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The New Features of Notepad in Windows 10 October Update version 1809


Microsoft recently released their latest version of Windows 10 i.e., Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809. It comes not only with some interesting upgrades but also with some interesting new features too.

New features of Notepad
@Finally Microsoft Brings New Features to Notepad 🙂

One of the updates in this latest version of Windows 10 is the brand new Notepad. Yes, you read it right. The old Notepad now comes with some interesting and handy features. These features are not only easy to use but will end up in becoming user’s favorite one too.

What are New Features of Notepad in Windows 10

 1. Delete recently typed Word

Just imagine that you are typing something really long and you just spelled a word wrong or you want to add a new word in its place. What will you do? Select backward and press backspace? Or press backspace multiple times to delete the word? Thought exactly the same, right?

So forget the hustle you have to do while typing.

You can just simply delete a recently typed word by pressing the combination of just two keys.

Notepad Delete Recent 1

Just press Ctrl + Backspace and poof, the word you just typed got deleted.

new features of Notepad

2. New Status Bar

With this all-new update, Notepad comes with a whole new Status Bar.

This new status bar comes at the bottom of the screen. It displays the number of line and column where your cursor is currently blinking.Notepad Status Bar

3. Wrap around

If you are a frequent Notepad user then you may know that if you have to find/replace a word in your whole text then it can only be done one word at a time.

But, the scenario is changing. Now, you can easily find/replace the word by just ticking the checkbox Wraparound.

Just press Ctrl + F keys to Find or Ctrl + H keys to replace a word and you will find a check-box named as Wraparound. Click on it and the word is found and replaceable in the whole text.new features of Notepad

4. Text Zoom

Remember how you had to increase the font size just to read what is written in a notepad file? Well, those days are gone now. Notepad now supports font zoom-in too. Yes, exactly like you do in internet browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Press Ctrl + Plus to Zoom In.
  • Press Ctrl + Minus to Zoom Out.
  • Click on View in Menu Bar and select Zoom. You will get the menu of all the Zoom options.

Notepad Text Zoom

5. Bing Search

Just consider that you are reading something in a notepad file and you don’t understand it. You would probably open up a browser and search for that context. Right?

Just don’t do that.  Just select the word or the no. of words and right click on it. you will find the option as Search with Bing… Click on it and you will find everything on it in a browser window.

Or what you can do is, instead of right clicking and selecting the options press Ctrl + E and you are good to go.

new features of Notepad

6. Support for UNIX-style End of Line (EOL)

Do you know you always have to enter a new line in the text file in a Notepad if the text is from a Linux? Now, you do not have to do that too. Just copy and paste. It will be displayed exactly as it is on the Linux Screen.

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