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New Business? Get Started on the Right Foot with EDR


In today’s day and age, data and cybersecurity have become an increasingly important factor for all kinds of new businesses. As digital interaction between consumers and businesses increases, the threat of cyberattacks is ever on the rise.

The truth remains—malicious hackers and data traffickers are out there waiting to steal valuable data. If you’re a fledgling business owner, it’s critical to incorporate endpoint data response (EDR) into your business’s cybersecurity measures. 

Why you should care about your business’s cybersecurity

When sensitive data and financial information leak to the public, it costs a business dearly. Some of the biggest blowbacks of data leaks include the following:

  • Loss of trust from investors and clients/customers.
  • Financial loss as strategies and other data can be implemented or countered by businesses benefitting from the data leak.
  • Loss of time as you need to restructure and build up parts of your business based on the damage done from the data leak.

Data security is a crucial component of any business. Just take a look at the instance of Canva’s data breach in 2019. The popular graphic design website loss lost 139 million user records, setting the company back months and fueling a throng of angry subscribers at their heels whose banking info had been compromised.

Employing the best cybersecurity for your business in this day and age is a no-brainer. And while there are many proven methods, the best is EDR.

Basic cybersecurity measures to live by

The internet is a very volatile place to be, so you need to follow through with some basic practices to secure your business’s cyber-security.

While you might be familiar with some of the measures outlined below, some may be new to you. We would advise that you make sure all of the following are met, for optimum protection. 

1. Use firewalls

This might sound basic, but you would be surprised how many people fail to follow through with this first line of defense. Firewalls are very effective in filtering out most identified outbound malicious data requests from third-parties. This ensures basic surface-level data-security.

2. Secure your mobile devices

Over the last ten years, smartphones and other mobile devices have become more and more predominant among the general public. Extra measures need to be taken by businesses to integrate the connectivity of employee mobile devices (such as BYOD policies) with an organization’s cyber-security.

3. Document your cyber-security policies and educate your employees

A proper cyber-security policy is one of the first things you should prepare before launching your business. For guidance, you can explore the Small Business Administration (SBA)’s Cybersecurity portal.

Here you will find guides, checklists, and other information needed to get a strong protective policy in place. Once you have your cyber-security protocols in order, you need to educate your employees in a clear and concise manner to maximize understanding and adherence and minimize cyber-security risk.

4. Create backup

Sometimes hackers don’t just steal your valuable data—they destroy them completely. Hackers aside, there are a million things that could go wrong with the devices where your valuable business data is stored. Create a backup for your information. Google Drive and Dropbox are two excellent options for this purpose.

Advanced cybersecurity advice

While basic cyber-security measures provide preliminary protection, for more advanced data breach measures, you need something more professional. The following measures are most popular among today’s businesses.

1. Use anti-malware software

When it comes to device safety from malware and viruses as well as data-safety, the use of a dependable anti-malware software is a must. Malware these days has become more sophisticated and will not damage your device outright. Instead, most malware software now phishes your device usage data to its root source without interrupting device functionality. 

2. Use EDR

Unlike anti-malware software, EDR comprises a set of cybersecurity tools that perform different functions. As a result, EDR can provide more comprehensive cybersecurity utilities and benefits. Take a look at some of these topnotch EDR tools by Carbon Black if you’re considering beefing up your business’s cybersecurity measures.

Your cybersecurity can make or break you

Securing your business is critically important and pays off dividends in the long run, so don’t ignore it at the onset. To be a viable business in today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity needs to be a top priority. A little cost upfront can save your financial future. 

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