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NetApp ONTAP Training for Data Management


In recent times, collecting and using information in the right way has achieved key importance for any organization in order to succeed. Using the data in the most optimum way and having a system in place which stores and protects the data is probably the biggest challenge today’s organizations face.

Considering the fact that organizations today have to deal with information that is ever increasing, they need professionals who can provide services in the field of data management. Every major development in the field of Information technology requires a very sophisticated way to store and protect your data. Hence having professionals in your organizations, who are experts in this arena, will be able to provide a great deal of utility to the organizations. Their knowledge and skill set will prove to be a bedrock of your organization’s success.

To master this skillset we just talked about, one needs to equip themselves the qualifications required to do that. This is where NetApp training comes into play. Guess why ONTAP cluster administration has recently seen a very drastic growth in its demand.

Key features

One of the most important things you will learn about while completing your NetApp training is architecture. You will be given a thorough knowledge of concepts pertaining to NetApp storage architecture.

Moreover, you will develop a sound understanding of Core ONTAP. Due to which, you will not only be able to describe the ONTAP concepts and features but will also have an understanding of storage virtual machines, storage efficiency functions and use of management tools.

Another integral part of this is security and mechanisms to protect data. NetApp training will enable you to have a clear understanding of ONTAP security configurations and strategies. You will also know your way in and out of encryption and compliance features.

It is extremely important for organizations to ensure that they have a system in place which protects the data. Hacking and attempts to leak data are a very serious threat that organizations today face. Not only would getting hacked result in huge losses of data, but also affects the credibility and reputation of the organizations. Thus, it is highly recommended and essential for you to take steps you can take to ensure that your data has sufficient protection. Firstly, you should go digital with the most vulnerable and safeguard. It is never a bad idea to consider outsourcing this aspect of your operation to an organization which is better equipped to offer your data protection.

Access rights should also be very carefully monitored. Rights should be assigned to very specific data according to the usage and requirement. It would also help to keep records, which have to be accessed very frequently, available all the time. Extra care should be taken of sensitive and confidential data. It should be secured with passwords, pin codes etc.

ONTAP is specifically designed to ensure that your storage environment is as simplified and efficient as possible. A converged infrastructure, commodity servers are the utilities you should be making the most of. With the help of ONTAP and NetApp training, an individual will also be able to move data easily and fastly to wherever it is needed the most.

With the introduction of ONTAP 9, users have been provided with even more facilities. The system has been enhanced to support improvements in performance and capacity utilization. All of this leads to fewer costs for the organization to bear, thus financially benefitting the organization!

Not only would an individual, after attaining NetApp training and being proficient in ONTAP, will be able to deliver a greater amount of IOPS with consistent submillisecond latency, but you will also be able to make the maximum use of NVMe flash to provide maximum protection to your data infrastructure. Automated tiering of data is used to fit a large amount of data into a smaller footprint. These are the wonders and facilities we could not even think about even in our wildest dreams until the launch of this certification.

15 terabyte flash drive fits over no less than one petabyte worth of data on a single disc shelf. This is no short of a storage wonder of modern times. Integrated security, multi-tenancy, and enhanced data retention are some of the features which ensure that a strict compliance policy can be designed and implemented.

Advantages of NetApp ONTAP Training for Data Management

Saves money in the longer run

Due to the reasons discussed above, a lot is at stake for any organization that chooses to turn a blind eye on the necessity of proper data management system. The stakes are really high. If things go wrong, litigation cost, etc can be really high. This not only tarnishes the reputation of an organization but also puts a dent on its financial stability.

Hence acquiring NetApp training is your best chance to never face all these troubles.

Job security

Due to the immense importance that today’s business environment has associated with proper data management. It is your safest bet to ensure a high paying and very secure job. There are very few professions today which areas in demand as the ones revolving around data management. Hence highly recommend people to pursue NetApp ONTAP training for data management, be it by going to a physical institute or committing to a plethora of MOOCs.  The training would also help you in acquiring more salary increments, non-wage benefits and promotions!

Stepping stone to even greater opportunities

It is a widely accepted fact that you cannot chalk out your life’s trajectory right away or in one go. You have to take the best decisions in the short run and then plan ahead. Getting NetApp training to ensure a flawless mechanism of data security seems the way to go right now. In the future, certifications in this arena can lead to even better jobs and certifications. As these will prove to be prerequisites to pursue even better options, the opportunities you will get will be endless. The sky is the limit, or is it?


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