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Online blogging communities help to draw readers and like-minded bloggers


Allen once went for a short bakery course organized in his neighborhood by his friend. A small bunch of people attended the show, but Allen ended up meeting a few people who were as passionate about baking as him. These people have now connected and meet up once in a while where they share some new recipes, baking ideas, and tips. It is like a small ‘baking lovers’ community.’ Similarly, Ellie once came across a group of a fellow traveler in one of her solo trips to Bali islands. The group members hailed from different countries, and some from even different continents. Ellie has joined this group, and she has now traveled quite a few places with this group. A travel lover has seemed to meet another set of travel lovers.

The idea here is simple. You join a forum the purpose of which interests you. And then, you get to meet and/or interact with like-minded people, you connect with them and further grow your interest, and in turn, the enthusiasm for the idea or subject in you becomes even more. With the expanse of internet technology, there is a rise of a new trend of online communities, where people from all over the world can connect with you and share your hobbies, interests, and passion.

How does blogging help?

One of the popular ways of forming and being a part of a community to find like-minded people is blogging. A blog, in simplest of the terms, refers to a website or webpage that has rich content generally revolving around a fixed set of topics or ideas. A group of blogger creates the content, and it is regularly updated. The tone of the content is conversational, and hence, quite engaging. So, if you are someone who has recently discovered your passion and started blogging about it; or someone who has been into the world of blogging since the time blogging came into existence, an online community of bloggers will let you meet each other, to fuel each other’s interests, explore new ideas and the most crucial: Get traffic to your own blog through referral blogging.

Apart from getting to meet and know people who share your interests, there is another crucial aspect to being a part of online bloggers’ community. That is, getting increased readership and thereby, promoting it. In the world of internet where new data gets generated every minute if your content isn’t original and doesn’t add value to your readers, then it gets easily forgotten with the span of time as the internet users are bombarded with new information every time they browse the internet. Also, owing to the decreasing span of attention of the people, it is imperative to create a content that catches the attention in the first five seconds of reading. If it fails to do so, you have lost one reader, and perhaps millions of other readers, as one reader has the potential to draw millions of others.

Attracting traffic to blogs

Digital marketing, search engine optimization techniques, and social media promotion are proven means of attracting traffic to your content, but then they all come at a reasonable cost. The better the techniques you want to employ, the higher is the cost associated with it. Getting associated with other blogs that have a good reputation draws a significant audience. Getting a reference or backlink by it is a more affordable and an effective means of attracting an audience.

Join the community

Joining a blogger’s community not only lets you meet people who share your hobbies and interests, but you also get a chance to explore their other fields of interest, that you might like as well and would want to explore. Say, if you run a travel blog, and you end up interacting with another member through the online community that you are a part of, then you can explore their areas of interest, knowledge on certain subjects that might be useful to you or you might just click on some new idea that might help you in terms of your profession or business. Also, this network of bloggers can offer you positive and constructive criticism. It can help you improve your writing skills and your approach of assessing a topic. It is an excellent way to get your work reviewed by people who are better at writing and getting hold of the loopholes and shortcomings.

Tips that help

If you want to build a community, browse through the tips below:

  • Build a strong presence on forums.
  • Get the most out of social media.
  • Ask questions, comment, appreciate and offer valuable criticism.
  • Ensure the quality of the content is consistent.
  • Do not let any question go unanswered.
  • Involve the members in other activities such as events, seminars, and online contests.
  • And, most importantly, treat every member with equal respect and diligence.

Communities have a way of touching the lives of its members in its ways, so find the one that suits you and join one now!


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