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Top 10 New Tools in Windows 10 Creators Update


The Creators Update is the biggest improvement yet to Windows 10 which comes with a lot’s of new awesome tools. In this articles, we tried to collect the all-new tool information in one place. Personally, i am finding Creators update as much improved in the terms of tools, security. privacy and performance.

Here are the New Tools in Windows 10 Creators Update:-

1.Paint 3D

Paint 3D is a new app built into Windows 10 that lets you easily ‘doodle’ 3D objects and scenes. It’s fun to play with, and you can achieve impressive results with a little clicking and dragging around.

Best New Tools in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Although you can work with premade models from Microsoft’s Remix 3D website and even send your creation to a 3D printer, Paint 3D lacks the precision tools needed to create
complex real-world objects and is not a substitute for specialist design software. Nor does it replace the original Paint tool that’s been packaged with every version of Windows ever released, so you can simply steer clear of the new 3D app if you prefer working with flat drawings.

2.Night Light

If you find the blue light from your monitor keeps you awake at night, you should try the excellent new Night Light tool included with Creators Update. Similar to F.lux (justgetflux.com), this handy new feature automatically changes your screen to a warmer color at night to reduce the strain on your eyes. To enable it, open Settings, System, and Display, then click Night Light Settings and ‘Turn on now’.

You can use the slider to pick a color the temperature you like and turn ‘Schedule
night light’ to On to choose the hours for it to be active.

3. Better controls for Windows Update

One common complaint about Windows 10 is that it forces you to install updates, often at inconvenient times. Although Microsoft hasn’t changed its mind on this, you can now pause updates for up to seven days in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise so you’re not interrupted when you’re in the middle of something To do this, open Settings, then click
Update & security’ and ‘Advanced options’ under ‘Update settings’.

Top 10 New Tools in Windows 10 Creators Update

On this page, turn Pause Updates on. Microsoft has also extended the maximum length of your ‘active hours’ from 12 hours to 18 hours on all versions of Windows 10, so you can make sure you don’t get caught out by updates when you restart your PC in the
evening. Choose ‘Change active hours’ below ‘Update settings’ in ‘Update & security’, then set the hours during which you’d rather not be interrupted by Windows Update.

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4. Improved privacy controls

Another common concern that accompanied the release of Windows 10 was the lack of privacy it offered users. Before you install Creators Update, you’ll be invited to review your privacy settings and are no longer encouraged to pick an Express, recommended
configuration. Instead, a page appears providing clear information that lets you pick a configuration that best suits you.

Along with this change, Microsoft has introduced a new online privacy center where you can check up on the information that’s stored about you online, and delete it from Microsoft’s servers. Simply visit account.microsoft.com/privacy, sign into your account
and you can use the appropriate buttons to view your browsing, search and location history.

Top 10 New Tools in Windows 10 Creators Update

5. Better tab-management in Edge

Edge has been updated in the latest Windows build to include some handy new tab-management tools. First, the browser now lets you preview all your open tabs at once simply by clicking the down arrow in the tab bar.

There are also new icons at the left side of the tab bar that let you ‘set aside’ all your current tabs, temporarily hiding them in a sidebar from which you can restore them when it’s convenient to do so.

6.Do more with Cortana

Cortana has also had a major overhaul in the Creators Update and now lets you perform new actions including controlling the volume of audio, and locking, restarting or shutting down your PC or laptop. The personal assistant now also supports third-party applications for the first time, so you can use it to control apps including Netflix, Wunderlist and the Weather Channel. To view a full list of apps that are compatible with Cortana,
visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/collections/appsforcortana/pc

7. Buy and read ebooks

For the first time, Edge now supports unprotected EPUB files, meaning you can open ebooks in your browser in the same way that you open a PDF file. The Microsoft Store has also added a section for Books and when you download one, it automatically opens in your browser so in theory, you could get rid of your Kindle and use
your Windows tablet or laptop as an e-reader instead.

8. Free up space automatically

If you’re forever running low on hard drive space, you can now set Windows 10 to automatically free up storage by deleting temporary files and emptying your Recycle Bin. This new feature is called Storage Sense and can be activated by opening Settings, then
System and Storage.

If you would rather it only deleted temporary files and not files that have been in your Recycle Bin for over 30 days, click the button to ‘Change how we free up space’.

9. Auto-lock your PC when you’re away

The Creators Update lets you set Windows to automatically lock when you move away from your PC. To take advantage of the feature, you simply need to pair your computer with a compatible Bluetooth device (from Settings, Devices) and turn on Dynamic Lock.

To do this, open Settings and Accounts, then click ‘Sign-in options’ and scroll down to ‘Dynamic lock’. Tick the box to ‘Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device’ – and that’s it. Windows will automatically lock when you’ve
been away from your PC for more than 30 seconds.

10.Better Start menu

The Start menu is now more versatile than ever thanks to the new app-grouping feature added in the Creators Update. To group apps in the Start menu, drag and drop one on top
of another. Clicking the new tile will expand the group to let you see its contents and if you want to remove an app, you can do so by simply dragging it back out of the folder. If you want to hide the app list on the Start menu, you can now do this by opening Settings,
Personalisation and Start, then turning ‘Show app list in Start menu’ to Off.


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