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How To Include Multiple Stops In Google Maps


Have you ever been on a road trip and Wants to include multiple stops in google maps? If you have, you will recall one of the nicest parts is all the places along the journey you get to do stopovers and have some fun.

Google Maps just made this even much more fun with the ability to customize all your stops into one map, allowing you to have the loveliest navigation throughout you stops on your road trip.

In this howto, I will show you How to include multiple stops in google maps?

  1. On your mobile App
  2. Google Map website

On your mobile App

On your mobile App, tap the blue directions (Go) button at the lower right side of the interface.multiple stops google maps Doing this reveals the location mode. Here on the text field called “Your location“, the device takes your current device location. You can, however, add any starting location to the “Your Location” field.

multiple stops google maps

You will want to add a destination or destinations. (The process to include multiple stops in google maps in IOS and Android are the same).

To add destinations, tap “choose destination” textbox. You can type the address, search for a business or place, or tap “Choose on map“. The “Choose on map” option reveals the map and allows you put a pin on the desired location.

multiple stops in google maps

While doing this make sure that you have the driving or walking icons selected. The multiple destinations would not work on “transit“. Tap the menu () that appears in the upper right corner.multiple stops in google maps Doing this reveals options. Select “add stop“.

multiple stops in google maps This adds a new textbox under the last added destination. Tap on it and repeat the process of adding destinations.

multiple stops in google maps

You can repeat this for all the destinations you hope to include.

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Include multiple stops in google maps on the Google Map website

The first step in this process is to navigate on your browser to maps.google.com. Note that using this method allows you to create maps with up to 9 destinations.

First, open the sidebar by clicking the direction button to the right of the textbox.multiple stops in google maps Doing this permits you to input a starting location and a first destination.

Now you will have to select your mode of transportation. Multiple destinations will only work for driving, walking, and cycling.multiple stops in google maps

After selecting a mode of transportation, enter your location in the “Your location” field. This is your start point. Next enter the first destination in the “Choose destination” field. After entering your location, you could alternatively just click on the map to choose a destination.multiple stops in google maps

After a destination is chosen an add choose new destination button appears below the last selected destination click it to select a new location and repeat the step for multiple locations. multiple stops in google maps

Last Thoughts

These two ways using google maps to select multiple locations are very straightforward and will be a very important element for your next trip. While Google maps do a great job with this, there are also other tools to consider if you want to take your mapping to the next level so make sure to check out your options if you’re looking for an advanced solution


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