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The Best Cheaper Nintendo Switch Alternative


If you are looking for the best Cheaper Nintendo switch alternative in 2019, this Post is completely for you.

Our team did the 48 hours of research to find out the best cheaper alternative to Nintendo switch.

The Nintendo Switch is an innovative new console that is popular with gamers both young and old.

The official gear for Nintendo Switch is a delight but it is very expensive. If you want to throw some cash on exclusive gear, it is best to bet on.

Being a Nintendo Switch owner, you are lucky when it comes to gears because you do not have to stick with Nintendo’s official controllers.

You have a lot of third party gears around you to choose from. This third party gear comes with attractive designs and lower price tags.

These gears come with various options like themes, Bluetooth tethering, wired connectivity, extended battery life, and excellent compatibility.

You are not short of choices, depending on your budget, you can choose the best suit according to your taste.

The official Switch Pro Controller is terrific, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are some alternatives available if you want to save some cash.

These are best controller and functions as the official Nintendo controller.

Here is the list of Best Nintendo Switch Alternative in 2019

1. 8Bitdo N30 Pro Controller

nintendo switch alternative
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If you take your video game controllers seriously, then chances are you won’t need any introduction to 8bitdo.

This peripheral maker has been hewing outstanding pads and peripherals for a long time, Some of them are slightly inspired by Nintendo’s official gears.

8bitdo N30 pro is a classy alternative to official Nintendo gear.

8Bitdo’s N30 Pro combination of old and new by rolling a familiar layout and color pattern while adding newer bits and pieces like shoulder keys and thumbsticks.

N30 Pro comes with an excellent d-pad that strikes both the Xbox One and Switch Pro controllers.

The face buttons on N30 Pro are amazingly good at emitting a satiating click during the game.

One of the most annoying issue with N30 Pro is how it placed its shoulder buttons. While crafting its classic slim design, they placed buttons very close to each other over the edge, opening you to the risk of hitting the wrong button easily.

Overall, N30 controller is fine, strong and robust. Buttons and joysticks are very responsive and accurate.

It is a good suit for retro gamers and adds a real retro sensation to games while working flawlessly.

With Bluetooth tethering you don’t need to sit close to your console, you can take your couch anywhere and will be able to play. N30 is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Switch.


  • It is Classic design inspired of Nintendo
  • It supports all the current games.
  • Great portability.
  • Bluetooth tethering.
  • Great battery life.


  • Closely placed buttons.
  • Few rumble issues.

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2. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro

nintendo switch alternative
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SN30 is also a wonder from 8bitdo and this the pad you can swear on.

You will not face any hurdle in pairing it and its four LED indicator will inform you about the assignment of player to the pad.

SN30 gears come compatible with Switch so you don’t have to update the firmware. 8bitdo for sure will release firmware updates in future to iron the upcoming twists of Switch.

The analog joysticks of 8Bitdo’s SN30 Pro are smaller and very closer to each together as compared to the Switch Pro Controller, which could be annoying to people with larger hands. While some gamers might find it seamlessly comfortable.

But if you are a retro gamer, the SN30 pro would be the best suit for your mental orgasm. You can use SN30 Pro with Windows, Android, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Rolling out with a price tag of $50, it is very economical than Nintendo’s official gears but it does not have NFC support.

The absence of NFC might sound a deal breaker, but it is not. There a lot other features that can balance NFC absence.

SN30 is a bit smaller and designed in a superb way, which will hook you in its first encounter which is good to put in nintendo switch alternative 2019 list.


  • Classic design inspired of Nintendo
  • Supports and functions with all the current games.
  • Amazingly portable
  • Bluetooth tethering


  • Weak implementation of rumble
  • Thumbstick placement barricades emulated games.

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3. Horipad Wired Controller

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If you want to preserve some cash, then Horipad Wired Controller is for you. It is the cheapest gear you can find around.

It also incorporates D-pad on its left side and allowing you to choose between four buttons configuration and D-pad.

Horrid is lightweight, comfortable and vigorous gears. Sticks and buttons of Horipad are as good as that of Nintendo’s official gears.

The most awesome point about the Hori Pad Pro is that it provides you with four programmable buttons.

The Hori Pad Pro price is about $50, which is a lot less than an Exclusive Controller. For fifty bucks, Hori’s offering gets you a wired pad with extra buttons that could potentially improve your gaming performance.

Hori Pad Pro is compatible with both Xbox One and PC, while Windows 10 detects it by default.

The wired nature of the controller is a pain and might become annoying sometimes. The absence of rumble, motion control, and NFC is big displeasure for sure, but at the end, it is a controller which price is a lot less than Nintendo’s official pad.

Despite of these few deficiencies, Horipad is a killer gear when it comes to operations.


  • Comfortable grasp.
  • Officially licensed for Nintendo switch
  • D-pad can be detached.
  • Buttons and sticks are easy to use and responsive.
  • Very economical in price.
  • No battery issues due to wire tethering.


  • It is directional pad can be stroppy for some game inputs.
  • Not ideal for the fighting game.
  • It is very awkward to use secondary d-pad option.
  • No vibration.
  • No NFC support.

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4. PowerA Wired Controller

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PowerA is another economic wired gear which is slightly different form the Horipad. It has a stylish design from Legend of Zelda.

Control stick caps for PowerA are interchangeable allowing you to adjust the height of sticks according to your need and comfort.

Due to its wired nature, you will also need to stay tethered to your console. Overall it is a superb gear with an attractive and comfortable design.

PowerA wired controller is made of hard plastic and with a nice lusterless finish, and with an exclusive gear feel.

The gear might sound a bit hollow, but it’s still pretty solid. All of the buttons are ‘clicky’ and receptive as well.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Can be used with PC.
  • Very responsive.
  • No battery issues due to wire tethering.


  • Not Wireless.
  • No Rumble
  • No NFC support.

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No matter what your needs are, you will always find a cheaper controller out there that you can use with your Switch.

Again, Nintendo’s official gear is nice, but due to its hefty price tag, until it it’s not going to be the most economical way to get a spare or more comfortable controller. From the above list, you can find a nice controller according to your need.



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