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Mobile Apps for Being tech-savvy with managing Finances.


Today in this world nothing is for free, you have to give effort to earn it so everywhere who is independent or dependent is an earner. As an earner it is always important for you to keep earning and also manage it. Coming up to our day to day life it is very necessary to earn money so that we can smoothly live our life and have peace.


With digitalization in market everyone started using credit card / debit card and some other method as a medium for their transaction. And everyone using these medium know that their monthly expenditure is now more than the expenditure made by cash. Also it is difficult to always track passbook and the plan so that you can manage your expenditure.

To solve problem related to budget and expenditure several apps have been created who can help in managing your expenditure in more efficient way. Here we will see some of the best apps in this field i.e. their mode of operation.



Savart is an investor friendly app which helps in achieving one’s financial goal. With the help of this app one can invest as low as Rs. 10 also personalize guidance is provided by online wealth manager so that you can achieve your goal. As it is an investor friendly app no matters what you are i.e. beginner or a matured investor it can help you. Every investor have their own risk ability, income level and investment preference, so you can get all type of financial recommendation from this app. Continuous analysis of over 10000+ stocks and 1000+ mutual fund is done by the core team so that you can  get best schemes and advice for better financial management.

Savart also helps in saving tax by making you invest in ELSS which comes under tax exemption of section 80C.

As an investor we all know about small cap, mid cap, large cap stocks and mutual fund, you are a fingertip away from investing in any of your preferred stocks according to your financial goal.  Everything here is digitally managed so no need of paperwork. It also provides round of feature i.e. if you invested 1045 it will be round off to 1050 and Rs 5 will be automatically invested in your portfolio. Savart invests more and more so that it can bring best computing and artificial intelligence which can help more and more in investment.

Over all this app is good for the beginner as they can learn more and more from it also it is good for the expert as they can invest with more easiness.


Another app which will help you in managing your financial goal and is one of the app which is trusted by millions, several popular blogs, and magazine have ranked it one of the top apps in all categories.

You can manage all your financial goal at one place with easiness. It brings your bank account, credit cards, bills and every small things which affect your financial goal at a platform so that you get to know where you stand. This app will help you to know every single detail like where you are spending much, your bills and also where you can save.

This app provides you all your financial life at one place i.e. on one screen. It also helps in managing your bills along with your account i.e. you will get to know which bill is due and the money you have to put towards your bill. Having all your financial aspects at one place you can easily save money as well as time also you will budget better than before.

Security is an important factor at Mint they give proper assurance about security. It is only the effort made by the company that it is trusted by millions and one of the top ranked app.


Another app which manage your money and helps in achieving your financial goal. It automatically as well as securely track the money spent by you, also it helps you in paying your due bills as well as helps in saving your balance. It also gives you option to be secured from fraud as well span messages. Some of the key feature of this app are:-

  • It manages all your money and hence helps in saving.
  • Sometimes we forget to pay our bills, this app will help you so that you don’t get any kind of surprise at the end of the month.
  • You can easily transfer money from one bank to another bank without any extra charge.
  • It helps you to find real time cash and ATM near you.
  • It keep records of all the expense made by you like the money spent on taxi, hotel ,etc. and hence at the end of month you can easily analyze and can easily work on you financial life.

One of the best app to use if you are trying to work on your financial goal.


One of the interesting type of app as it will help you in splitting your bills. It is good for all kind of people, if you are having roommates you can easily divide the money spent on groceries, lunch, or a vacation. It facilitates you so that you can view your money, track spending trends, also you can setup email reminders which will help you in paying the due bills. This app is having more than you expect. So one of the best app for those who are always having problem in spilling bills.


One of the initiative made by google to make payment much easier than before. With some quality features it is one of the best app you can use for paying your bills, to transfer money directly from one account to another. There is no complexity of KYCs and reloading wallets. You can even pay to those person who are not having google pay all you have do is to know their UPI Id. Google Pay provides you world class security and any kind of risk is very less. It also gives you reward in the form of scratch card. You can also you this app to shop in market and hence have made shopping much easier than before.



It helps to collaborate with others on spreadsheets with the help of Google sheets. Some of the facility provided are:-

  • You can easily create new spreadsheets or edit previous one according to your need.
  • You can work anywhere anytime even you are offline.
  • Everything here is saved automatically so never think that you will lose your work.

It also one of the best app which anyone can use.


We all wants to be financially stable in all stages of life either it is during student period or as an employee. But due to some reasons we always fails because we unable to analyze where we are lacking. Also we want our transactions to be smoother and paper free. Above all the apps are for you guys only you can choose according to your need and after sometime you will feel that you are becoming more stabilize in your financial life.




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