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What’s new in EdgeHTML 18 : Microsoft Edge Developer Guide


The list of new features includes the new Edge HTML. The EdgeHTML 18 browser is fast, comes with better features and some good enhancements. It is one of the best Edge browser released till date.

Its almost going to be a month that Microsoft released the another Windows 10 installment of this year. The Windows 10 October 2018 Update i.e., Windows 10 version 1809. It not only comes with the latest features of Redstone 5 but with some of the great new features.

What’s new in EdgeHTML 18 on Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The new Edge HTML on Windows 10 version 1809 not only comes with the great new look but with new and refreshed menu, settings section and much more. The new update also comes with new customization options.

For developers, the new developer features are released too. Now let’s start with the new features which it has for us.

Media Autoplay Control

Most of the times we have come across certain websites which automatically starts playing the video’s available on the webpage. Even if aren’t interested in seeing those videos, the video starts as soon as the webpage gets loaded.

Suppose that there are a no. of tabs open in your browser and in one of the tab, a video starts playing. What would you do? Scroll between the tabs to find which tab is the culprit? From now on, you can just simply change one of the settings in this new update of Microsoft Edge. Now you can control whether sites can autoplay media or not.

Go to Settings in Your Edge Browser.

In the Advanced section under Media autoplay, select the option you want from the given options as Allow, Limit, and Block.

edgehtml 18

New Menu and Setting Interface

If you constantly use the Edge browser then you might be familiar with the problem you face while searching for certain options. The new Edge browser comes with the Settings easier to navigate, commonly used actions are kept together, and more power to you for customizing the toolbar.

A new Hub menu is introduced for Bookmarks, History, Downloads, etc. Go to the Favorites icon adjacent to the Address Bar and choose the required option.

The Settings and more menu now come with the more organized groups, each entitled by a specific icon and a specific keyboard shortcut. These changes are made to make sure a user enjoys a better experience.

Wait, there is more in this context which is changed. The Edge browser now comes with the ability of customizable icons in the toolbar. The icons are removable, editable as well as you can add more icons for more shortcuts. Go to Show in toolbar option in Settings and more menu and you are able to perform your own customization.

New and Improved Reading Mode

Now, we have seen that the company s making a number of changes to its services and products to improve their customer’s user experience. The new Edge browser comes with a no. of improvements in the reading modes and learning tools. These changes not only help in learning but also helps to focus while reading.

Now you can only focus on the lines you want to read and allows you to reduce the distraction caused by other contexts.

Click anywhere on the page, select Learning Tools icon, then select Reading Preferences and turn on Line focus.

Line focus allows a user to highlight only the selected areas and dim the unselected area to increase the focus while reading.

Other New Features

Other noticeable features include a new layout design, improved PDF handling, and a powerful download manager for faster downloads.

All the above changes are available in the Edge with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809. Since these are the general updates, there are certain changes for developers too.

New items for Web Developers in Edge HTML 18

Now, as a web developer you might be surprised with the no. of changes they have introduced for you. These changes include the new version 18 of Edge Html Rendering Engine.

1. Web Authentication

The new Edge HTML 18 brings assist for the Web Authentication API, permitting customers to make use of Windows Hello to sign-in in the websites with their face, fingerprint, or PIN, in addition to hardware-based authentications methods such as FIDO2 Security Keys.

2. New Autoplay insurance policies

With Windows 10 1809, customers can customise media conduct with each world and per-site autoplay controls. Additionally, Microsoft Edge robotically suppresses autoplay of media in background tabs.

Developers ought to try the Autoplay insurance policies information for particulars and greatest practices to develop an excellent person expertise with media hosted on your website.

3. Service Worker updates

Microsoft has provided you with a number of updates to Service Worker assist in Edge HTML 18. The fetchEvent allows the Service Worker to make use of preloadResponse to vow a response, and the ensuing ClientId to return the ID of the Client that the present service employee is controlling.

The NavigationPreloadManager interface gives strategies for managing the preloading of assets, permitting you to request in parallel whereas a service employee is booting-up, avoiding any time delay.

4. CSS masking, background mix, and overscroll

Edge HTML 18 improves assist for CSS Masking. This implementation additionally helps the CSS mask-image property with improved WebPackage assist, together with webkitMask, webkitMaskComposite, webkitMaskImage, webkitMaskPosition, webkitMaskPositionX, webkitMaskPositionY, webkitMaskRepeat, webkitMaskSize, in addition to extra full requirements assist, including maskComposite, mask position, maskPositionX, maskPositionY, and maskRepeat.

CSS enhancements may also be discovered in how Microsoft Edge handles what occurs when the boundary of a scrolling space is reached, now supporting overscroll-behavior, together with overscroll-behavior-x, overscroll-behavior-y, and overflow-wrap.

5. Chakra Improvements

Edge HTML 18 contains enhancements to the Chakra JavaScript engine to assist new ES and WASM options, enhance efficiency, and enhance interoperability.

6. Developer Tools

The latest replace to Microsoft Edge DevTools provides a lot of conveniences each to the UI and beneath the hood, together with newly devoted panels for Service Workers and Storage, supply file search instruments in the Debugger, and new Edge DevTools Protocol domains for type/format debugging and console APIs.

7. Web Notification properties

Four new properties are now supported for internet notifications: actions, badge, picture, and maxActions, bettering our means to create notifications on the online which might be suitable with present notification programs whereas remaining platform-independent.

8. Support for WebP Images

Microsoft has additionally added an assist for WebP images, bettering interoperability with websites that serve them throughout the online.

9. Progressive Web Apps

Windows 10 JavaScript apps (internet apps operating in a WWAHost.exe course of) now assist a non-obligatory per-application background script that begins earlier than any views are activated and runs at some point of the method. With this, you may monitor and modify navigations, observe state throughout navigations, monitor navigation errors, and run code earlier than views are activated.

Microsoft says that it has up to date its WebDriver implementation in Windows 10, and it now passes 1222 of 1357 internet platform checks. WebDriver is now a Windows Feature on Demand (FoD), making it simpler than ever to automate testing in Microsoft Edge and get the fitting model to your machine.

For more info on the changes and new improvements, click here.


  1. Actually I have been using Edge almost exclusively now and its sort of disappointing that just when it got to a mature and usable point. Microsoft gives up and now starts over with Chromium engine. I do see Internet Explorer domination all over again with Chromium. Honestly, if your not using Chromium your pretty much done as a browser. This includes Firefox which up till now has yet to impress with its Quantum engine. Pretty sure Mozilla also see’s the writing on the head stone. “Firefox tried and true to open source” But nobody really gave two cents.

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