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5 Minecraft tricks that will help you to play better


Most of the gamers have played Minecraft a number of times. However, there are certain tricks in this game which most of us are not aware of. In this article, we will discuss all such tricks and help you to play this game much better,

Minecraft tricks that will help you to play better

When you are playing the Minecraft game you have the option of placing the torches on the furnaces as well as the crafting tables.

In order to do this, you have to follow a short procedure. However, you definitely have the option of doing this.

First, you have to check if there is a transparent block present behind the furnace or the crafting table. You need to check this before you start playing this game.

You can check out this Minecraft accounts list to taste premium version of this game. If there are any solid blocks present it is necessary for you to remove them.

If we do not move these solid blocks the torches would be a move towards them rather than placing themselves on the crafting bench or the furnace.

In order to remove the transparent block, you have to first keep it facing the furnace and then use a torch on your hand and then right click on it.

At that time you will see that the torch will automatically move to the crafting table.

Minecraft tricks that will help you to play better


You also have the option of putting all the blocks beside the torch. In order to do this, you have to hover over the torch and continue doing it till you are able to see the grid box.

You need to first right click on the side of the grid box taking a block in your hand and then you have to place the block at the side of the torch.

This step is extremely useful if you are interested to save the resources by crossing the lava pool.

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If the torches are placed below the gravel or the sand they will be able to break the gravel for you. But this will break till they fall up to two blocks.

In order to do this, you have to first hold on to a torch till the sand block that is there at the bottom is broken down.

The moment the sand blocks break the torch needs to be placed below it. The torch will do all the heavy lifts on your behalf.

The torches can actually hold on to a lot of weight. So you can make use of these torches to make certain fun designs and also sand free pyramids.

You can also stack all the signs that are there on the top of each other and after doing this you have to line them one after another in order to provide a detailed build.

Like any other block, there are also grids in the signs present.

The wooden slabs that are there do not get affected by a fire. They are also able to resist the blast much better as compared to the wooden planks.

If you are playing on a server where the fire spread is already enabled you do not have to worry at all about the wooden slabs of catching fire.

Minecraft tricks that will help you to play better

The red stone can easily be hidden because they can travel through the half slabs and these slabs can actually hide the Redstone.

Redstone is connected to each other except the ones that are there on the full blocks on both the sides.

The pressure plates that are there have the ability to hold the lava as well as the water and there is no chance of the water spilling over.

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If you place ice under the soul and you will be able to walk much slower than when you try walking on soul sand only.

If you follow the tips mentioned above you will be surely able to play the game much better. Playing this game better will increase your interest in the game and will enable you to spend hours with it.