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9 Best MuleSoft Alternatives To Try Out in 2022


Businesses nowadays rely on a wide range of tools and applications for their daily tasks. While each addition is made to improve the functioning environment of the company, working with a considerable number of platforms can also prove to be a hassle.

Each software interprets data in a different form and produces it in additional output. There is a rising need for integrating the numerous software so that they work towards a common goal. 

To fulfill this demand for inter-software exchange, you require to integrate the different programs effectively. By achieving this, you can automate the exchange of data between other software, which improves the workflow and has been proven to increase your Return on Investment.

The data points which can be freely exchanged between software will be more beneficial than raw data.  

MuleSoft’s software integration program known as the Anypoint platform helps you achieve effective integration between your software. An open-source SaaS/IPaaS platform is designed for different fields of design, management, sharing, construction, and cloud platforms.

With the help of Mule, which is Mulesoft’s runtime environment, it helps you to bridge the gap between platforms without the need for custom point-to-point integration codes.  

MuleSoft’s capabilities to provide world-class services to help business integrate their platforms and expand has been recognized and acknowledged by top brands who use their services.

But it is not the only software integration platform available, and there are tons of MuleSoft alternatives on the market.  

The purpose of looking at various Mulesoft alternatives is because MuleSoft also has its shortcomings. One is the platform being technical to maneuver around, and the learning curve is a bit too steep even for developers.

Also, the documentation provided by the software is somewhat lacking, according to some users. People also complain about it being too expensive.

MuleSoft is a trusted integration software, but it may or may not suit your specific needs. Therefore it is worth it to look for MuleSoft alternatives.  

With the help of this article, we will go through several MuleSoft alternatives available on the market. Each of these software has its unique features which set them apart.

They will provide you with effective integration of your programs. Let’s look at each of the MuleSoft alternatives in detail. 

Best MuleSoft Alternatives: Our Top Pick ūüĎĆūüĎĆ

1. SnapLogic 

SnapLogic is an Intelligent integration platform for an ever-changing digital world. It provides you with an intuitive and intelligent connected integration between platforms which improves your digital transformation.

By connecting your applications, the data that flows through them will be transformed into much more comprehensive data.  

By using Snaplogic, you will be able to communicate better and bring out ideas more quickly. Snaplogic also improves your customer experience.

The software comes with pre-built features that instantly accelerate your business processes by connecting your departments, systems, and subsidiaries.  

The integration does not require long codes, which take weeks to compile. Instead, the SnapLogic HTML5 makes it convenient for integration specialists and the IT department to integrate the entire program within hours. 

The software is powered by an AI platform that improves your system by recommending flows. The built-in Iris learns the integration patterns and predicts flows with a 90 percent accuracy. 

The integration platform is intuitive and supports even complex transformations. It maximizes the platform’s functioning by improving flexibility and productivity to process more than 1400 million transactions per hour.  

The software also comes in with state-of-the-art governance and a central monitoring feature. You can enable permission integration at every corner and every level of the organization. SnapLogic allows you to keep track of the user activity and utilize endpoint monitoring. 

One additional feature of the Snaplogic making it one of the go-to MuleSoft alternatives is that you need only pay for the services you use. You can customize the software according to your current needs and expand as per your capabilities in the future.  

The Snaplogic software has a lot of capabilities, especially for companies that are coming up. It requires almost no code or a minimal amount of code writing to get you underway.

The interaction offered is effective and provides endpoint monitoring. You can request a demo of the software before you make any purchase decision.  

2. Zapier 

Zapier allows you to unlock the potential in your business by bringing in a more efficient way to work. With the help of its easy and powerful automation tools, you can get everything done in a matter of seconds.

These automation tools will handle your work and reduce distractions allowing you to focus on your job better.  

Zapier can also be customized as per your needs quickly and effectively. Zapier keeps you on top of your work at all times, and you would constantly receive all the necessary information directly to you via notifications. Any customer feedback, suggestions, request, or any other information will be automatically provided to you.  

Zappier focuses on integration, automation, and innovation to improve your workflow for any workplace. It can be customized for your personal use, a team project, or even an entire business. Zapier can work effectively while connecting more than 3000 apps.  

Best MuleSoft Alternatives
Zaps connect the apps you use every day

Building a workflow is very convenient in Zapier. You simply need to select a trigger for Zapier and then the task that should follow. As soon as the triggered event takes place, it will automate your response or task for that.  

Zapier will allow you to streamline your process by connecting multiple platforms. With its multi-step feature, you can reduce the amount of time given on less significant updates and focus on what’s important.  

The customization feature allows you to decide how to run the software by simply adding a filter. Zapier will only function based on rules you have set for it, and nothing will slip through the filter, keeping you in touch with your information at all times.  

You can also keep tabs on what Zapier is doing for you by looking at the history and decide if it needs any change or not. You also do not need any knowledge about how to write codes or anything to get started. 

Zapier is a great integration software that lets you get started for free. You can avail of the basic service free of charge, and if you ever want to upgrade, you can opt for the premium plan, which will be charged.

You can also get in touch with an automation expert at Zapier to understand what it can do for your business. 

Zapier Tutorial | How to Automate Tasks and STOP WASTING TIME!
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3. Cleo Integration Cloud 

The Cleo Integration Cloud platform helps you achieve end-to-end integration for your entire business ecosystem. With the help of the integration cloud, you do not need multiple solutions as it eliminates all the complexity between different platforms. 

Cleo Integration cloud software will help you automate your Cloud/API-based platform, personal cloud storage, ERP, database, and filesystems to create a business ecosystem where you have complete control in one place.

Best MuleSoft Alternatives 1

With the help of protocols such as HTTP, AS2, FTP, etc., you can have a secure connection within your ecosystem.  

It can easily handle any complex integration process and allows any data transformation required. With the help of real-time notifications, insights, and alerts, you can make data-driven decisions with ease.  

With more than 50 connectors, you can design and configure with popular marketplaces and applications quickly. The Cleo Integration cloud has more than 900 business connections, accelerating the time-to-business. You can automate integrations with ease by orchestrating end-to-end connections to any data storage platform.  

You can reduce your third-party analytical costs with the help of real-time insights, which can be used to make significant and influential decisions. The platform support exchange of data in all formats for better understanding. You can always stay on top of your business with the help of real-time data points to manage any runtime changes.  

It also helps you to optimize your business processes by complete visibility over integration flow. With the integration design, you get both agility and control over your platform, which you can enhance further with the help of additional Cleo services.  

With the help of a cloud platform, you can resolve issues much faster and even predict them before. You can define roles and empower them by giving permissions at the technical and operational levels.  

The Cleo platform provides a modern integration platform for you. With a team of more than 900 professionals with years of experience in design and integration. You can also get in contact with the developer for a demo of the software. 

4. Jitterbit 

The Jitterbit platform is amongst the top integration software used by leading companies and is one of the more preferred MuleSoft alternatives available on the market.

With the help of built-in templates in the software, you can integrate thousands of applications to automate your business processes. 

The platform uses AI-powered integration that allows you to make better decisions with the help of powerful tools such as speech recognition, language translation, and product recommendations in real-time. The B2B/EDI integration also improves the time to value by faster connecting with your business partners. 

You can design your intuitive interface with point and click connectivity options, drag and drop configuration, built-in templates, app connectivity, and re-use existing code and logic.  

You can easily create your templates on the software to suit your needs better. You can use the pre-built recipes to reduce the integration time and create new recipes easily. The entire process is very intuitive, so you can also customize each integration with the help of these templates. 

The software gives you complete control over your platform, where you can manage permissions and freely move data across different platforms or apps securely. You can also feed data into analytics and monitor data in real-time.  

You can quickly set up your partners within a few hours or days and have them running without much hassle. Once your trading partners are live, you can start scaling up and improve your efficiency by processing a large number of transactions at a single time.  

The business-to-business process automation eliminates manual ordering reducing your management costs, helps in documentation, improves the data quality, and improves customer experience.

You can quickly resolve any customer queries and also add more partners rapidly. You can achieve all these without any technical expertise with the help of automated transaction management. 

Jitterbit offers numerous integration depending upon your needs. You can also request a trial period for any of its services. Jitterbit has a team of professional and integration experts who can guide you through the process better. 

Introduction to Jitterbit - The Smarter Approach to Integration

5. Apigee Edge 

Apigee Edge is one of the more used MuleSoft alternatives because of the features and stability it provides. It allows you to design and manage APIs from anywhere as per your needs. You can customize the platform according to your own needs and secure them from any external stimuli. 

Edge allows you to analyze your platform at all times and gives you control and complete visibility over all the actions being performed.

The insights you receive can transform your business. The real-time data can be converted into any format using the library of analytical connections, and you can use this data to make critical decisions. 

You can visually write code for APIs as per your integration flow. Also, you can customize the behavior of your code and also transform any protocol or command.  

Best Swagger Alternatives
Unlock legacy applications using APIs

Apigee Edge gives you a central governance system so that you can manage permissions and secure your data against all threats. You can look at all the data traffic and check any data spike, and even trace calls using real-time insights. 

With three-step publishing, you can manage the audience on your portal, develop the content for your portal and achieve reference documentation.  

To ensure that the experience is seamless for everyone, including developers, customers, and your partners, you can investigate upcoming issues and monitor all the actions. Real-time monitoring allows you to diagnose and treat any complication quickly and effectively.  

With the help of customization and automation of your platform, you can improve the scale of your business and monetize. Apigee Edge will open up new growth opportunities for you. 

You can also manage microservers with the help of Apigee Edge by extending it to the stack. It also allows you to set where you want to host your APIs manually.  

Intro to Apigee API management

Apigee Edge multilayer security translates to trust and privacy.  You are assured of your data safety against data thefts and hacks.

The AI-powered automation will improve your workflow and streamline the work process for your entire organization. It is a reliable and high-performance platform. Many global brands prefer Apigee for their API integration and automation needs.  

6. Celigo 

Celigo is an integration platform that allows you to connect multiple applications and improve workflow with the help of automation. To scale up your business, automation is the key.

By automating regular tasks, you can focus on more critical aspects of your business.  With the help of Celigo, you can build complex and straightforward integrations with ease.

The platform comes with pre-built connectors and an intuitive design to access integrations. With its easy-to-use platform, Celigo allows people with no technical background to get started and start integrating.  

Best MuleSoft Alternatives 2

By integrating your multiple business application, Celigo provides you with growth opportunities and the ability to realize your true potential. The software is built to adapt to changing market scenarios so that you and your business stay agile and alert to any market opportunity. 

By streamlining complex processes, you reduce your costs and accelerate the time to value aspect. It fulfills all the needs of the IT department and at the same time empowers you to automate with the help of pre-built connections and templates.  

The Flow builder allows you to customize integrations from scratch. It is a low code or no code editor offering a wide range of connectors, databases, and applications so that you can build a custom integration as per your specific needs.

The software comes with powerful customization tools to allow developers to build more sophisticated integrations. 

What is Celigo Explainer (iPaaS - Integration Platform as a Service)

With the help of advanced error management, you can manage errors with ease and empower your IT professionals to monitor and fix these errors.  

The integration app framework allows you to automate processes quickly and manage these integrations by monitoring them at all times.  

The software is built upon security principles allowing only permitted members to access the database. Also, iPaaS, rather than storing data, passes it through processing.  

Celigo makes your business market-ready and unlocks its true potential by leveraging the talents and skills of your team into more critical tasks. By streamlining and simplifying the workflow, you are bound to make leaps in your target market. 

Celigo offers different pricing plans such as Standard, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. 

7. Software AG Webmethods 

Webmethods is amongst the famous MuleSoft alternatives as it provides modern solutions for present-day problems. Webmethods offer you the agility of a cloud platform by seamlessly connecting your system, partners, and applications.

Web method’s platforms help you manage your business better with the help of connections with APIs, integration, and microservices.  

Webmethods will help you in unlocking innovation potential in your business by having a fully connected business ecosystem. You can customize your platform with the help of the software to modernize your business operations and transform your data.  

Integration solution helps in resolving any of your innovation problems. It provides more flexibility and agility to your platform that improves the workflow without the hassle of investing in entirely new infrastructure. 

Best MuleSoft Alternatives 3

With the help of complete life cycle API management, you can connect all of your applications and devices to speed up innovation.  

One additional feature, Webmethods have is the microservices. You can build microservices as per your requirement and manage them easily. Microservices bring another level to the application by adding its context.  

You can integrate everything at one common point. Your system, cloud software, data sources, and devices can be integrated into a single being or platform to accelerate progress and innovation.  

With the help of Web methods, your B2B services improve drastically. With easy monitoring and complete control over your processes, you can add new partners quickly.  

Webemethods provides you with real-time data that can be produced in any format. Your cloud data, mobile data, big data, and data from social media are transformed into other formats to make it business-ready.  

It simplifies the digital transformation to innovate faster and have more agility and adaptability in the ever-changing business environments. 

Global brands like Hyundai, Adeo and Cintas talk about the innovation opportunity offered by the AG Webmethods software. Webmethods provides these big firms with real-time data and connectivity with all their partners and applications.  With a lot of promising features, AG Webmethods is one of the excellent MuleSoft alternatives.  

8. Dell Boomi 

Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform that instantly connects everything and everyone. It can instantly connect data from various sources to transform raw data into actionable and helpful information.

The software eliminates the need for data storage in the cloud and on-premise to reduce load and unlock more potential.  

By harnessing valuable information and sending it to the right people, Boomi can help you to unlock productivity. Integration with the help of Boomi becomes simple and efficient by connecting you to more than 1500 endpoints. Companies like American Express, Expedia, and Linkedin use Boomi for their data integration services.  

Boomi allows you to integrate multiple applications and data on your platform conveniently.  

Dell Boomi Product Overview

With a drag and drop User interface, mapping tools, and connectors, you can build integrations quickly. It can support complex data integration patterns to accelerate time to value. 

You can increase your productivity with the help of a simple integration process and error resolution using features such as operational intelligence, business logic, and flow recommendations. 

You can customize the software to your own specific needs with the help of templates and libraries that balances productivity and control. Build your templates with the help of a growing library of connectors and applications.

Deploy these integrations at whatever location is most appropriate for you. You can manage these integrations by monitoring them with the cloud dashboard.  

You can connect all known and unknown data points from different sources into business-ready data. You can monitor this data for security and compliance with a central governance system.  

Boomi is a market leader in cloud-based integration technology. It brought this technology to the world, intending to build connections quickly with speed. You can request a demo on their website or use the software for a trial period.    

Closing Remarks 

We have talked about several MuleSoft alternatives in this article. Each software brings something unique to the table that can fit your specific needs. All of this software has survived the test of time and is used by top brands and enterprises worldwide.

Before you make any decision, it is worth checking out each software individually on their website. If you are still confused amongst the different MuleSoft alternatives, you can compare them side by side.

Most of these software offers a free demo that will help you know the interface much better. You may use that feature before making your final decision.