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OBS vs XSplit: Which Streaming Software is Best for You!

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit are about the biggest names in the world of streaming especially on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. In any attempt to live stream your gameplay, it is common to face the OBS vs XSplit debate.

The one obvious fact is XSplit and obs are about the biggest Live streaming software. They seem very much on the same level but have their differences and a user might want to study these to know which suites them better.

In the fight between OBS vs XSplit, there are a few things to consider. This article is based on research that compares pricing,  features, performance, customization and plugins, and ease of use.

Pricing – OBS vs XSplit

This may pose a huge shocker initially. Especially when one realizes OBS is a reliable open source software that can be downloaded for free and comes with no enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from.

In contrast, XSplit offers a free, personal and premium options. The pricing options are 8.32$/month for a one month buy,  5.00$/month for a 12 month buy and 4.17$/month for a 36 month buy. They offer a lifetime license of 199$.

OBS vs XSplit

OBS seems to be a clear winner here but before concluding one may want to know what features come with the different live streaming giants.

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Features – OBS vs XSplit

OBS vs XSplitThis is just the next step to jump into after considering the gap in pricing option. One should note that streaming could be very resource consuming. Quality streaming may even often require extra hardware.

One noticeable difference is the fact that OBS doesn’t have a simulated greenscreen. OBS also seems to lack a powerful in-game overlay something XSplit seems very good at, allowing streamers to watch and respond to chats. XSplit has an in-game overlay that permits all these functions to be done on a single screen.

Xsplit broadcaster tool utilizes power scene tools along with a Skype integration. The awesome thing about this is that you can develop professional live broadcasts with ease.

OBS, however, manages audio quality better.

XSplit is a winner as far as features are concerned.

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Performance – OBS vs XSplit

The two giants provide a  720p content at 30fps frame rate support.

XSplit, however, exhibits some performance issues with the TF2 and would not do a 720p at 60. in fact any attempt to do 60fps at 1152×658 will render the game unplayable.

OBS, in contrast, will achieve stable and better performance with its 60fps recording capability at 1152×658 resolution level.

With the performance, OBS is a winner.

Customization and Plugins – OBS vs XSplit

OBS vs XSplitXSplit is made in a way that ensures one can do a lot of streaming without plugins. This removes the flexibility a user may hope for in a streaming software. Noticeably is that XSplit gamecaster seems to have a complete lack of plugins.

On the other hand, OBS allows a lot of customization options and a really organized plugin support. This simply implies that the broadcasting experience an OBS user gets is more within his power and in his hands.

OBS the definite winner here. 

Ease of Use – OBS vs XSplit

OBS vs XSplitOBS has a rather complex setup. It will require one really knows his way around and even at that it is a handful. One will most likely need some guidance.

XSplit in comparison is extremely straightforward, Also the default configuration will work very well, even though one may opt to tweak the resolution settings. One noticeable point scored by XSplit is the easy setup of subscribing /follow boxes and a webcam feed.

XSplit a definite winner 

Final Verdict about OBS vs XSplit Debate

In the debate of OBS vs XSplit as a live streaming software, I will believe OBS has a slight edge as seen in the summary below.

Pricing – OBS
Features – XSplit
Performance – OBS
Customization and plugins – OBS
Ease of use – XSplit

That said one should know which of this criteria is more important to them and make a decision based on a personal scale of preference.