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How To Mute Annoying Noisy Websites in Google Chrome update (version 66)


It’s really terrible when you are opening a website and that website auto-playing loud adverts or music in the background. I think it’s common for most of them. Thankfully, Chrome version 66 gives you total control over how audio plays.

Mute Annoying Noisy Websites in Google Chrom

1. Type chrome://media-engagement in Chrome’s address bar 1 to see which recently visited sites are allowed to autoplay. Google blocks audio based on a site’s Media Engagement Index (MEI) score.

2 Essentially, if you regularly visit and interact with a site, it’s likely to autoplay audio.

Mute Annoying Noisy Websites in Google Chrom

2. To enable tab muting, type chrome://flags/#enabletab-audio-muting in the address bar. 1 Click the drop-down menu and select Enabled. 2 Relaunch Chrome for the changes to take effect – click the blue Relaunch Now button 3 at the bottom of the screen to restart the browser.

Mute Annoying Noisy Websites in Google Chrom

3. To control the audio of an individual tab, right-click it and select Mute Site from the menu. 1 This is similar to the Mute Tab option in previous versions of Chrome, but while that only lasted for a single session, the site now stays permanently muted until you turn audio back on.

4. Type chrome://settings/content/sound into the address bar 1 to be taken to Chrome’s main audio hub. Google’s default setting allows all sites to play audio – even if they’re not permitted to autoplay. To change this, toggle the switch next to ‘Allow sites to play sound’. 2

5. Whether you’ve blocked or enabled sound by default, you can manually whitelist or blacklist individual websites. Click the Add button next to Muted or Allow, and type the website’s address. 1 Google’s Media Engagement tool comes in handy here, to help identify the sites to add to each list.

6. If you change your mind, find the website in your whitelist 1 and click its three-dot menu to either Edit 2 or Remove 3 the link, and – depending on the category – Block or
Allow it. 4 These latter options automatically move the site from your whitelist to your blacklist, or vice versa.

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