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Nintendo Switch – an honest review! And how to get it cheaper?


Nintendo Switch is a compact video game console of the new generation. After the failure of PS Vita and rise of smartphone gaming many people buried the handheld consoles.

Nintendo Switch is a compact video game console of the new generation. After the failure of PS Vita and rise of smartphone gaming many people buried the handheld consoles. But in March 2017 Nintendo released their new portable console and it was like a breath of fresh air for gamers. Impressive graphics, portability and bunch of unique features made it a great success in terms of sales and feedback. In this article, we will mention its main advantages over the “Bigger brothers” from Sony and Microsoft, its downsides and give you the cheapest way to get this console online.


Switch’s most unique feature is a hybrid design which combines many ways to play. First one is its main compact hand-held, similar to famous PSP concept. You can bring everywhere you go and even fit it in your pocket (if you wear baggy pants). The console also has a dock station for TV which transforms the console into a regular home console. For that, you have to plug the console into the dock and connect it to a TV via HDMI cable. The dock station has two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port.

Besides of that, Switch has two detachable controllers on the side of the display called Joy-Cons each has a built-in battery and Bluetooth receiver. These Joy-Cons can work as two separate remote controllers or as a single controller in a Joy-Con grip for a TV station. You can also prop it with a kickstand to play with someone else or use it as a tablet. And switching between the game modes.


Nintendo Switch has a tablet-like 6.2-inch multi-touch LCD display that supports resolutions up to 1280×720. While plugged into the dock, Switch supports up to 1920×1080. It runs the Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC with 4 ARM Cortex-A57 CPU cores and 4 ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores clocked at 1.020 GHz. Switch has 4gb of LPDDR4 of RAM. These specifications are enough to run almost any modern game with lowered resolution and reduced texture details. Switch supports all main connectivity’s: dual-band wi-fi 802.11 in a/b/g/n/ac modes which supports up to eight switch consoles connected in a wireless ad hoc network; Bluetooth 4.1 and USB-C.

It is powered by a non-removable 4310mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery, while each Joy-con has 525mAh. Its life is estimated to be between 2.5 and 6.5 hours of gameplay depending on game requirements which is quite weak if you want to play heavy games. Switch has 32gb internal flash drive capacity which can be expanded using microSD cards up to 2Tb. And thank god, Nintendo decided not to make restrictions for memory cards like Sony did with their Vita.

Interface and operating system

The interface features a tile design similar to what we’ve seen on Nintendo’s 3DS hand-held console and Sony’s PS4. The internal name of the system is Horizon that is partly based on FreeBSD kernel, besides, some parts were taken from Android or developed by Nintendo. The home screen has general info icons such as battery, network and time status in the top right corner of the screen. Underneath that, there is a line showing all software in console’s memory. At the bottom part of the screen, there are console’s main menu shortcuts such as Nintendo shop, power, settings and other. Unfortunately, there are no dedicated apps for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and other social or media applications. It even has no internet browser!


The main goal of any gaming console is to run games. Let’s take a look at Switch’s gaming side. Games for Switch can be obtained either from retail or digitally from Nintendo’s e-shop. On retail, you can find small boxes with classic Nintendo’s cartridges inside. The games are pricey, however. For a new game, you will have to pay $60 no matter in which region you buy. Some physical games will require content to be installed into the SD card or internal storage.

According to Nintendo’s officials, the library of games should be much bigger compared to unsuccessful Wii U console. Since the beginning of the Switch development, Nintendo was trying their best to bring third-party game developers to participate in game production for Switch. But is the game library big now after more than one year? Not at all. Of course, there are lots of small indie games on the market, but what the console really lacks is AAA games. Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles, a bunch of Mario games, Splatoon are great console selling games, but if you want to play something on a GTA level, this console is just not for you. There are too few big releases.


Switch is a great console and a big improvement since the Wii U. It has its unique games and bunch of gaming features. It’s powerful, it’s compact, it’s technologically advanced and it’s unique. However, there are issues. The games, in our opinion, are overpriced and the console has too few big releases so far which makes it similar to a 3DS with thousands of indie novels and 8-bit JRPG’s. Another big issue is weak software and closed operating system. It can’t be modded or improved. But nowadays, there are no competitors for the Switch on the hand-held consoles market other than aging 3DS.

Best way to get the Nintendo Switch

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Japanese games, it’s a good idea to get a Nintendo Switch in 2018. But if you’re not ready to spend over $300, there’s another option. You can get this console at DrakeMall for only $29.99 which is the cheapest offer you can find online. For that, you have to visit their website, open the Gamer case and get the item via Drakemall.com delivery.


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