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Top 5 Mobile SEO Mistakes that You Need To Avoid


SEO is still one of the most fashionable and challenging subjects on the Internet. This is because every website owner is looking for visitors all the time and SEO is one of the best and easier way that you can use for driving massive traffic to your website.

Webmasters just need to optimize their website pages for search engines in order to get a massive audience. When a web page is optimized properly then there are more chances of ranking on the top of the search engines these means more traffic and more revenue.

That’s no longer at all, it’s similarly means that when your website is ranked for the targeted keywords then you will make huge cash from your website or blog.

It does not matter whether you are an e-commerce website owner, blogger, affiliate marketer, content marketer or social media marketer the challenge is the same in all the cases.

Everyone who is in these fields which I have discussed above is searching for the skill that he can use to make his website perform at his best in search engines result pages.

However, if you want better SEO ranking then you have to implement SEO strategies and mobile SEO is one of them. Most of the beginners fail in this step because they do not give adequate attention to mobile SEO.

Nowadays there are more mobile users as compared to desktop users. So you need to work on mobile SEO if you want a successful website which is rank on the top of the search engines. Now people have started using mobile devices for every task which is only possible on the desktop a few years ago. If you are not paying attention to this area then you are losing your lots of traffic.

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Top 5 mobile SEO mistakes that you need to avoid

According to Google In the recent year’s websites that perform very well mobile devices ranked very well as compared to websites which do not perform better on mobile devices. So here in this article, I am going to share with you 5 mobile SEO mistakes that you need to avoid right now.

So read this whole article because it will help you a lot in making such a website that performs better on mobile as well as on the desktop.

1.Slow loading speed

According to Google, more than 50% of your visitors tend to leave your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Google, as well as other search engines, consider website loading speed as an important factor while ranking a website. Just like desktop users mobile users also hate slow learning websites.

Top 5 Mobile SEO Mistakes that You Need To Avoid

Slow loading websites frustrate users and impact negatively on the SCO ranking. There are lots of factors that impact the revenue of the website and website loading speed is also one of them.

According to a recent survey website which loads within 2 seconds earn up to 2x more money as compared to a website which takes too much time to load. Also when your website loads fast then there will be about 25 people higher Ad viewability.

not only slow loading website frustrate website visitors but also Google and other search engines punish slow loading websites and rank them very low on the search engines result pages.

2.You are not using responsive design

There are thousands of mobile phones with a wide variety of variations and futures. Different screen sizes and shapes are one of the most critical aspects from an SEO point of view. As I have discussed above that nowadays there are more visitors who used mobile devices as compared to desktop.

Top 5 Mobile SEO Mistakes that You Need To Avoid

So you need to use responsive design for your website if you want that a visitor can use your website on mobile device easily.

Responsive design of a website means that website is created in such a way that all the content including images text and structure of the content remain the same if a visitor uses your website on any device.

For example, when a visitor visits your website on desktop, he will get the full view of your website. But when the same user will visit your website from tablet or smartphone then your website must be retracted to fit on the smaller screen.

Nowadays responsive design is also essential for creating a successful website and also Google considered it an important factor in ranking a website.

3.Faulty Redirect Links

So you need to optimize your website for mobile devices because when your website is not optimized for mobile then there will be issues in redirecting a website.

One of the main issues that a user will face who is using your website on a mobile device is that he should be redirected to your mobile website instead of landing on your desktop website.

So it is important for you to make sure that which device users are using they all should be serving the same content.


When it comes to SEO one of the most common mistakes that a lot of beginners made is website content. Your website content plays an important role when it comes to attracting your website visitors and converting them into your loyal readers.

Mobile SEO Mistakes that Need To Avoid

Also, it is very important if you want a better ranking of your website. This is a factor that gets sidelined because most of the website owners tend to make a stunning and beautiful website.

Stunning website design is also important but not as compared to the content of your website because when a visitor land on your website he comes to your website for content not to see your stunning website design.

5.Interstitial Ads & Popups

If you are using interstitial ads or pop-ups on your mobile website then make sure don’t go over because it harms the User experience.

Pop-ups are a good to call to actions that you can use for promoting your products of the blog post but when you go over then this makes your website more difficult for the user and as a result, there will be more bounce rate and a decrease in your website ranking.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that don’t use interstitial ads on your websites which are very difficult to remove particularly such ads that redirect users to another website when mistakenly clicked.

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