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9 Of The Best Mouse Custom Cursors For Windows 10/11

Over the years, technology has changed significantly. Today, our smart devices are bombarded with updates frequently. One such update came to our mouse cursors long back after the many updates that electronic devices get.

Computers and laptops let users update their mouse cursor as per their preference. An updated cursor looks new and feels very different from the traditional arrow cursors. Some laptops feature a set of cursors that users may choose from and change their primary cursor.

Today, mouse cursors are available in a variety of designs to enhance the user experience. One may also download uniquely designed best mouse custom cursors from the internet. With a unique design, these cursors are highly responsive, and they are good for a change. 

In any device where graphics are involved, users find themselves operating a cursor to perform their tasks. Devices like laptops and computers allow users to control the cursors using a mouse or a touchpad. 

When the users are typing on their device, the arrow-shaped cursor changes to a thin line.

The changed arrow cursor becomes a thin line that’s always blinking. While typing, the blinking of a cursor helps users understand where they are typing on the screen.

Mouse cursors or pointers are generally available in two different pixel sizes. One may choose their cursor pack from a 32pixel or 48pixel variant. However, some cursor packs don’t offer the users an opportunity of selecting the pixel variant. 

Importantly, if a cursor pack doesn’t offer a choice amongst the pixels for the cursors, they generally are of high-pixel quality. Developers often avoid creating cursors with low pixel quality because users generally prefer better pixel quality.

Interestingly, changing the cursor or the mouse pointer won’t take much time and effort from the user. One can change the cursor settings with a few clicks, going through the control panel. Once changed, users will get to experience the new cursor right away. 

Best Mouse Custom Cursors: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Black Royal Cursor Pack

As the name suggests, the Black Royal Cursor Pack (Download Here) gives users the ability to use their cursor in the black color. The cursors’ pixels in this black royal cursor pack are of high quality that enhances the user experience significantly. 

Mouse Custom Cursors

The users of the black royal cursor pack need not download any additional files. One can set this cursor as their primary mouse cursor from their control panel. There are multiple animated cursors included in this best mouse cursor pack. 

Pros of Black Royal Cursor Pack:-

  • The black color of the cursor helps users enhance their productivity when working on their devices. 
  • The black color cursor is easy to spot on a screen without wasting much time.
  • Users can easily download and activate the Black Royal Cursor Pack using an INF file. 
  • One doesn’t have to spend anything to download the Black Royal Cursor Pack.
  • The pixels of the Black Royal Cursor is of high-quality.
  • The cursor changes its pattern to a hand when hovered over a link.
  • The size of the Black Royal Cursor file is user friendly and won’t take much space on the user’s device.
  • One can see their cursor changing from one animated style to another very quickly when opening a file. 

Cons of Black Royal Cursor Pack:-

  • Users of the Black Royal Cursor Pack don’t get many variations.
  • The Black Royal Cursor Pack will not change the primary cursor to any other shape.
  • Users can only change the color of their cursor with this cursor pack.

2. Revolver Cursors 

For gaming lovers, the Revolver Cursors (Download Here) are one of the best mouse custom cursors. Upon installing and activating the Revolver Cursor, the user’s computer will have a revolver as a cursor. The revolver changes to various designs as per the function the cursor is performing. 

For instance, when a link is loading, the cursor would change to a revolving bullet chamber. Similarly, for multiple purposes, the cursor changes to a variety of Revolver animations. Moreover, there are about fourteen cursors in the Revolver cursors pack. 

The variety of fourteen cursors available in the Revolver cursor makes it one of the best mouse custom cursors.

This cursor pack enables users to change the shape of their cursor completely. The users can change their cursor from a dull pointer to a classic revolver shaped cursor.

Pros of Revolver Cursors:-

  • The Revolver Cursors set is available in 48pixels. The pixel quality of this cursor is quite promising for gamers.
  • Users can download and use this cursor without spending anything from their pocket. The Revolver cursor is free to use. 
  • Users can use this cursor on multiple Microsoft Windows, including Windows Vista and Windows XP. 
  • Users can easily download and activate the Revolver Cursors on their computers or laptops. 
  • There are fourteen cursors included in the Revolver Cursors pack. 

Cons of Revolver Cursors:-

  • Mac OS users may not be able to use the Revolver Cursors Pack. The cursor pack lacks the support for Mac OS.
  • Linux users will also face difficulties activating the Revolver Cursors. The developers are yet to add support for Linux-based operating systems.
  • The zip file of the Revolver Cursors contains two folders that might confuse a user. 

3. Outer Limits

All the space lovers have something to adore as their mouse cursor with the Outer Limits cursor pack. The Outer Limits cursor (Download Here) imitates a space rocket and is one of the best mouse custom cursors with animated designs.

Mouse Custom Cursors

The users of the Outer Limits get to customize their computer with the space theme cursors in the Outer Limits Pack.

The pixels of the rocket-like cursor is of high quality. At no point, the cursor feels blurred or odd on the screen due to its pixels. The Outer Limits cursor pack comes packed with about ten cursor designs that users will see on their screens.

Additionally, the Outer Limits cursor pack sets the traditional pointer off and brings a change with a rocket.

Each rocket design of the cursor in the Outer Limits pack is related to the space rockets. All the cursors in the Outer Limits best mouse custom cursors pack are elegant in design. 

Pros of Outer Limits:-

  • The cursors in the Outer Limits pack feature a space rocket-like design that makes it quite interesting for space lovers.
  • Users of Windows 10 do not have to spend anything for the Outer Limits Cursor Pack. Anyone can download and use these rocket-shaped cursors for free.
  • The Outer Limits Cursor Pack features about ten cursor designs with a space rocket theme. 
  • The pixel quality of the rocket-style cursors is a delight to see on the computer screen. Like many other cursors, the cursors in the Outer Limits pack have better pixel quality.
  • Anyone can easily download and activate the rocket-style cursor on their computer.

Cons of Outer Limits:-

  • The Outer Limits Cursor Pack might not help Mac OS users. There’s no mention of support for this cursor pack with Mac. 
  • The Linux users may also not be able to use the Outer Limits Cursor Pack.
  • Users who aren’t obsessed with rockets may not find these cursors promising.

4. Grey Tango White Cursors

The Grey Tango White Cursors Pack (Download Here) is one of the best cursors packs for mathematics lovers. 

Users of the Grey Tango White cursor can find themselves scrolling their screen using some interactive math symbols. The pack features white cursors with excellent pixel density. 

9 Of The Best Mouse Custom Cursors For Windows 10/11

Users get about 14 cursors included in the Grey Tango White Cursors Pack. Some of the pack’s interesting inclusions are a sign of multiplication, addition, and square brackets. 

The greyish-white shade of cursors in the pack looks stylish with a dark shade background.

There are various changes users will have on their computers once they have downloaded and activated the Tango White Cursors. Upon activation, the traditional arrow cursor will be changed to a new, cone-shaped pointer. The Grey Tango cursors will delight the maths lovers.

Pros of Tango White Cursors:-

  • The Tango White Cursors feature about fourteen cursors with a mathematical theme. All these cursors change the traditional pointer to a cone-shaped pointer. 
  • Users need not pay anything to download the Tango White Cursors. One can use these cursors for free. 
  • The Tango White Cursors work smoothly with Windows devices and are easy to download and activate.
  • There is no need to download the cursors in the pack individually. All these cursors are downloaded together through an INF file.
  • The Tango White Cursors feature a mathematical theme that maths lovers wouldn’t want to miss.

Cons of Tango White Cursors:-

  • The Tango White Cursors might not work with Linux or macOS. These cursors are specifically designed for one type of operating system. 
  • Brackets in the pack as a resizer might be confusing for some users. 
  • Tango cursor pack features mostly white or grey cursors. The white cursors might not look very impressive with the light color background.

5. Oxygen Cursors 

Oxygen Cursors (Download Here) comes packed with 37 color variants. This cursor pack has a mix of the brightest and some dull color shades that appeal to most users. Generally, cursors packs don’t have such a varied color scheme.

Mouse Custom Cursors

Outstanding pixel density and great colors make the Oxygen cursors pack one of the best mouse custom cursors. One can choose any color of their preference for their pointer on the computer screen. \Interestingly, Oxygen cursors also feature an updated cursor design, giving users a sense of change. 

Moreover, users are not bound to spend anything for using the Oxygen Cursors set on their laptops. These cursors give an artistic look, which many cursors packs lack these days. Above all, the pointer looks modern when the oxygen cursors are activated. 

Pros of Oxygen Cursors:-

  • The Oxygen Cursors pack features 37colors for cursors. The developer has tried to include major colors in the pack so that everyone has their favorite colored pointer.
  • The users of the Oxygen Cursors don’t need to spend their money on downloading the Oxygen Cursors. 
  • All the cursors included in the pack are downloaded together with the help of an INF file. The INF file saves the user’s time and effort to download the oxygen cursors pack. 
  • The pixels density of the cursors mentioned in the pack is impressive. The cursor won’t look blurred on the user’s computer screen. 
  • Users can redistribute the cursor pack after downloading it as it’s free to use and distribute. 

Cons of Oxygen Cursors:-

  • Too many color options available in the Oxygen Cursors pack might confuse the users. 
  • Users who have Mac OS might not be able to use the Oxygen Cursors.
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6. Mickey Mouse Cursors

The Mickey Mouse Cursors (Download Here) are super fun to use and browse through the computer. Users get about 15 cursor variants in the Mickey Mouse Cursors pack. The famous character, Mickey, makes this cursor pack stand out as the best mouse cursor for computers. 

Best Mouse Cursors For Windows 10

Users of the Mickey Mouse Cursors get to experience various expressions of the Mickey Mouse. Varied expressions of the Mickey Mouse on the computer screen makes it fun to browse. Moreover, these cursors are pretty famous among children and young adults.

These Mickey mouse-based cursors have interestingly changed how a traditional pointer looked like. Now, with the Mickey Mouse Cursors pack, users get Mickey Mouse acting as the pointer. When hovering over a link, the pointer changes to Mickey’s hand, trying to access the link. 

Pros of Mickey Mouse Cursors:-

  • The Mickey Mouse Cursors pack comes packed with 15 different cursors based on the Mickey theme.
  • Anyone with a Windows 10 system can download the Mickey Mouse Cursors for free without spending a thing. 
  • The Pixels of the Mickey Mouse Cursors are of satisfying density. Mickey Mouse comes across nicely as a pointer on the computer screen. 
  • Users don’t have to install the cursors individually on their computers. The INF file makes it easier to download the cursors collectively.
  • The good thing is, developers haven’t changed the skin tone of Mickey mouse for the cursor pack.

Cons of Mickey Mouse Cursors:-

  • The Mickey Mouse cursors pack doesn’t look professional and presentable in meetings. One wouldn’t want to use a Mickey Mouse cursor while giving presentations unless they work for Disney World.
  • There’s no information from developers if the Mickey Mouse Cursors will work with the macOS. 

7. Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors

These Reloaded Cursors with a Star Wars (Download here) theme are the best mouse custom cursors a fan can get. A true Star Wars fan would love to have this cursor set for their computer. The Pack features more than thirty cursors for the users.

9 Of The Best Mouse Custom Cursors For Windows 10/11

Once installed, activating the cursor is an easy and quick process. Moreover, the cursors look stunning and eye-pleasing on the screen. The colors of the cursor are very cool.

If a user has a dark background for their desktop, the Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors will look even better. The bright blue, red, and yellow in the cursor pack give the realistic star wars feel to the users. What makes the pack even more appealing is its pixel density. 

Pros of Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors:-

  • Downloading the Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors is an effortless task. Anyone with a Microsoft Windows operating system can download the Star Wars Cursors. 
  • The pixel density of the Star Wars Cursors makes it appealing to the fans. Moreover, Star Ward Cursors stands out as one of the best mouse custom cursors. 
  • The pack features as many as thirty Star Wars Cursors that’s no less than a treat for the fans.
  • The Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors pack is free to download. The developers have not proposed an access fee for downloading their cursors. 

Cons of Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors:-

  • The Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors might not work the best with light color backgrounds.
  • The users who don’t have Windows OS might not be able to use the Star Wars Cursors on their computers. 
  • Professionals may not want to use the Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors pack on their computers. 

8. Comix Cursors Blue 

The Comix Cursors Blue (Download Here) are rich in color, and their design is unique in itself. These Comix Cursors stand out as the best mouse custom cursors for their design and color.

The rich blue color that the Comix Cursors possess is very cool and goes well with all sorts of backgrounds. 

9 Of The Best Mouse Custom Cursors For Windows 10/11

Moreover, installing the Comix Cursors Blue pack is a straightforward process. The users who have a Windows Operating system can download the Comix Cursors Blue without hassles.

On the bright side, all the cursors featured in the pack have interactive designs along with great pixels.

The Comix Cursors Blue pack features around fifteen best mouse custom cursors in blue color. The users get to see a different color on the mouse pointer with the Comix Cursors Blue pack. Interestingly, the Comix Cursors Blue also features two hand cursors for users. 

Pros of Comix Cursors Blue:-

  • The Cursors featured in the Comix Cursors Blue are elegantly designed to give a professional look to users.
  • Downloading the Comix Cursors Blue pack is an easy and simple process. All the cursors can be downloaded using an INF file, saving time for the users.
  • Users don’t need to pay anything for downloading the Comix Cursors Blue pack. 
  • There are about fifteen cursors included in the Comix Cursors Blue pack. 
  • Users who have either Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, or Windows 10 can download and use the Comix Cursors Blue.
  • While writing, the cursor changes from a straight line to a pen-shaped pointer. This pointer is appealing to various users who are bored of their blinking straight line cursor in the text window. 

Cons of Comix Cursors Blue:-

  • The Comix Cursors Blue doesn’t work with other operating systems like Linux and macOS. 
  • The Comix Cursors pack is currently available in Blue color only. 
  • The size of the cursors might be smaller than some user’s preferences. 

9. Glass Cursors 

The Glass Cursors (Download Here) features a transparent design that focuses on improving the user’s productivity. Transparency and unique design make the glass cursors amongst a few of the best mouse custom cursors.

The pack of Glass Cursors features fifteen various cursors based on the transparent glass theme. 

9 Of The Best Mouse Custom Cursors For Windows 10/11

The graphic quality of these glass cursors is better than various other cursors across a similar theme. The Glass Cursors look very well on the backgrounds with dark colors. Each cursor in the pack is carefully designed to enhance the looks of the cursor. 

Moreover, Windows users can use Glass Cursors without facing any troubles. One can download the glass cursors pack with ease with the INF file that comes with the pack.

The hand pointer included in the glass cursors pack looks very elegant and sharp on the screen. 

Pros of Glass Cursors:-

  • The Cursors included in the Glass Cursors pack are designed with a transparent theme. 
  • Users who wish to download the Glass Cursors pack can download it for free without spending anything. 
  • Users across Windows operating system can download and activate the glass cursors from their control panel. 
  • The design and pixels of the cursors are elegant. 

Cons of Glass Cursors:-

  • Users on an operating system other than Microsoft Windows may not be able to download and activate the Glass Cursors. 
  • The size of the cursors included in the Glass Cursors pack might seem too small to some users.


If you struggle to follow your mouse cursor on the screen, then MagicMouseTrails (Download Here) can help. This free program adds trails that follow the pointer around to make it easier to see at all times, and also offers fun-themed trails, such as hearts, stars, snowflakes, and footballs.

9 Of The Best Mouse Custom Cursors For Windows 10/11

 You can adjust the length of the track, size, speed, transparency, and intensity, and add optional rotation. There are an installer and portable versions available. Trails can be disabled via the system tray.

Create custom Chrome cursors

Windows gives you the option to customize your cursor but its abilities fall far short of the ‘Custom Cursor for Chrome’ browser tool (Download Here). Click the extension’s toolbar button to switch your boring white arrow for something more exciting.

Custom Cursor for Chrome™ - Change your regular mouse pointer to a fun, custom cursor!

Options include all manner of colors, jockey pointers such as bacon and eggs, and cartoon characters including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Popeye, and Tom & Jerry. Honestly, it would take a day to list all the different themes.

My favorite feature is the option to upload your own images and turn them into cursors. For best results, the developer advises that pictures should be 32x32 pixels on a transparent background.

Manage all your mouse settings in one place

If you haven’t done so already, you need to download WinMouse (Download Here). It essentially places just about every mouse option in a single hub, from pointer speed to scroll settings. 

For the curious, there’s also a Statistics tab, which lets you know how many times you’ve clicked the left button or how many miles you’ve scrolled.

9 Of The Best Mouse Custom Cursors For Windows 10/11

My favorite feature is the highly customizable Screen Wrap – when your cursor extends beyond the edge of the screen, it reappears on the other side.

I’ve found this especially useful when using fiddly trackpads. It works on Windows XP and above and comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit portable versions.

Highlight your cursor’s position

I sometimes find it hard to see my cursor unless I wiggle the mouse furiously, so I was glad to find PenAttention (Download Here), which adds a colored highlight around your pen or pointer.

It was designed for pen-powered computers, so when you first use it, open the software’s Highlight Settings and tick the box marked ‘Highlight mouse as well as a pen’. 

Now you can change the color, size, and shape of the highlighter, and switch on keyboard shortcuts. You can even make the highlighter change color every time you right-click the mouse if you like. I’m pleased to say I haven’t lost my cursor since!


There are various best mouse custom cursors available that users can download on their computers. One may choose from various cursor themes that vary from transparent cursors to Star Wars Cursors, and more. While some cursors have less pixel density, many developers don’t compromise with the graphics of the cursors. 

Users should try various cursors packs that seem appealing to them.