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Most Annoying Things about WordPress


Most Annoying Things about WordPress

As a user’s and Developers, we all love WordPress for a lot of reasons such as it is a powerful CMS platform, easy to use and continuous growth of themes and plugins and its flexibility.

So you can create an amazing website on WordPress within few clicks because it is really easy and you can create a website even you did not know anything about coding.

The one of the best part of WordPress is that it is frequently updated and you will see a better version of WordPress after every update. There are lots of WordPress skillful developers who are creating new plugins and themes to deal with these problems.

5 really Annoying things about WordPress and how to fix them

There are lots of WordPress annoying problems. But dealing with these annoying problems is very easy if you follow the right process in the right manner.

so here in this article, I am going to share with you top 7 really annoying things about WordPress and also I will share you complete guide how you can fix these issues very easily without any problem.

So if you are a beginner to WordPress and your websites is suffering from these kinds of issues and problems so read this whole article because it will help you a lot in dealing with these issues and problems.


Plugins are also called the backbone of a WordPress website or blog. The one of the best part of WordPress plugins is that its plugins are frequently updated and you will see new advanced features in the updates and also updates are free from bugs and errors.

WordPress is the open source software so anyone can create plugins and themes for WordPress because there is no barrier to creating WordPress plugin or themes.

Most Annoying Things about WordPress

So there are lots of beginners or non-programmers who are not efficient in programming and they are building their own WordPress plugins.

this is one of the best way for encouraging more peoples towards WordPress or towards learning coding skills but as a WordPress user we did not know that a particular plugin is created according to the WordPress coding standards or not.

So if you are going to use a plugin on your WordPress website or blog, in this way you are not sure that this plugin will work for you or break your site. You can secure your WordPress website only with the help of plugins so badly coded plugins risky for your website security.

So I really recommend you that whenever you are going to use premium or free plugin then firstly check out the reviews of plugins before you buy or download it.

Badly designed WordPress themes

There are hundreds of badly designed WordPress themes available. As a beginner we all want a free theme for Blog or website.

Most Annoying Things about WordPress

According to WordPress experts most of the WordPress beginners always use free themes for the blog or website and after sometime, they realize that the theme is badly coded and there is a risk of losing their whole hard work.

Sometimes these themes contain bad links two other websites which are encrypted in the footer of your theme. Also, on the other hand, you cannot make your website unique by using free themes because there are hundreds of other WordPress users who are using the same theme.

The one of the best solutions of this problem is that you need to buy premium themes for your blog even you are a beginner or a pro guy. Theme forest is one of the best marketplace where you can buy premium WordPress themes.

There are also lots of other market places from where you can buy themes but I recommend you to buy theme for this marketplace whenever you are going to buy a theme for your blog or website.

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes (Pros and Cons)

Switching between code and visual view

Almost every blogger write their content in the Microsoft Word and after all paste it into the WordPress visual editor because everyone like to writing in word instead of waiting in the WordPress post editor.

WordPress visual post editor is quicker and also you have control over coding, so in this way you have two view options.

The one of the most annoying thing about WordPress post editor is that when you will add headings to your post with the help of code then after switching back to the visual view your paragraph tags stepped out again and this is very annoying.

So in this way your whole formatting is messed up by doing any kind of Editing in the code. Another annoying think about WordPress post editor is that scroll down for finding the right place is very frustrating.

So if you want a quick and easy solution for WordPress post editor then I really recommend you to use TinyMCE advanced plugin.

This is one of the best native editor and it has more advanced features as compared to WordPress post editor. So in this way by using this advanced plugin you can also load more buttons to the visual editor.

How to Clear your Cache in WordPress

Code sections disappear

For an example you are a blogger and you’re writing an article on any topic in your WordPress post editor and you always need to paste snippets of code into your blog post.

The problem here in WordPress is that half of your code will often disappear or half of the code get messed up when you viewing the post.

The one of the best solution of this problem is to use Visual code editor plugin because it is one of the best way to preserve code formatting when you are trying to paste snippets of code in your blog post.

Why to invest in premium WordPress plugins

No Tree View for Pages

If you are using WordPress just for blogging then it is not a huge issue for you. But on the other hand if you are using WordPress as full CMS with lots of static pages so in such a case it is very difficult for you to see the structure of these pages on your website.

This issue can be fixed by using a CMS tree page view plugin. This plugin is able to give you tree view of all your static pages.

Hope my article “Most Annoying Things about WordPress” helps you to learn Most Annoying Things about WordPress. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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