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5 most popular gaming sites


This is a video game that can either be played partially or fully through the internet. Network Online games are designed from a range of simple text-based environments. This is through the incorporation of complex graphics and virtual worlds. A game’s online components have a variety of features. Such features include online leaderboard.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In the current generation, online gaming is the new trend. To kids, these games can be both useful and harmful to them. This doesn’t be that they should be kept off games or fully involved in them but it should be in moderation.

Everything good has its bad and everything bad has its good. Below are some examples of the advantages and disadvantages of online games.


Mind boost

Some games can make a child sharp and more active mentally. Games generally have various levels or missions to be completed in a specific time. This can help one learn about time management.


Online games can be helpful in helping a kid learn on how to coordinate the mind with the actions of the hands. While executing the actions they develop mental strength.

Improve social life

When playing with a total stranger there are also interactions that take place. This helps one to build on their social life.


Cause damages to the computer:

With the internet, it is open and you can access a vast amount of information either good or bad. One can end up downloading a game from a less trusted site. This can lead to the downloading of spam, viruses and malicious software. This kind of software can damage the computer.

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Popular gaming sites

  1. Pogo

This site has close to one hundred online games that are free. Examples of games found here include; puzzle, board, and casino. And arcade games that can be played on their website. Pogo has games for every type and age player. The site also has a variety of games. These games can work on the brain, relax it or put better still put you up in a competition with other online players.

Pogo gives you the option of playing games for free without having to register yourself. If a player opts to register for the games, the process is free and will be entered into prize drawings. Apart from the prize, registered players can store the game stats and earn tokens.

  1. Miniclip

Miniclip is a game website that has hundreds of free online games. Most of these games are original and are available only through the Miniclip website. Such games are; action, puzzle, dress up, multiplayer, strategy, word, and 3D games.

Registration at Miniclip is free and optional. It offers the advantage of letting you keep track of high scores and rankings. This will help in creating your own avatar. It has a unique feature of enabling you to create leagues. Here a player and his friends can compare rankings and high scores on all games at Miniclip.

  1. Addicting Games

The site has free online games that have been submitted by game developers worldwide. They come in common categories such as strategy, car, shooting, sports, and actions. The games on this site can be found by going to the list of most popular, top rated, most and most favorite games.

  1. Kongregate

This is a portal that has thousands of virus-free online games. It let you play from the browser. The free online games are; action, multiplayer, shooter, adventure & RPG, and puzzle.

Kongregate shows you recently played games, recommendations. Such recommendation is based on your favorite games and playlist of free games. This option is mainly for registered players.

  1. Armor Games

The best part of this game is that new games are added weekly to the already millions of existing games. The popular games at this site are action, adventure, and strategy games.

A registered player at Armor games will experience less advertisement and the ability to create their own favorite games list, community chat, and a way to earn Armor points.

Besides the online games, Armor games offer free mobile games that can be downloaded on your phone and played on the go.