock edition come. 

It has the same experience during its beta testing phase though, it is important to know that whenever an update is done and bugs are found, there will be user-made fixes done on the Minecraft Java before the Bedrock edition because Minecraft Java has a better customization process. 

Parental Access: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

The Minecraft edition is specifically made for the younger crowd, its education edition strongly holds to this fact but this is not enough to put the minds of parents at ease whenever their child/children play this game.

As a parent, if you are uncomfortable about this, the Bedrock edition is your best bet as it seems to have the solution to this worry.

The Bedrock is linked to all services on the Xbox, strict moderation can be done on gamers which includes exclusive parental control.  

Do not expect this type of control on the Minecraft Java edition, as it does not have any restrictions system. 

Marketplace: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

With this, you will come to the realization that Minecraft Java and Bedrock are offering two distinct gaming experiences.

This is because the Bedrock edition has an entirely different ad official marketplace where you can purchase every skin and add-ons. While Minecraft Java has only a community-made skin where you can create, download, and share with every other user.

This has positioned the Bedrock edition as the corporate version while leaving the Minecraft Java edition as the community version. 

For a better purchase of a well-designed official skin and installation, you should definitely go for the Bedrock edition. But if you have the time and are willing to go the extra mile, for the free community skins and add-ons, Minecraft Java should be your go-to. 

Hardcore Mode: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

Bedrock lovers are patiently waiting on the hardcore mode to get to the Bedrock game. This hardcore mode is a survival mode that is quite dangerous. It means that when an in-game death occurs, you will have to start from the beginning instead of just respawning. 

With the risky survival mode, the stakes are high, and this has made the gaming experience even more fun and tough. 

For players who want this gaming experience, I recommend Minecraft Java. 

Fans are saying that the reason why the hardcore mode is only available on Minecraft Java alone is because of the underdeveloped spectator mode.

The spectator mode is a way to explore after losing your life in the hardcore mode. 

Choosing the Minecraft Java over the Bedrock edition is great if you want to enjoy this gaming option.

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The Better Option: Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

We will explore all the major differences between Minecraft Java and Bedrock.

  1. Minecraft Java is supported on Mac, Windows, and Linux while the Bedrock edition supports iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4/ PS5, and Kindle Fire OS.
  2. The performance capability of Minecraft Java is resource-intensive. While the Bedrock alternative runs smoothly on most systems.
  3. Modding is available on Minecraft Java while it is not for Bedrock.
  4. You can get purchasable skins on Bedrock’s official website. Skins for Minecraft is community-based.
  5. Minecraft Java is popular and has a huge fan base while its counterpart, Bedrock has a limited fan base.
  6. For parents to have full access to when and how games should be played, Bedrock is the best bet as it is the only Minecraft edition with this feature. 
  7. Hardcore mode is available on the Minecraft Java edition while the Bedrock edition is still in waiting.
  8. The Bedrock has a cheaper option range that goes from $6.99 to $29.99 on Nintendo Switch. Minecraft Java’s price is fixed at $26.95.

You can watch our video on Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition – What is better?

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition - What is better?

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article has given you clarity on the two types of sandboxes, their differences, and their similarities. I have written this as a guide to both the newbie and the expert. Even if you are simply curious as to what Minecraft is, you should find this article helpful as well.

Do share your choice Minecraft edition in the comment section of this article.