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Monitor Your Kid’s Mobile For Their Safety

The phone is an indispensable part of everybody’s life, including children. In this era, you can’t deny your kid access to a smartphone. You can know the whereabouts of your children when they carry a mobile with them. However, giving mobile to them doesn’t imply they are entirely safe nowadays. 

Monitor Your Kid’s Mobile For Their Safety

Having a phone at this tender age can shape their future in the wrong direction if you don’t keep a watch on them. There are various cons of this hand-held technology too, which makes it harmful for kids. So, parental control is always a good idea to track their phone activities without them knowing.

Are you worried about your kid’s excess phone usage? Do you ponder about how to track my child’s cell phone? Fret not! We’ll reveal to you a hidden way to monitor their phone to keep them protected.

How to Track Your Child’s Mobile?

There are plenty of mobile monitoring apps available in the market. These mobile tracking tools are a convenient way to keep an eye on your child. The interesting part is that the kid won’t even get to know there is a spy app installed in the device. Moreover, you can assure them of complete protection.

Here are some of the best mobile tracking solutions available in the market. Pick the one most suited to you and be stress-free. 

1. mSpy

One of the most preferred of them is the mSpy app. It is an excellent tool to keep a check on the mobile of your child secretly. It is a feature-rich mobile secret app that supports both iOS and Android devices.

After installing this app, you can monitor texts, messengers, calls, locations, and even saved files in their phones. Its simple installation process, user-friendly interface, and versatility make it one of the best spy tools amongst parents.

2. Family Orbit iPhone

As the name suggests, the monitoring solution is supportive only of iOS devices. You can use it to track the current location as well as the location history of your kid.

You can track everything by simply using the iCloud credentials without changing anything on your child’s iPhone. Just make sure the backup to iCloud option is activated on that device. Even though it’s a free tool, you still get features like text, call, instant messaging, multimedia, and browser monitoring.


XNSPY is also a fantastic tool to control contacts, calls, texts, GPS location, instant messaging, emails, photo history, and internet usage. Besides, monitor keystrokes on the device. You’ll receive alerts 24/7 on specific words used by your kid with the help of this app. 

4. Spyic 

Spyic is one more tracking app that you can consider to use very conveniently. This software is compatible with iOS and Android alike. 

The features consist of access to the phone’s location, browser history, and social media accounts. It also has a keylogger to keep a check on every word your kid is typing.

Advantages of Using Mobile Tracking Apps

Monitor Social Media Apps

Social media can become an addiction for children that will start affecting their life out of the digital world. Additionally, sometimes teenagers can indulge in unfair activities or fall in the traps of online predators. Thus, mobile tracking apps are the best source to monitor all of their social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

Know Location History

Another advantage of such online tools is geofencing and location history tracking. You will get to know every location that your kid visited, including addresses and other details detected via the map. Hence, save youngsters from going to risky places.

Calls & Browsing History

You can even see what they are browsing online and calling whom through their mobiles. It means everything will be under your control, and you won’t see them fall into unexpected troubles.

No Physical Access

The most significant perk of installing spy software is that you don’t need the device to check them out. No matter where your kid is, you can still keep an eye on his or her activities by getting all the data on your computer screen. Hence, it is a totally hidden and remote app.

Simple User-interface

You don’t need any in-depth technical knowledge to operate the spyware for tracking mobiles. This tool has a user-friendly and smooth navigation system, enabling you to use its dashboard without any hassle.

Compatibility Ease

Whether your child is using an iPhone or Android smartphone, these apps are compatible with both the operating systems. Moreover, the tracking tools offer the same features on both.

Wrapping up…

Parents must always stay active not to put the kids at risk and to keep peace of mind. To do that, you can download any mobile monitoring solution. They are reliable enough to track almost every web activity of the kids. However, don’t just rely on these apps. 

Making an open discussion with your boy or girl is also necessary to teach them about the evils of online life. Also, it will help them to comprehend how to be safe and not cross the limit online.