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13 Best Noom Alternatives To Learn To Eat Mindfully

‘Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.’— We find this rightly spoken by the famous American TV personality Bethenny Frankel. 

Who doesn’t desire a healthy mind and body? Well, we are quite confident everyone desires so, but the real question arises when asked, ‘how many people work and put effort into having a healthy lifestyle?’ 

A perfect diet will help you not only to have good physical health but also to keep you strong mentally.

You might be unaware, but having a healthy body can be a beneficial factor to success in every big or little thing you do. Ignoring your health will lead to subsequent ailments and tend to stand in the way of the work you need to complete.

‘Noom’ is one such platform, an application (app) that will be your fitness partner and help you achieve your diet goals. Well, its high subscription fee turns out to be a concern for many.

Nevertheless, this app is useful in controlling your diet by cutting short on calories. Unfortunately, not everyone finds the fee affordable, and that’s completely understandable. 

You must look for the type of features you want while planning your diet. Various features such as support forums, exercise goals, barcode scanners, and daily reminders are provided by some apps, making them much more user-friendly. Diet charts are based on what you follow—vegan, keto, or paleo. 

We are here to shortlist some more amazing Noom alternatives you can afford as noom is too expensive and kickstart your journey towards fitness right away. 

Best Noom Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. LOSE IT! – Noom alternatives To Track Calories

Lose it!’ is an amazing app you could look out for, with beneficial features.

It is one of the best Noom Alternatives that offer you an advised daily calorie and nutrient plan and helps you to chalk out the number of calories you’d need for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

In simple words, it keeps track of your food intake during the entire course of the day. 

Best Noom Alternatives

‘Lose it!’ is quite more affordable than ‘Noom’ and is absolutely free to download. It is also free to use but in case you want to enhance the features you’re experiencing, you could go ahead with a paid subscription which is a bare minimum.

Besides the features mentioned priorly, this app also helps you to add workouts manually or even automatically with Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit, and many more fitness brands.

Above and all, through this app, you could reach out to a community of people who will help you with motivation or fitness tips along your journey.

It is available for Android and iOS; you can easily set and track your goals and be the person you dream of being.

Download the App from Google Play Store

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MyFitnessPal is one of the most trending apps, and amongst the best Noom Alternatives you could check out for your diet mission.

It is a well-known weight management app that lets you track your calorie intake and nutrition and inspires you for recipes, organize your goals according to your convenience, and have effective workout routines.

You can also use many types of measurements through this app.

Best Noom Alternatives 1

This app is free to download on Android and iOS, with a subscription being a choice and never a compulsion. It serves you a wide database of 11 million foods.

When you achieve your goals, you will find a community of about 200 million members sharing and celebrating your victory.

MyFitnessPal lets you connect with Apple HealthKit, Samsung Health, MapMyRun, and many more! 

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This app chiefly focuses on your eating ‘healthy’ journey and helps you achieve your goal.

It allows you to enter what you ate in the notes section allotted in the Mindful Eating Coach app; how you feel before and after having your meal is the real motive of the app, thus helping you build a healthy bond with your diet. 

13 Best Noom Alternatives To Learn To Eat Mindfully

Before eating any of your meals throughout the day, make sure to enter the app ‘Before You Eat’ and an ‘After You Eat’ on having completed the same.

It helps you keep a note of the hunger cravings and feelings during the ongoing eating procedure. 

Like the previous ones mentioned above, this app is also free to download and is available on Android and iOS devices. 

Rather than focusing more on exercising and providing you with various classes of diet plans, this app helps you gain knowledge about ‘the right kind of food’.

It helps you eliminate the common myths and misconceptions you might have had before.

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WW, also popularly known as Weight Watchers is quite an old application and thus, has a wide range of diet plans which are exactly suitable for you.

It tends to be way more user-friendly than other Noom alternatives. This app focuses mainly on the QUALITY of food you consume rather than going behind WHAT your food intake is.  

WW has a unique feature named ‘SmartPoints’, which allows points to the various kind of food one could take in— including some foods that do not carry any point at all!

Such foods are named ZeroPoint foods, and fruits and veggies can be included in the category. You can have them AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE, and in a way, this app helps you cut off extra fat. 

Based on your level, you can have as many as 100 to about 300 ZeroPoint Foods included in your diet, so make sure you are not hungry.

An appreciable feature of this app Is that it doesn’t require you to note your weight change on a scheduled time basis, unlike the case in ‘Noom’. WW understands your mental health better and allows you to meet your fitness coach in person at their own ‘WW Studios’.

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Fooducate considers its major goal to spread the knowledge of a healthy diet and the right eating habits.

It helps you examine your diet charts, habits, and routines in ways of healthy food intake and helps you learn that health defines to be beyond just ‘calories’. 

Through the score, you can get an approximate idea of whether you are on the diet you need to be on the grounds of your average daily food consumption and also suggests the food(s) you need to add or subtract from your routine.

Fooducate understands how fundamental it is to have quality food and guides you on the same.

From keeping track of your food intake to checking on how many calories you have left on the diet plan you follow and the number of calories you have eaten and burnt while doing your regular workouts, Fooducate provides you the measure of it all.

The community on Fooducate is quite friendly and constantly helps you remain at the peak of motivation and consistency.

Letting you scan a wide range of barcodes helps you scan any product of your choice and instantly provides you with the health details of the same.

Hence, in our opinion, giving such a multi-tasking app a try, might not be a poor idea!


MyPlate is an app that helps you keep a note of the calorie you’re consuming and comes with really helpful and free meal and healthy diet recommendations. 

You could start by choosing from your fooding style ( vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or gluten-free) and set your goals high and your reminders accordingly for your meals and your daily food intake.

13 Best Noom Alternatives To Learn To Eat Mindfully

MyPlate comes with a Gold plan which can be activated by subscription and provides you with added benefits such as daily macro breakdowns, macro breakdowns, and a clean eating guide.

You can track your calories by yourself or even scan using the barcodes to get your data uploaded at ease spontaneously.

Additionally, MyPlate supplies you with an in-depth analyzed chart of your diet and helps you track it with no difficulty.

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FatSecret makes calorie tracking elementary where just like the other apps mentioned above, you can scan barcodes and take click on your food to remain on the right dietary path.

FatSecret allows you to share your dietary progress, your exercise, and your weight gain/loss chart with your trainer or dietician you’re consulting through the FatSecret Professional.

This app lets you maintain an exercise calendar that aids you in recording the calories that you burn during your hardcore workout. It also lets you choose from various diet styles for your convenience.

It is a user-smart application that even identifies the food items that you take a snap of!! Doesn’t that sound a little too intriguing?

It does!  By doing this, one can even maintain a photo diary on the app of the food one has taken, which lets you maintain your calorie.

Even though it has a premium plan that lets you unlock many more amazing and exciting features, you can also use it for free on your Android or iOS system. 

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Nutracheck makes calorie tracking and uploading the same simple for you with the over 300,000 items in the database that it provides.

It is a calorie-tracking and dietary planning app that also gives you a system of barcodes and scanning.

This app introduces you to a feature that you could call a virtual health club, where you can weigh in with the other club members.

This app has a unique feature named ‘recipe counter’, where you can enter the ingredients you’d like to use in your food recipe, and helps you analyze and calculate the number of calories you are intaking with the food.  

You will be able to discover a huge range of exercises in the database allocated. Apart from calorie tracking, this app enables you to keep track of a few more nutrient amounts that are beneficial for your health, i.e. protein, sugar, fat, salt, saturated fat, and carbs.

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Are you a foodie who loves to try out various restaurants and different cuisines of food whenever possible? If your answer was a yes, Nutritionix is the savior for you! 

This app allows you to go out with your friends and family, eat your favorite foods and keep track of your diet.

If you’re doubtful about any food item being not as healthy as you would like it to be, you could always take a snap of it and send it to the app and get a review of it within a couple of days.

With over 180,000 restaurant food items on its database, you could choose between groceries and other common items. 

Nutritionix introduces you to a cool feature where you get to export your data to a spreadsheet! Though free to use, you could always get a premium subscription for an enhanced experience and features.

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While exploring the Best Noom Alternatives To Learn To Eat Mindfully for you, I found an awesome video on “10 Habits to Lose Weight Weight Without Diet or Exercise” which is helpful.😎😎😁

10 Habits to Lose Weight Weight Without Diet or Exercise


If you’re someone who would like to keep your food consumption and quality the same in control without being too much in worry about calorie intake, Healthi is the right app for you! It helps you see a change in your overall diet. 

Healthi provides a different score for different types of food. While some count as ‘zero-bites’, the others can also range from one to three.

13 Best Noom Alternatives To Learn To Eat Mindfully

You shall be granted daily, or weekly permission for the bites, and exercising gives lets you get extra bites!

The hack is to consume lower-bite foods more so that you can consume more and know that zero-bites are always free.

If you’re wondering which foods even fall under the zero-bites category, then let us give you an idea of that! They include asparagus, cauliflower, watermelon, and some more as well.

Noom provides you with quite fewer items for consumption than Healthi. The latter lets you have access to SIX MILLION items. Your tracking is made simpler by the usual features of barcodes, scanners, and voice recognition.

Apart from all of these, Healthi gives you a restaurant guide where you can find the bite counts of the food you want to try!

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11. HEALTHIFY ME – Noom alternatives To Get a Personalized Meal Plan

Healthify Me is a quite well-known diet management platform that you could look out for to have a balanced life.

This app lets you get access to a certified diet coach, which is free initially, and lets you chat with your coach over the app or even via WhatsApp.

You can go forward with one-on-one coaching or opt for three or six months or even a year! 

Healthify Me has a special AI-powered diet coach named Ria, who can guide you, in case you want to avoid getting a trainer or coach.

With the knowledge, Ria has gained and the number of people it has interacted with, it can easily train for 3-12 months. It provides features like water counting, calorie tracking, and meal plans. 

It provides you with the facility to attend virtual classes and live workouts that will help you stay at the zenith of motivation and strive to improve.

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An overall balanced diet is extremely crucial to get your nutritional needs met. The Cronometer app has the remarkable feature of tracking down biometric data, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and more.

It even offers a blog for asking your questions and additionally allows you to sync with other various apps and devices like Garmin and FitBit.

This app is free to download on Android and iOS systems, but you will need to get the Gold membership to unlock a few innovative features.

This app introduces you to their Pro version, where you can share your data with some dieticians or health professionals.

With its extraordinary food database, you get access to several choices.

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How Can You Choose The Right App For Yourself?

Now that you’ve got several alternatives to ‘Noom’, if you feel a little puzzled about which application might be the right choice for you, we are here to help you out with that as well! 

Below, we list a few criteria you might like to consider while choosing the correct app for yourself and start chasing your dietary dream right away.


Budget plays a more crucial role than you can imagine. You can choose a free version or a premium or Gold subscription according to your budget and your will to invest.

Also, while investing money, be aware of money scamming apps. Be sure to check out whether the app you’re looking for is a verified one or not!

2. Your Weight And Your Goals For Losing/Gaining Weight

You need a clear idea of what dietary goals you desire. For instance, if you plan to cut off extra fat from your body or a specific part of your body, you need to choose an app that will provide you with a diet chart and a few workouts for better results.

Hence, knowing your goal is a very beneficial factor when choosing the app/ platform.


If you thoroughly go through the various features an app provides, you can easily compare which app lets you have the upper hand and is suitable for you.

Some special features include recipe charts, barcode scanners, millions of food databases, in-person coaching, virtual communities to get motivation from, and much more.

Syncing the app to other electronic devices like a watch is a feature you should try looking out for.

4. Your Experience Measured

Based on the fact whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the field of dieting, you got to choose apps that will provide you with the maximum number of benefits for the same. This will make it easier to know how much you have come through.

5. Ensure the Authenticity Of The App

In today’s fast and extremely competitive world, the clever ones are the wisest. There is no guarantee which fact is true and which one is false.

Many apps will promise you a lot of features, but you need to be sure how many are real. Health is a susceptible issue and should be dealt with, with utmost care.

Hence, before going for an app, it is always advisable to get an idea of the various reviews from your Apple Store or Play Store.

Check out the rating and try to choose the ones with a rating of around or above 4.5. If you know someone using the same app, you could also ask for their advice. Choosing safety will never fail you.


Is there a free alternative to noom? 

Yes, there are a lot of Noom alternatives that are free that you can use to keep track of your eating habits, exercise routine, and other healthy habits.

Here are a few examples:-

MyFitnessPal:- By documenting your daily consumption and activity levels, this free app enables you to keep track of your dietary habits, exercise routines, and other health-related behaviors.

A database of more than 6 million foods is included, along with several tracking features like a calorie counter, a macronutrient tracker, and a fitness tracker.

LoseIt!:- This free app assists you in keeping track of your dietary intake, physical activity, and other health-related activities. It also offers individualized feedback and suggestions to help you reach your wellness and health objectives.

MyPlate by Livestrong:– A database of more than 2 million foods, as well as several monitoring tools and information, are included in this free app that enables you to keep track of your eating habits, exercise routines, and other health-related behaviors.

Fitbit:- You can track your fitness and health data with a Fitbit device or other tracking tools, including your dietary intake, exercise, sleep, and other health-related behaviors.

It’s important to remember that some applications might offer lower levels of coaching and support and have fewer features or functionalities than Noom.

They can still be helpful tools for measuring your wellness and accomplishing your goals.

Is there a cheap way to do Noom? 

Noom becomes comparatively cheaper when you opt for an annual subscription. Upfront, you will have to pay $199, but only $16 per month.

On the other hand, if you continue going with the monthly subscription, which costs $59, you are ultimately paying $509 annually. You should go with the annual subscription to get the best out of Noom.  

What’s better MyFitnessPal or Noom?

Popular health and wellness applications like MyFitnessPal and Noom can track a person’s eating habits, exercise routines, and other activities relevant to their health.

It is challenging to declare with certainty which one is superior because they differ in various ways, both in terms of key components and wellness strategies.

With the help of the free MyFitnessPal software, users can keep track of their daily caloric intake, exercise routines, and other health-related behaviors. A database of more than 6 million foods is included, along with several tracking features like a calorie counter, a macronutrient tracker, and a fitness tracker.

A personalized weight loss and wellness approach is available through the subscription-based software Noom, which combines behavior change counseling, nutrition advice, and fitness tracking.

It also has a meal-tracking feature and several other tools and resources to assist users in forming healthy routines and behaviors.

Your specific demands and objectives will ultimately determine which app is better for you. MyFitnessPal could be a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a free, all-inclusive app for monitoring your nutrition and exercise.

Noom might be a better option if you want a more organized, tailored program with coaching and support.

To choose which app is ideal for you, it may be useful to explore both of them and test out any available free trials.

Is Noom a gimmick? 

Any fitness plan, leave alone Noom is a gimmick if you are not dedicated enough to put in some hard work to get yourself fitter and healthier.

It all comes down to your dedication and seriousness, and Noom won’t do anything at all if you are not constant enough with your weight loss efforts. 

What is the most effective weight loss program? 

WW (Weight Watchers) is by some margin the best commercial and most effective diet plan for weight loss.

The program specializes in nutrition, heart disease, and diabetes, and offers some of the most effective and easiest ways to lose weight. You can also try other amazing options like HealthifyMe, Mediterranean diet, etc.  

How can I drop 20 pounds in a week? 

You cannot lose weight by following a shortcut unless you are a celebrity surrounded by some of the best weight trainers and dieticians! It is not completely safe to try dropping 20 pounds only in a week.  

Yes, you can reduce your weight slowly and steadily by counting your calories, drinking more water, increasing protein intake, reducing carb consumption, weight lifting, adding more fibers to your diet, setting a sleep schedule, and more. 

How do you detox your body to lose weight? 

Fasting for a couple of days, drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices, water, healthy tea, salted water, and lemon juice, eliminating foods high in allergens, metals, and contaminants, taking herbs and supplements, etc., are some of the best detox methods your body to lose weight. 

Can you lose weight by walking? 

Walking alone can never be effective if you want to lose some weight. You can maintain weight and avoid being overweight by walking 20 to 50 minutes daily.

However, to lose weight, you must complement your walking with a healthy diet and other exercises like weight training, cardio, strength training, etc.  

How many miles should I walk a day to lose 10 pounds? 

Targeting 70,000 steps, i.e., roughly 35 miles per week, should be on your To-Do List. Approximately 5 miles per day can be enough to lose 10 pounds over time.

However, walking alone is never enough, and you should always complement it with various other exercises and healthy dietary adjustments.

How many miles are 10 000 steps? 

If you go with the average stride of a normal person, it is approximately 2.5 to 2.5 feet. That means the person will take about 2000 steps to walk one mile, and hence there are almost 5 miles in 10,000 steps.  

Is it worth paying for Noom?

Noom can be a good option to take into account if you’re looking for a specialized, organized program that offers coaching and assistance and is willing and able to pay a monthly fee.

It might not be worth the price if you’re searching for a free or inexpensive tool to track your diet and activity or if you don’t believe you could benefit from the coaching and assistance Noom offers.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there are a ton of different health and wellness applications and tools available that might be more practical or affordable for your requirements.

Before selecting a choice, it may be useful to research and weigh your possibilities.

What are the negatives about the Noom diet?

The price is one possible drawback. Noom is a subscription-based service; therefore, you must pay a monthly charge to use its features and services. While some users may find the expense worthwhile, others may not be able to pay it or need it.

The required degree of devotion is another possible drawback. The Noom program is intended to be adhered to over an extended period.

It includes frequent use of the app and its capabilities and involvement in behavior change coaching and other activities. Some users might find this level of dedication to be neither practical nor desired.

It’s important to remember that, even though Noom’s program might be useful for some people in accomplishing their wellness and health goals, it might not be appropriate or beneficial for everyone.

Before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen, it is crucial to consider your requirements and goals carefully and consult with a healthcare provider.

Why is Noom so different?

Some specific ways in which Noom is different from other health and wellness apps include:-

Personalization:- The Noom application is customized to each user’s unique demands and objectives. It builds a customized curriculum and offers custom recommendations and coaching based on data and user response.

Behavior change focus:- Instead of only focusing on weight loss or certain diet or exercise regimens, Noom’s approach is meant to assist users in developing healthy habits and behaviors.

It provides a range of tools and resources to assist users in identifying and removing barriers to behavior change.

Ongoing coaching and support:- Users can get ongoing coaching and assistance from certified coaches and other health experts through Noom, including daily check-ins and individualized feedback.

Comprehensive approach:– The Noom program offers a range of features and resources, such as exercise tracking, nutrition advice, and other tools and resources to assist users in achieving their health and wellness objectives.

It is crucial to remember that Noom’s strategy might not be appropriate or effective for everyone and that you should carefully assess your requirements and goals before beginning any new diet or exercise routine.


Thus, in summarizing this list of the best Noom Alternatives, we would like to suggest you have a clear analysis of both your short-term and long-term goals and act accordingly.

It might seem simple, but making the right choice is more crucial and be sure to give your best out of the time you spend.

If you’re a beginner, you should acquire knowledge of how much exercising can bring phenomenal changes in one’s mind and body.

Do not let calorie tracking get you obsessed as many a time. Many eating disorders have been found in people following a specific chart.

Have your goals clear and diet healthy, and you’ll already find yourself ahead of many in the race of life. Happy Dieting!