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17 The Best Moodle Alternatives For Online learning

In today’s time, e-learning platforms are in high demand. Thanks to the global pandemic, schools and colleges from around the globe are looking for online solutions, and Moodle has been their top choice.

Moodle is the world’s most popular learning management system. Plus, it is open-source, so you can use it free of cost. But as a user, you may need extra features or do not like Moodle at all. So the question is, what is the best Moodle alternative?

There are lots of Moodle alternatives available on the internet which offer you a wide range of features. But most of the users aren’t aware of them. Hence I thought of creating a list of the best Moodle alternatives for you.

So let’s just go ahead and check the alternatives out:

Best Moodle Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Absorb LMS

First of all, I have the Absorb LMS. This is a cloud-based learning management system or LMS dedicated to business users.

The LMS is designed to deliver a flexible training experience. It comes with an intuitive design and comes with some amazing features.  Also, the LMS uses artificial intelligence at a deeper level to offer you automation and deep reporting.

Along with that, you can absorb LMS in a wide range of sectors. For instance, it can be used for academic and educational purposes, eCommerce management, blended learning, content management and sharing, and so on.

Best Moodle Alternatives
Absorb LMS Features

It also features advanced features like employee training, engagement tracking, multi-user collaboration, reporting and analytics, a student portal, a third-party course library, and many more.

However, Absorb LMS is not free-to-use software. Instead, the pricing is based on your requirements. But of course, you can get a demo before you switch to a paid plan.

Sell Your Courses with Absorb LMS

2. Inquisiq LMS

Next, there is the Inquisiq LMS. This one is also one of the best Moodle alternatives you can consider checking out. This one delivers amazing functionalities, and it is extremely easy to use. So it would be a cakewalk for you to build and deliver learning programs at scale.

Moreover, it also offers you a blended learning experience. As a result, e-learning, instructor-led, and on-the-job learning training can be done through one platform only.

Also, it is SCORM compatible, which enables easy interoperability with all learning content authoring tools and third-party course libraries.

Best Moodle Alternatives 1
Feature-Rich eLearning Technology

Also, the LMS helps you with complete automation. With this, you can automate course enrollments, group access, report generation, and permission management.

Plus, it comes with eCommerce features. Like it has an integrated shopping car, payment gateways, public course catalogs, and so on. So if you are planning to launch your online learning platform, it will help you with everything.

However, it is also not a free-to-use tool. Instead, it comes with Inquisiq LE and Inquisiq Pro plans. But yes, it comes with a trial, so you can check if the tool is good enough for you.

Intro to Inquisiq Pro

3. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS is also the best Moodle alternatives that you can check out. This one is one of the best learning management systems and performance platforms that allows employees and managers to transform their organization through connection.

With this one, the employees can connect with their peers and manage learning and performance. Plus, it helps improve performance and productivity by allowing employees and managers to stay in sync.

17 The Best Moodle Alternatives For Online learning
LMS features

Moreover, with Bridge LMS, you can design and deliver scalable learning programs that make learning and compliance engaging for employees. You will also be able to track one-on-one conversations and help individuals align their goals to company goals and management skills.

Also, with this one, you can take advantage of employee central career development. Also, you can author and deliver pulse surveys. So you can get feedback from your employees and improve the work environment at your company.

Moreover, when it comes to pricing, it is extremely affordable. However, unlike other ones, it charges you based on per user. So if you have too many employees, the cost can go up.

4. Docebo – Moodle alternatives for employees, partners, and customers

You can also check out Docebo. With this one, you will easily be able to create and manage content, deliver training and measure the business impact of your programs.

Also, it offers you a complete learning suite with different components. For instance, you can use its shape component to create engaging learning content in minutes.

Also, you can use its learning LMS to deliver and sell online courses to multiple external audiences with a single LMS solution.

Docebo Learning Suite

As well as you will also be able to measure the effectiveness of your learning programs and get learning analytics. So you can get an idea of how your content is performing.

Moreover, with the help of Docebo’s platform, you can deliver courses in different formats, like formal and external training for partners, customers, and members.  

Also, it has a flexible pricing model based on the number of monthly active users. Plus, you can start with the trial to get a heads-up on how Docebo works.

5. Learn (Formerly Mindflash) – Moodle alternatives To Easily train your team online

Next, there is the Mindflash. With this one, you can do a lot of things. For instance, it allows you to create a more dynamic and effective onboarding and training program.

You will easily be able to create your new course content or import your existing content with the Mindflash LMS perfect content conversion.

Furthermore, you can also enhance the learning experience and encourage knowledge retention with quizzes and assessments. It also offers you a wide range of user-friendly pre-built quiz templates such as multiple-choice, sequencing, labeling pictures, true or false, open-ended surveys, and more.

Mindflash LMS also helps you with quick insights through its engaging dashboard. Plus, it lets you track and measure learning metrics that matter the most for your business.

Also, if you are looking for a solution for employee training across an enterprise, then Mindflash can help you out.

6. Google Classroom

Next, there is Google Classroom. This one is an all-in-one solution for teaching and learning. It offers you a bunch of easy-to-use and secure tools that help educators manage, measure, and enrich the learning experience.

It offers all the learning tools and lets you manage multiple classes in one central destination. Along with that, it is extremely easy to use. Almost anyone can join the platform and start running a classroom within minutes.

Also, it is made for collaboration. As a result, you will be able to simultaneously in the same document with the whole class or connect face to face with Google meet.

Moreover, it comes with both free and paid plans. The free edition allows you to switch from class to assignment to student in just a few clicks.

Set up classes, host virtually, create content, give feedback and more

Also, you can track student progress in your grade book and export scores to your SIS or school’s student information system. Plus, it lets you keep the grading consistent and transparent with rubrics displayed alongside student work.

However, if you switch to the paid version, you can integrate your favorite tech tools with classroom add-ons as well as there are lots of other interesting features.

7. SAP Litmos

Up next, I have the SAP Litmos. This one is the best moodle alternative for corporate or business training. It helps you with smarter, faster corporate e-learning and has some of the best features.

With the help of SAP Litmos, you can fasten up your training program as it offers you a massive library of off-the-shelf courses. So you can save time and reduce complexities in developing effective learning materials.

Also, it offers you learning libraries of a wide range of subjects such as sales mastery, customer service, leadership training, cybersecurity, and many more.

Moreover, you can easily deploy with simple administration that enables the addition of users and courses right away with no need for configuration. You can easily integrate with existing systems with out-of-the-box connectors or APIs.

As far as the pricing is concerned, it has two different plans and a pay-per-use model. As a result, if you have too many users, it will be an expensive LMS to own.

8. Edmodo – moodle alternatives open source

If you want a free alternative to Moodle, check out Edmodo. With the help of this solution, you can easily manage your classroom and engage with your students, which is free of cost.

It also offers you a wide range of cools that, as a teacher, you would need. For instance, you can send messages, share class materials and make learning accessible anywhere.

17 The Best Moodle Alternatives For Online learning

It also has some cool features for the students. As for students, Edmodo organizes students’ work with class folders and a built-in planner.

Also, they can send messages to the teachers or get help from their classmates. Furthermore, it also has features for parents. Like the parents will be able to get class updates, stay in sync with teachers, support learning at home, and see classroom activities and grades.

Want to learn more about Edmodo? Then go and create a free account on it, and you will see what it can do.

9. Coassemble

If you plan to start your online course, you can try Coassemble. This LMS allows you to transform your online documents like PDF, preparations, and word docs into interactive and engaging online courses.

Do More With Coassemble

It offers you all the tools that you will need to formalize your team training. Plus, it requires no coding, no software downloads, or design experience. Simply choose your favorite template, and you are all set to create your professional-looking course within minutes.

Also, with this Coassemble, you can share your course with your team, customers or clients. Plus, you will get to see who has viewed your course, engaged with it, or has revisited the course pretty easily.

Furthermore, it also allows you to create a training hub of interactive courses with all your policies, procedures, and playbooks.

Talking about the pricing, this one has three different plans that include starter, pro, and premium and follows a monthly or yearly payment system.

10. Tovuti LMS

You can also have a look at the Tovuti LMS. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to offer engaging online learning experiences.

With the help of this LMS, you can build as many courses and lessons as you need. Also, getting started with the LMS is pretty easy. Even to make things easier for you, it offers you a tutorial library.

Best Moodle Alternatives 4

The tool also allows you to create reports, track learner progress, build membership and use KPI dashboards. So you can get a glance at how your business is doing. Also, it offers you a wide range of integration options.

Furthermore, Tovuti LMS allows you to create engaging and interactive courses in minutes using interactive modules. Even it supports eCommerce features so you can sell individual courses or subscriptions to your learners.


Next, there is the NEO LMS. This one is the best moodle alternative that makes it easy for you to create and manage all learning activities. With this one, you can easily build online classes, access students, enhance collaboration, or track student achievements.

Moreover, NEO is also pretty intuitive, which makes learning an enjoyable experience. Along with that, it provides you with a complete solution to create and manage all your learning activities. Plus, the LMS is absolutely easy to implement.

NEO LMS - Intelligent learning platform for K-20

Furthermore, it also offers you support for a wide range of languages and comes with free yet premium plans for your needs.

With the free version, you will access many LMS features, beautiful dashboards, a graphical class catalog, automation, GAFE integrations, and so on.

However, if you need advanced features, you can switch to the premium version. The premium version will give you access to a customizable portal and URL, learning paths, SIS integration, web conferencing integration, ad-hoc reporting, and so on.

12. SkyPrep

You can also check out SkyPrep, one of the best LMS for corporate training. It will help you with automatic training, facilitate distance learning, and improve employee productivity.

Also, the tool is designed in such a way that it helps your employee grow and watch your organization flourish. Plus, it supports customer training and offers you a virtual classroom. It also offers you all the tools that you need for monetizing your courses.

Best Moodle Alternatives 5

Creating courses using SkyPrep is also a pretty easy experience. You can upload almost any type of file and create assessments and documents from within the platform.

As well as it offers you SCORM support, videos, PowerPoint and multimedia presentation, Microsoft Office files, rich HTML, and many other formats.

Also, it is designed in a way that simplifies the user management process. For instance, you can automatically send emails, generate certificates of completion as soon as the user finishes a course, bulk upload users using a CSV file, offer you deadline reminders, and so on.

Coming to the pricing, it offers you three different plans Lite, Professional, and Enterprise. And you will need to bill annually.

13. TalentLMS

If you are looking for a training LMS, check out TalentLMS. It is an extremely easy-to-use platform that will allow you to create courses easily. Plus, the learners will also have a great experience while learning.

You can create new courses with just a few simple clicks, add users and go live by the end of the day. Moreover, with this one, you can automate repetitive tasks like grading tests and assignments.

TalentLMS in less than 1'

You can also make learning fun for your students by introducing points, badges, and leaderboards. Plus, it lets you create customizable certifications which offer accreditation as part of online employee and development training with a robust certification management tool.

Furthermore, you will be able to connect with your favorite CRM to streamline both training and business processes. Plus, you can easily track results and spot your star sales talent and deliver more specialized training.

As far as the pricing is concerned, it offers you multiple plans with affordable price tags. So simply get started with a plan that suits your needs, and you are good to go.

14. ProProfs LMS

Next, there is the ProProfs LMS. ProProfs LMS helps you to create online courses and tests pretty easily. Also, with this one, you can train anyone, anytime, with a virtual classroom, and it offers you 100+ settings and configurations.

Furthermore, it comes with an eLearning authoring tool. So you can use the feature to build courses and test either from scratch or by importing existing materials. Also, its virtual classroom allows you to centrally administer learners and courses, make announcements, view reports, and so on.

How to Create an Online Course for Beginners (With Ravi Roy)

Also, its quiz and survey tools help you to get feedback which can shape the quality of your training. Plus, you are getting access to lots of collaboration tools and integrations.

It also supports custom LMS certification to validate the completion of a course. Also, its AI-powered reporting and analytics tool helps you to track each learner or group’s progress.

For the pricing, you can try any plan for 15 days, absolutely free. And then, you can switch to a premium plan that suits your requirements.  

15. Pluralsight LMS

Next, there is the Pluralsight LMS. This is also one of the best Moodle alternatives. Plus, the best part is that it is open-source. This means you can use the tool free of cost.

This one comes with a modern and responsive layout, and it is designed for an easy, engaging and user experience. It also allows you to manage multiple clients and brands with custom layouts from a single platform.

Also, it offers you custom reports. So you can easily create advanced custom reports and share them with others.

Furthermore, it also helps you to manage teaching materials, courses, and collaborations with a wide choice of features. You can automatically generate PDF certificates upon course completion with unlimited, customizable graphic templates.

You can also integrate Forma LMS with your video conferencing system. So you can create webinars and virtual classrooms.

16. LearnDash

In the end, I have the LearnDash. Unlike others, this is a plugin for your content management system like CMS. But in terms of features, this one can leave behind many LMSs.

With the help of this WordPress plugin, you will enjoy complete control when it comes to selling online courses. For instance, you can choose your pricing model, set up up-sell offerings, reminder notifications, and so on.

Also, it supports different pricing models like course selling, subscription, membership, bundles, and more. It also supports payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, and 300+ others with WooCommerce.

LearnDash 3.0 - The New Standard in Online Courses

Getting started with the plugin is also pretty easy. Simply install the plugin, import a demo site, and you are ready. Plus, it comes with a drag-and-drop builder so you can easily create courses.

Plus, it supports eight question types, custom messages, and question banks. Also, it lets you offer your users band and certificates.


Which is better, Blackboard or Moodle?

Model is very popular, especially because of its well-designed architecture, and is also much faster than Blackboard. Many of his students constantly faced problems while loading pages on the blackboard.

On the other hand, blackboard allows students to complete courses and activities offline, but there is no such feature on Moodle. So, it depends on the priorities and methods of study of different students. 

Are LMS and Moodle the same? 

Moodle is one of the world’s most popular, trusted as well as customizable learning solutions. Moodle LMS is the heart of their ecosystem, and “LMS” stands for Learning Management System.

Using the platform, you can easily design an interactive learning platform for your school, university, or workplace. 

Is there a free version of Moodle? 

While Moodle is available free of cost and can be downloaded for any type of website, the Moodle Cloud is a freemium service in which selected features are available free of cost, and you have to pay for premium services.

The free plan offers you 25 MB of storage with unlimited courses for up to 50 users and can be immensely helpful, especially if you have a small group of students, learners, or trainees. 

Are people still using Moodle?

Yes, Moodle is still a very popular e-learning platform and offers a redefined course experience and intuitive navigation, and is very easy to manage for educators and trainers.

It allows you to create and edit courses for learners how you want and prioritizes work by reducing distractions.

What are the disadvantages of Moodle? 

One of the biggest disadvantages of the model is that it is not fully prepared to deal with big projects.

At the same time, it may be very useful for schools, tuitions, and colleges for small to medium size learners. Still, it cannot be very effective for larger groups at universities, companies, or enterprises. 

Why is Moodle so popular? 

Many organizations love the model because it is rich in features, highly configurable, and offers flexibility.

In addition to being an open-source platform, there are many Moodle plugins you can use to configure the platform according to your requirements and preferences.

So, it is still one of the most reliable e-learning and course management platforms, especially for smaller groups. 

Which is better, Moodle or Google classroom? 

Moodle is massive compared to Google Classroom, which offers many more features. The reason is that Google Classroom is not yet officially a Learning Management System and is suitable for hosting online classes.

You get richer functionality, as well as a lot of assessments and activities with the model, add Google Classroom lacks a lot of advanced functionality. 

How many users can Moodle handle? 

If we look at a rough estimation, your Moodle account can only handle up to 20 concurrent users per GB of memory.  

Which database is best for Moodle? 

MySQL/MariaDB is one of the most popular and highly recommended databases to deploy when you install and use Moodle.

MySQL is One of the oldest and highly preferred open-source relational database management systems and works as a client-server. It is fast, reliable, ACID compliant, and easy to use. 

How do I make Moodle faster? 

Increasing the amount of ram on your web server is the most effective and fastest way of improving the overall performance of Moodle. If you are a regular user, get as much RAM as possible (e.g., 4GB and more).

Increasing primary memory will reduce the overall requirement for processes to swap to disk and will help your local server to handle more users without getting slowed down. 

Final Words on moodle alternatives

So those were the best Moodle alternatives that you can check out. I have added both free and premium solutions. So, now it is your call to go ahead and look at these learning management systems and see which one works best for you.

We have made sure to mention all the aspects you need to know about these tools that work best for you.

All the tools mentioned here are reviewed by us so that you can put your trust in them and invest your time and money. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, then do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out.