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7 Of The Best Mixpanel Alternatives For Small Business

Mixpanel is an analytics platform that is able to address the demands of the users. This information is used by medium to large businesses to understand the mentality of their clients. It helps them come up with solutions that can generate profits and scale up their business.

It is commonly known that businesses collect information and want to understand customers in a better way. Clients tend to expect more from the business, and they are under pressure to deliver the best results at all times.

When information keeps growing, and the businesses want to collect information, this gives them a shot in the arm over others. They note their flaws and smoothen those areas. In these kinds of areas, platforms like Mixpanel come in handy.

Advantages of using analytical platforms:-

  • The platform offers businesses with the ability to remain proactive, understanding the needs of consumers.
  • They help in mitigating the risks and scams that often occur.
  • The right kind of product is delivered to the clients.
  • They enable the business to learn more about the personality of the consumer.
  • This helps in the optimization of the client.

Introduction to Mixpanel:-

On that note, we will start to read all about Mixpanel alternatives for 2022. Before that, we will just briefly read a bit about Mixpanel, and then move on to the alternatives.

Mixpanel is one of the best analytics platforms in the market. The Mixpanel mobile analytics can be used both on your smartphone as well as your laptop.

It is designed and created by MixPanel, and you can stay up with the latest methods, understand conversion rates, and retention using the mobile platform. The user interface is quite friendly and easy to work on.

Once you register on their app, you will be given a username and password; you can use it. You can learn how much time users are spending on your website. Besides, you can find out at which point users tend to move away from your portal.

As a business, you can also learn when your users come back to browse your website. The app sends notifications immediately when metrics begin to change. The security factor is also quite good on the app.

With so many features, then why do users search for Mixpanel alternatives? When people search for alternatives even for high-profile products and apps, it is the same Mixpanel.

We have researched and compiled a list of alternatives that are good, if not better, than Mixpanel.

Best Mixpanel Alternatives For Small Business

Below is a list of Mixpanel alternatives that are good for 2022.

1. Subscribers

We have ranked Subscribers first in our list of Mixpanel alternatives. This app lets you use it both on your smartphone as well as your PC. Besides, you can send push notifications as well as customize messages sent.

The messages can be scheduled beforehand. We found the app very easy to install, set up, and use it on our devices. You do not have to be a tech-guru to handle these things. Since your clients or viewers are from different time zones, you can choose it likewise.

Best Mixpanel Alternatives for Analytical Platforms

The notifications appear when they are visible. You can also schedule your promotional campaign ahead of time. We liked the brand logo design aspect of the app. You can add your logo to the notifications and customize them.

Customers tend to get annoyed by notifications accompanied by advertisements. With the help of the app, you can now send notifications without advertisements. The call to action for your clients can be placed likewise.

The segmentation tools are another aspect we liked about this app. It showcases the devices used by your clients. You can find out the device used, location, browser your clients use, and so on.

A comparative tool enables you to compare the different marketing campaigns. Finally, there is the recommendation. Using this feature, you can modify your targets and marketing campaign. Does it come with any flaw?

The app lets you subscribe to only 200 users only, and there is no customer support. We are not very sure small-scale firms can benefit from it. But there is no harm in trying.

It comes with three modes of pricing per month for a website. You can view up to 200 websites for free.

You can choose to use the payment mode of less than $30 per month for 10,000 users. It also comes with another payment mode of less than $100 per month for 50,000 users.

Overall, Subscribers is a handy tool that comes with all the features that enable you to keep an eye on your customers.

Using its sublime features, you can develop your marketing campaign. You can also modify them with its recommendation feature. It is slightly expensive and highly recommended for organizations.

2. OneSignal

OneSignal is an excellent Mixpanel alternative app. Using the platform, you can use the push service through which you can send apps, on your smartphone, and web push notifications.

Best Mixpanel Alternatives for Analytical Platforms

This enables you to customize your notifications based on your requirements. You can use the platform to send emails as well. We liked the fact that you can do A/B testing using the app where you can complete your results using the push notification.

One of the distinctive features of the app is real-time reporting. You can get complete real-time reports and analyze the conversion rates. The technology embedded in it is able to detect a suitable period of sending messages automatically and will do so.

Using the mobile push notification feature, you can send messages to your clients such that they are the first thing they find on their devices in the morning. With automated messaging, messages can be sent directly to your subscriber.

Preferably, you may want to send emails. You can do so by clicking on the drag-and-drop feature and selecting the template. Additionally, using personalized notifications to send messages to your clients is an easy task.

With the in-app notifications, you can create and use the in-app notification feature instantly. They can be used for several circumstances, including offers, referrals, promotions, and during transactions.

The app is not without issues. Few users said that the dashboard is difficult to understand. The privacy of data in the free package is not secure. There are three modes of payment. The first is the free mode, where you are provided with fantastic features and limits.

For more features, you can make use of the $99/month for automated messages, exceptional conversion rates, and top-notch security features.

When you are a large firm and can afford it, you can purchase $500/month to get most client details with excellent support.

We have not placed OneSignal at the top, without good reason. It comes with a host of features, and the free service is applicable for all kinds of firms and businesses. Users claim that it functions exceptionally, and developers feel that it works sublimely.

3. FoxPush

Next on our list is FoxPush. Users have felt FoxPush is one of the best Mixpanel alternatives. This push notification tool comes with second to none customer targeting features. It allows you to understand more about your consumers and their buying habits.

7 Of The Best Mixpanel Alternatives For Small Business

After all, that is the main aim of analytical software. You can not only send content you want but send it to the right individuals at the right time. There is an in-depth analysis feature that allows you to report the marketing strategies of your business.

We liked the instant delivery feature that allows you to notify your clients immediately. Not to mention, you can deliver the messages to several devices. Consumers use their smartphones, PC, or laptop.

It does not matter, because, with a click of a button, you can send the entire content immediately to them. Emojis are a growing trend among users these days. You can find that emojis attract the instant attention of your reader.

As a business, you need to be able to identify the behavior of your consumers. This helps you to plan your campaign. Using the personalized content feature, you can design your name, title, and others.

It is compatible with smartphones and PC. You can also use the instant subscribers report feature that helps you edit the content. You are also provided with real-time campaign reports that help you analyze the market conditions immediately.

We were surprised that there is no WordPress plugin. You can use the A/B testing feature only using the paid package. Lucky for its users, they offer a free plan with generous features, and small/medium businesses can rely on an excellent tool to help them grow.

Also, they can keep using this platform when they grow because it is ready to handle millions of users at the same time.

You do not have to be a FoxPush fan to use this service provider. Besides, it comes with some of the top-notch features that are mostly not available in many apps.

4. Push Monkey

Push Monkey is the next push notification app that can help your firm make a sound profit. This marketing tool integrates your website to your viewers such that they can be easily targeted. We liked the fact that it works seamlessly on both smartphones as well as PCs.

Best Mixpanel Alternatives for Analytical Platforms

Your target audience can schedule and retarget campaigns. They are delivered to the customers according to your marketing plan. Other brands do not use promotional content.

Users have found an increased engagement with their clients once they use the fantastic Mixpanel alternatives. Subscribers can quickly receive push notifications whenever they can find them. It does not matter if they are browsing your website.

We loved the fact that you can install the app on several websites. With a single account, you can now control all your plans with it. Apart from that, you can find out the location of your users.

We also were delighted with the fact that you can integrate your platform using a single click, and it is compatible with most of the platforms. Sadly, the app does not offer you any of the A/B testing, which we found surprising.

For just less than $20/month, you can get an abundance of features to use. Can we recommend Push Monkey? This app is flexible, and you can use it for several campaigns. It is also easy to set up and handle, which makes it ideal for small businesses.

This makes one of the best bets for you to use in your firm’s growth and development. It is not surprising to note that several large firms consider it right up there.

5. SendPulse

SendPulse is another platform that enables you to communicate with your clients effectively. The notable feature of the app is that you can contact your consumers with several channels efficiently.

You can send them to push notifications, emails, messages through social media tools. Besides, automate your marketing campaign and send it to them using different types of messages combined.

7 Of The Best Mixpanel Alternatives For Small Business

Using the drag and drop editor, you can modify your template without hassle. This is immensely useful for editing your emails or marketing plans. Using the form builder, you can now design an entirely new form.

We liked another feature in the app called email templates. Here, you can design more than 100 templates that are free to use. Users have commended the fact that they help in increasing the conversion rates.

A/B testing enables you to send messages to your clients effectively. You can then send the messages to them, increasing your profits. Through email campaign analytics, graphics and reports are offered to come with a lot of details about the efforts.

You can download the reports using the XSL and PDF formats. Does it have any flaws? If you use the free version, then you can use only 7,500 emails per month. This app is limited to only email marketing.

For using the app, you need to make a payment of less than $9/month for 500 subscribers. SendPulse is one of the most suitable Mixpanel alternatives. We highly recommend the platform because it is suitable for small firms.

Even bigger organizations can make use of the sublime features found on it. Additionally, the app also can integrate with several devices and internet browsers. This is an excellent choice for those wanting to use all functions on a single platform.

6. PushAlert

PushAlert is an excellent analytics platform for firms. The platform is considered one of the best Mixpanel alternatives. The app is able to support browsers on smartphones as well as desktops.

It is able to successfully track your strategy and provide you with the right analysis of your plans. You can also make use of its feature of A/B testing for being able to understand the needs of the target audience.

7 Of The Best Mixpanel Alternatives For Small Business

The platform comes with a barrage of features, including dynamic segmentation, where you can create many segments as you want. You can also select the device that you plan on using it. This way, you can track your subscribers, location, number of visits, and keywords.

At times, you can have clients who have abandoned their carts. Probably, they might have forgotten about it. You can communicate with them politely. We also liked the alerts on the shipment.

You inform your clients of the shipment from the time they have placed the order until the delivery. The idea of using an app of this nature is to have more conversions. Unless you are able to convert your sales, you receive more sales.

Another feature known as the opt-in-dox theme comes with more than five different options for you to choose colors and the browser location. It also comes with an in-depth analysis, where you can time your messages.

Unfortunately, there is no customer support for smartphones. For using the platform, you need to pay $12/month, $39/month, and $69/month. Having said all that, you would consider using PushAlert for your marketing strategy.

This intuitive platform comes with advanced functionalities. It comes with a wide range of features that can help your conversion rates and surge in customers. We definitely recommend using the app for your eCommerce market strategy plans.

7. iZooto

iZooto is another smashing Mixpanel alternative that let you engage with your audience. Owners can send notifications to the target audience and make them want more from your website.

7 Of The Best Mixpanel Alternatives For Small Business

It enables you to increase your sales, internet traffic, as well as your sales. After all, that is the idea of using a push notification tool. Like we read in the previous app, there is a feature that lets you politely remind your customers of their products left in the cart.

It is essential that you make them come back in a gentle way. For doing that, iZooto has come up with playbooks that allow you to do it. After clients have purchased products, you must ensure that they keep placing orders from your website for better profits.

We liked the CTA or call to action that many apps and clients tend not to use. It is essential that clients make use of the CTA button. Using the push notification button, your clients will want products from your websites.

The call to action comes with features like alerts on favorite products, carts with products, and discounts. This will make them want to browse through your website and make purchases. You will want to make use of the smart time zone delivery of the products.

The platform can easily integrate completely on several eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Open Cart, and Zapier. It is also compatible with your PC as well as a smartphone.

We noticed that the free subscription does not come with most of the features on the platform. It works only on the Android OS of smartphone platforms. They have come up with three fantastic payment plans for the user.

The first is meant for publishers who can make use of the free-for-life mode. If you are an e-commerce site, you have to pay $85/month to have details of 30,000 subscribers. For monetization purposes, you can contact them and understand their plans for you.

We felt that iZooto is unparalleled due to the fact that you can make use of the unrivaled features that are available on it. The pricing of the subscription is good, too, and you can implement it for your marketing strategy for retaining clients.

8. Google Analytics

Search engine giant Google powers Google Analytics. Google Analytics is also known as GA. This is a tool that you can make use of for free. It helps you achieve exceptionally well at the level of sources of your internet traffic, count of visitors, and content statistics.

The main reason for you to consider using the Google Analytics platform is that it comes for free. Small firms can make use of the free package. However, large organizations can consider using a paid subscription that is priced at $150,000 per year.

The platform also offers you intelligent alerts that help you to configure when certain things happen. We also liked the fact that it is highly customizable. You can just about do anything with it.

You can customize the dashboard, like how you want to. When you are particular about using specific metrics, using those functions enables you to achieve your target. You can quickly learn how to use the Google Analytics tool.

There are several tutorials found on Google in conjunction with AdWords. Its API is predominant, with the documentation, tools, and immense features. You can quickly receive the data from other users.

Sadly, users feel that it is quite simply not providing you with intense features like Mixpanel.

However, it deserves to be on the list of Mixpanel alternatives. Google Analytics can easily keep an eye on your visitors, how they respond to your messages to them, how long they spend on your website, and other important functionalities, but in a fundamental way.


We have ended our discussion on Mixpanel alternatives for 2022. You can be assured that there is something in the above article that can meet your needs. Whether you are a small-scale or large-scale business, your requirement of these analytical platforms in the form of apps is too hard to be ignored.

These apps can either make or break your business. Hence, you would want to choose the one from the alternatives that we have provided you with.

All of them come with their own unique feature and can positively help you keep track of your viewers so that you can convert them into your customers.

It is essential that a firm learns and understands more about its customers through these apps. That immensely helps them to keep track of the customer behavior, which is crucial for a business to survive in this very gloomy market period.