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10 Most Expensive Android Software For Mobile

People buy applications for fun or to manage their daily business activities. There are millions of users and many applications available for use. Free applications are also popular; you can customize your mobile phone accordingly without spending any money. But there are many applications which you have to pay for and it totally depends on the developers what price they want to put on their applications. Some are affordable but there are also crazy expensive ones. The use of such applications is sometimes just to show off and to satisfy the feeling of being rich. Below 10 applications on the android play store are discussed, that is way top for most of us.

Most Expensive Android Software For Mobile

1.Gun Bros

(expensive upgrades and characters up to $600)

most expensive android software for mobile

Gun Bros is a free application, ut allows several very expensive characters to be unlocked. If you want to stand out of the crowd and wish to buy your favorite characters, you have to pay up to $600. Yes, you read it right. $600 for a single character unlock. At first you may think this is just a joke and the developers added it just to have some fun, but then people have actually bought these character even at this insane price.

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2.Black Diamond ($140)

most expensive android software for mobile

Black Diamond is an application that puts a white diamond on your screen. That is it. And the application costs $140 whopping dollars. So if you just want to feel rich every time you look at your phone, then this is the application to buy. Seems kind of naïve but maybe it will give you a psychological boost and end up being good for you. Who knows.

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3.Emerald ($1000+)

most expensive android software for mobile

Emerald is a simple app which has been used by a handful people. There are 6 emeralds which you can choose from but you have to buy them individually for $ 1000 each. The main feature of this app is to display a shiny emerald, just like the White Diamond app. Many users believe that their lives became better instantly overall when they downloaded the app. Well, at least I am not to spend this much just to know if that statement is true or not. Better let this be a mystery that is never solved.

4. I am rich ($ 400)

most expensive android software for mobile

This app does nothing. Literally nothing. Its only function is to display a golden badge on it which “Exclusive Royal Membership” is written on top of a crown and at the bottom, it says “VIP Members Only”. As soon as you download the app it shows the badge to you with some text. This app does nothing much. The text that appears first after the download says “Welcome to the rich club, you are now our VIP member, you bought the most expensive app on google play store. This app does nothing but you could buy it, because you are really rich. Congratulations!”. Very few people download the app which is quiet understandable.

5.G-core green caddy ($89.99)

10 Most Expensive Android Software For Mobile
This is a golf application, and it gives you the full GPS guide for you to help you play golf. For example, if this application is used in Korea then it will give you the Korean peninsula and the 10 golf courses to choose from. Pretty neat for the rich old guys who enjoy golf! The developers may have something going for themselves here. At least this app gives you some good functionality rather than badges or fake emeralds.

6.Deduce – Grandmaster edition ($55)

The deduce grand master edition used to cost around $200 and then later on the price was reduced to $55. It is basically a tick tack and a chess game. It does have some good strategy but the graphics aren’t as good as you would expect from such an expensive application.

  1. Pocket Atlas Emergency Ultrasound ($69.99)

most expensive android software for mobile1
This application is as pocket ultrasound generator and can be used by physicians in the remote areas where you can’t get all the medical equipment. This app is definitely useful. You don’t need the internet to operate it. All you have to do is simply type the text and you are guided like where to put your mobile and what should you see and the relative image is given. It has 443 pictures that you can refer to according to your need. This app has many downloads and keeping in mind its utility it is not that surprising.

8. Aquamarine ($474.65)
most expensive android software for mobile
Another useless application that displays an aquamarine instead of emeralds on your screen. Feeling rich by spending money uselessly might work for a while. But eventually, with such attitude, you may end up quite poor.

9. The most expensive hello world ($112)

So far less than 5 people have bought this application. This application itself states that only the rich can buy this. It only displays a white wallpaper with simply written text “Hello World”. One should see the comments below before making any decision to go for this app. Who were the people who bought this application? Well, stranger things have happened in the world.

The Final Word

The most expensive apps on android above are mostly just to give you a feeling of being rich. However, only a few people fall for such petty tricks. But for some, these applications might give a sense of true happiness. I personally like the ultrasound application. It really shows how innovatively you can use today’s mobile devices. I hope more developers think out of the box like this and create applications that have solid real-world benefits. These types of application definitely deserve a higher price than the badges or emeralds displayed on your home screens!