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Must-Have Peripherals for Gaming Laptops


A laptop is just the first of many devices you have to acquire to build the ultimate gaming setup. Yes, you can already play your favorite games, but for a fully immersive experience, you have to invest in several more equipment. The eleven devices on this list are the must-have accessories for your gaming laptop.

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  1. Mouse

A wireless mouse makes gaming a seamless experience. Try to imagine playing a first-person shooter game (like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty) with your laptop’s track pad, and you’ll soon find out that it’s virtually impossible to do. A gaming mouse is probably the first accessory you’ll be buying to compliment your laptop.

  1. Keyboard

You might be asking that if your laptop already has a keyboard, why buy a new one? If the goal is to create the ultimate home setup, your laptop’s default keyboard simply isn’t enough. A gaming keyboard is optimized for, well, gaming. It’s backlit, and some models are ergonomically designed to fit your hand.

  1. Controller

Sometimes a keyboard is just not an option for some games. In events like this, you have to bring out the almighty gaming console. The battle between the two giants, Xbox and the PlayStation, is probably one of the fiercest debates in the gaming community.

  1. Headset

Sound is important for any gamer. The graphics mean nothing if the sound effects don’t add anything to the gaming experience. While your laptop probably has excellent speakers, nothing beats the noise-cancelling and surround sound capability that only high-quality headsets can deliver.

  1. Router

Even a powerful laptop is no match for a shitty network connection. Don’t settle for slow loading times or lagged graphics. Invest in a router to make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable.

  1. Port Adapter

With all the accessories you’re planning to plug into your laptop, it makes sense that you also have a port adapter to keep everything in place. Choose an adapter that has it all—4K enabled HDMI, Ethernet, and even ports for memory cards—so you’ll never have to worry about connectivity ever again.

  1. Portable Charger

Any experienced gamer knows that the battery life of most gaming laptops is relatively short. Not a surprise considering the amount of computing and rendering work the device has to do. If you’re gaming on the go and have no direct access to an outlet, a portable battery charger will do you well.

  1. External Hard Drive

External hard drives are incredibly handy in storing huge amounts of data. This means that you don’t have to save your games directly on your laptop. You just simply plug and play on whichever device you choose. There are even hard drives now that can connect through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

  1. Lap Desks

Also known as laptop tables, this ingenious accessory makes playing on your bed or the floor a more convenient experience. Since it provides a steady platform, you don’t have to worry about a wobbly setup and the laptop’s heat to disturb your legs.

  1. Cooling Pads

Your laptop overheating after several hours of use is the last thing you want to happen. It can slow down your CPU and may interrupt your game. Cooling pads can help lower the temperature of your laptop. It does this by increasing airflow through the device, thus dissipating the heat.

  1. Protection

While not technically a peripheral accessory, a decent-quality laptop bag or case ensures that your device and its accessories are properly protected from damage. Gaming equipment is not cheap, so you better not skimp when it comes to how you travel with them.


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