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15 Best Nmap Alternatives Network Security Scanner

Nmap is an open-source tool that lots of IT professionals find useful in their careers. It is a tool that can locate available hosts and other services that they offer within a network. The Nmap program makes use of raw IP packets to find the hosts and services that are available.

Aside from locating hots and services, Nmap can look for operating systems that can run the hosts.

Features of Nmap:-

  • It can locate hosts and services that are available over a network
  • The program uses raw IP packets 
  • It can find operating systems that can run the hosts and services found
  • Nmap scans open ports on the available host
  • It detects networks services by finding out their names and version

The Nmap program is free and available for users. The complete source code is also at the user’s disposal for modification and distribution.

The Nmap software is can be used on Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris, Amiga, Sun OS, and a lot of other systems. It has an easy GUI that enables beginners to use it without much stress. While for advanced users, there are tons of powerful features that are available to suit your preference. 

The Nmap program can accommodate series of advanced mapping techniques for networks filled with obstacles. It supports networks like routers, IP filters, and firewalls.

This can be a bit much for times when you need to do only general maintenance and you’re faced with Nmap’s command-line interface. 

Not worry, there are Nmap alternatives you can try out whenever you want to do less complicated work. 

These Nmap alternatives tools will ease you into performing essential networking maintenance.

Best Nmap Alternatives: Our Top Pick👌👌

There are lots of similar Nmap software programs that are available. Just like Nmap, this software is free and accessible at any time.

Here is a list of Nmap alternatives that can be used anywhere by both beginners and professionals.

1. Angry IP Scanner

The Angry IP Scanner can be run on a flash drive if you have any.  This open-source network scanner works on operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

The design of this tool is simple and you can use it without having to have prior knowledge. The GUI is quite basic and efficient that includes a command-line interface. If you get weary of typing, you can do without using your mouse or keyboard while using this tool.

Best Nmap Alternatives

This tool helps you scan IP addresses by creating a scanning thread for every address you scan. The scanned result can be exported to files like CSV, TXT, XML, or IP-Port. 

You can even go as far as putting in more features that better suit your need by installing a Java plugin. 

Features of Angry IP Scanner:-

  • Public addresses/ports can be scanned
  • It can help users acquire NetBIOS information for a device
  • It perceives web scanner
  • Modifies openers
  • Uses multithreading approach for faster scanner
  • It has the ability to create fetchers

2. Advanced IP Scanner

This Advanced IP Scanner is basically designed for Windows operating system. It is a user-friendly tool that helps its users have access to a bunch of network devices with accurate and complete information that comprises of MAC Address, Port, Manufacturer, IP, and lots of other information you may need to access. This software has no need for installation. 

Best Nmap Alternatives 1

Why not give this Nmap alternative a try. It has several amazing features that you will find interesting as you explore.

This tool accommodates more functions by allowing its users to get more features by installing Radmin. The Radmin feature has chat facilities and supports the transferring of files.

Features of Advanced IP Scanner:-

  • The software can locate PCs
  • Users can view resources available to them
  • Remote management of PCs
  • It retrieves PCs information
  • Supports many protocols like HTTP, and FTP protocols
  • It scans for NETBIOS name & group information
  • It has a chat facility

3. Dipiscan

The Dipscan scanner (Download Here) was designed in the French language. As a user, if you are not familiar with the native language, you can set its UI to English.

This is another software program that you can run from a USB flash drive. It supports the Windows operating system and is very easy to use. It comes in two different executables; a GUI, and a command-line version.

Best Nmap Alternatives 2

A tab interface design is used in the GUI executable. This interface design scans for available devices and computers on your network.

It gives you important information such as MAC address, domain name, user name, network adapter manufacturer, NetBIOS name, and the operating system of the computer or device you are using. 

If you want to be able to access commands like Wake-on-LAN, restart or sleep, just right-click on the name of the device and you will get all the information that you require. Also, you can control such commands through remote access.

This is one of the many Nmap alternatives that give you remote access to the information you require.

4. Wireless Network Watcher

A wireless network watcher (Download Here) is a lightweight software that shows all the connected PCs on a wireless network giving you all the information you may need about those devices. 

Best Nmap Alternatives 3

This is a user-friendly application that does not need specific expertise to make it function properly.

It can run smoothly on every Windows OS version as well as servers like Windows Server 2003, and 2008.

Features of Wireless Network Watcher:-

  • It helps you view details like IP address
  • MAC address
  • Device information like device name
  • It detects counts

Configuration can be done by users as they feel like it. They can do background scanning, and include a beep to show detected PC.

5. Masscan: Mass IP port scanner

Just like its name, the Masscan tool is designed to mass scan IP addresses and ports fast. Thanks to its asynchronous design and the command-line interface, this tool can speedily scan the whole internet in a blink of an eye. 

The transmission and receive function of the Masscan operate independently, making it one of the fastest Nmap alternatives tools. 

The default packet rate per second of the Masscan is about 100,000 and can be set to 300,000 on  MAC OS or Windows if a user wishes to. 

Masscan has a capacity of as much as 1.6 million packets per second on its Linux version.  That is not all, Masscan can scale up to a hundred million packets per second on a computer that is rigged with eight 10 Gpbs installed cards that run on PF RING driver.

This is really a big competition as one of the alternatives. Masscan can scan IP addresses in a random manner to reduce overwhelming networks found in the central network.

Many times, a massive scanning scale may conflict with local TCP/IP. This is due to the custom TCP/IP stack Masscan uses. So, to avoid this problem, firewalling the ports or configuring them so they can use a different IP address is advised.

6. Free IP Scanner

This port scanner (Download Here) is as fast as it is reliable. It was designed to better help ease administration work and general tasks users for effective managing and monitoring. 

Best Nmap Alternatives 4

This network tool has a multithread scan technology that allows it to scan multiple PCs per second. That is how fast this Nmap alternative is.

The Free IP Scanner tool can be used on any Windows operating system.

Features of Free IP Scanner:-

  • It gives information on live IP addresses
  • It displays NetBIOS (hostname) information
  • It is very fast
  • It has a multi-thread IP scanning

This application is quite impressive as it allows users to scan as much as they want to per second depending on priority levels, maximum thread, and many others.

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7. NetCrunch Tools

This Windows tool is used by those who have knowledge or expertise in network maintenance and can confidently use simple GUIs and Windows. The NetCruch tools are grouped into twelve tools with three headings. They are; Subnet tools, Basic IP Tools, and Scanners.

The NetCruch website is easy to use by experts who want to teach beginners about what known networking tools do. An example is the Ping tool in NetCrunch tools, the Ping tool tests the ability of a host over an IP network, measuring the time it took for messages that are sent to another computer.

Four scanning tools are used on the NetCruch app which is included below.

Network Service Scanner:- this scanner scans up to 70 known devices like TCP, UDP, and TLS that are being run on a network.

Open Port Scanner:- this scans for any open ports. It bases its scan on the list of known ports or a list of user preset ranges.

The Ping Scanner scans ranges of IP addresses and does the work of DNS lookups.

The SNMP Scanner removes needed information about computers and devices that are under the SNMP on a network.

8. SolarWinds Ports Scanner

SolarWinds Ports Scanner equips network administrators with an adequate scanner for finding open ports and managing vulnerabilities effectively.

Best Nmap Alternatives 5

It is one of the several free apps that are used to get information about network ports that are accessible.

Features of SolarWinds Ports Scanner:-

  • The app gives information about the host and host’s activities
  • It features an easy click on IP addresses to viewport the number
  • It has fast access to retrieve network information
  • Users decide the open ports and would be able to access the resources found
  • Trace root can be done for a host

9. MiTec Network Scanner

The MiTeC scanner is a multithreaded NetBIOS, SNMP, and IP scanner. It is a highly developed scanner with a smooth interface.

15 Best Nmap Alternatives Network Security Scanner

The components tools of the MiTeC scanner assists network administrators easily in managing and monitoring resources. This is a good recommendation for users looking for Nmap alternatives. 

Features of MiTec Network Scanner:-

  • It enables fast scanning
  • It shows Ip addresses with important user information
  • IP can be pinged fast
  • It gives remote access to the user
  • IP can be identified as a hostname

10. SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

You may think that the installation of antivirus is enough to protect all the personal information stored on your PC.

To better protect all information your information, if you have a WiFi connection or a router for internet access, you can use a network monitoring utility, and SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is the best Nmap alternative.

Due to its ease of use, this program can be used by those who are not experts in the field of network administration.

15 Best Nmap Alternatives Network Security Scanner

With this tool, you can configure the number of devices you can scan at once. In a situation where you have many network adapters, you can single out the one you want to monitor.

Features of the SoftPerfect WiFi Guard:-

  • It comes with a simple, easy to master interface
  • It has a routine scan planner to detect unauthorized devices
  • Users can trace a remotely connected device and get all information
  • It supports configuration of the number of devices you want to scan 
  • The frequency of checks can be specified

11. Fingbox

This Fingbox tool is another breathtaking Nmap alternatives. It has a smooth and unique way of troubleshooting the network by bosting it to give network troubleshooting apps.

Features of Fing:-

  • It gives recognition blockers to businesses
  • It is safe due to its optimum network scanner
  • It is a great troubleshooter for device and network issues
  • It allows total control of a network on the Fing app

12. Unicorn Scanner

Another Nmap alternative is the Unicorn scanner. This app is an information and correlation getter. It was designed to give flexible, accurate, and efficient results. 

Unicornscan - Port Scanning

Features of Unicorn:-

  • It has a fast responsive analysis
  • It gives access to active and passive remote OS and apps
  • It has custom module support that is beneficial to its users
  • It can do filtering of system and PCAP file logging

13. ZMap Project

This large block of open-source command-line tools is mainly for Linux operating system. It scans through and performs networking tasks over the internet.

It has a single packet scanner headliner called ZMap. It also features the ZGrab application scanner that works side by side with the ZMap to perform basic scanning functions. 

The ZMap also features the ZTag which annotates data given by the ZMap through the use of metadata like device information and vulnerabilities found in the system. 

The ZBlackist is not left out as it helps users filter out IP addresses for those that are not to be scanned. 

We also have the ZAnnotate on the ZMap project. This adds more metadata to IP addresses such as routing data and location.

The ZCertificate generates and parses out certificates describing them in JSON format. 

The ZMap project has a total of 14 tools that makes it function smoothly without much hassle.

The Combination of all the ZMap tools can scan an entire internet in less than five minutes on a 10 gigabit Ethernet connection while using the PF_RING driver. 

If the PF_RING driver isn’t used to scan, it will take over 45minutes to scan from a computer using the same10gigagbits Ethernet. 

The ZMap does DNS queries and can send UDP probes. It also performs functions of ICMP, TCP, BACnet, and SYN.

14. Zenmap

This is an official cross-platform GUI for the Nmap security scanner. The software offers a free version to Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and a lot more others.

15 Best Nmap Alternatives Network Security Scanner

The aim of the Zenmap app is to learning the Nmap tool easy for newbies to use and at the same time giving the best-advanced features to Nmap professionals.

15. Port Authority

15 Best Nmap Alternatives Network Security Scanner

This is a security and focused tool. The Port Authority is a port scanner that performs at an impeccable speed. It allows hosts on networks to be found by users with the display of vital network information about the host and your device.

16. Avira Home Guard

The Avira Home Guard is best used in the home to protect your smart device’s vulnerabilities. If you have a smart home, your devices ranging from your smart TVs, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart light to your smart kitchen appliances, then it is better to keep every information safe by using the Avira Home Guard.

Every interconnected device in your home with personal information or just any information is prone to external cyber threats.

Use this tool to scan and detect external devices connect to your WiFi. It helps you check for visible vulnerabilities that may be unsafe to your devices.


Here is the list of questions that people are looking for their answers to.

Is Zenmap better than Nmap?

Both are the same, the only difference is, in Zenamp you are seeing the output in GUI instead of CLI.

How do I scan a network without Nmap?

You can easily scan the network without Nmap with the help of netcat/nc tool in the Linux OS.

What is Nmap equivalent in Windows?

Zenmap is GUI version of nmap that you can use on windows, however, there are multiple scanners are available for windows like Angry IP Scanner or Advanced IP scanner, etc.

Do hackers use Nmap?

Yes, Nmap is used by hackers/pen-testers to find out the open ports, vulnerabilities and much more.

Final Thoughts

I can confidently say that the web is filled with numerous Nmap alternatives. The choice is left to you as a user to search for and determine what works best for you. 

You would probably have more courage to use the Nmap tools once you have mastered one or more of the above-listed apps.

If there are good tools you think we forgot to mention, then let us know by leaving a comment on this post.