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9 Best Online Geography Games For Geography Geeks

Geographical knowledge is something that we need every day. It can come in handy in unexpected places, and it doesn’t hurt to have good general knowledge. The best way to learn geography or to brush up on this knowledge would be by playing games.  

This is an attractive option, it makes learning fun, and you will remember what you’ve learned.

So, if you want to brush up on your geography knowledge or are a geography buff who wants to test your knowledge, online geography games are for you. These are great even for children and can help them refresh and retain all they are learning in school. 

This article will look at the Best Online Geography Games to give you different options and a fun way to learn.  

Best Online Geography Games – Our Top Pick

Geography games are a fun and fresh way to learn and refresh general knowledge. These are great for children, students, and also adults.

In this article, as mentioned before, we will look at sites with these games. There are a variety of alternatives given here, so you can choose the one you like.

Some are trivia quizzes and map quizzes, and others are sites that have innovative ways to help you learn geography. 

So, even if you don’t like one type of game or get bored of one, you can easily find another one from this list. Here are the different sites that have fun and exciting geography games.  

1. World Geography Games 

World Geography Games is one of the online geography games that will give you many different map games that are both stimulating and entertaining.

This site is user-friendly and colorful, with more than 50 games.

The games are categorized so you can choose to test yourself on topics like volcanoes, islands, regions, flags, bodies of water, metropolitan areas, deserts, mountains, countries, oceans, layers of the earth, continents, and a lot more.  

If you want to explore and learn more about the world, this is the site for you. All of the United Nations member states, along with the two states that are non-member permanent observers, are on the site.

Non-sovereign territories like Puerto Rico are excluded from all quizzes except the one in the Caribbean. In quizzes about both Europe and Asia, you will find Russia.  

For additional information on volcanoes, they have consulted the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institute. The sources from which other facts and figures about places come are the CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia. 

2. Ducksters Geography Games 

Ducksters Geography Games is an excellent example of a fun geography game. If you’re tired of quizzes, this is the site for you.

You can play Geography Hangman, do word searches, solve crossword puzzles, and much more. This site has many interactive and colorful games that can reinforce the learning of world flags, capital cities, and countries.  

Best Online Geography Games 1

As the users play the game, a list is given to students about all the correct and incorrect answers in the quiz.

This can make a great study aid for students to use. Duckster, therefore, offers a website that is a fun and educational site that has excellent content.

They also have interesting, informative, and easy-to-read articles. They aim to provide an informative place and give people space to explore, learn, and use the internet to have fun and research.  

They have used many references, web resources, and books to verify the facts on the site. There is also a link on all content pages to point to APA or MLA citations for people to use. They also have a page with references and citations for specific site sections.  

The site is also certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program, and this means that the site is child-friendly. This certification is for parents and teachers to rest assured that the children and students learn Geography in an environment that is safe and made for them.  

3. Triviaplaza 

Triviaplaza is a geography game with an awe-inspiring list of quiz topics. They have quizzes on airport codes, landmarks, currencies, world languages, rivers, old regions, satellites, and skylines.

All quizzes are straightforward, and you will get feedback immediately as you play. The design is also pretty simple.

It has challenges you may not find on other sites like ‘Same Name City Paris’ and ‘Name the City Square.’ The site lives up to its name as surprising and novel information is offered in a very engaging manner.  

Peter Meindertsma created this site in 2001, and it now has more than 3,850 quizzes and 116,000 questions on it. Meindertsma also has other quiz sites that you can find in the ‘About section. 

4. Seterra – Online Geography Games To Test Your Knowledge

Seterra is one of the sites with geography games that should not be missed. They have many geography quiz topics, and all games are user-friendly.

They also have a channel for science and geography with many fascinating short videos about the world. There are also helpful learning tips on the blog, such as mnemonic devices to help learn about the world’s countries.  

Different game mode options appear at the bottom of all of the quizzes. You can choose how to respond from options like type, pin, or label and select a voice to hear the pronunciations of the labels and names.  

Marianne Wartoft, the founder of Seterra, enjoys database programming. But since she wanted to do something that explored the creative and fun aspects of programming, she came up with Seterra.

She loves maps, so she made a map quiz game as a project to unleash her creativity. She also wanted a business that could scale up since she has an entrepreneurial mindset.  

It did not take off instantly, but it only progressed forward once it did. Wartoft answers support questions, develops features, creates maps, fixes bugs, handles the servers, and does the accounting.

She is the only developer on this project, but the programming has been done agilely.  

This is a website that runs in more than 40 languages. She’s also open to feedback regarding translations, bugs, factual errors, and even content suggestions, which is part of why her site has come as far as it has today.  

Download the App from Google Play Store

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5. Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? 

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (Visit Here) is one of the online geography games that reboot a classic game.

It was launched in 2019 and had the design and look of the original game in 1985. The aim of this game is for users to catch Carmen Sandiego, who is a criminal mastermind and international thief. 

This is done by using clues to find her, and the new game enhances the player’s experience through Google Earth technology.

Users Playing this game will feel as if they are flying around the world to find her. This game is an excellent example of edutainment that has survived over the years.  

These three video games use Google Earth and have tie-ins to the Netflix animate series as the founder Houghton Mifflin Harcourt chose to partner with Google.

The Google Earth software is utilized here, and clicking the icon of Carmen Sandiego lets you run it as an add-on. This game can be played on a PC by the Chrome browser, or you can use the Google Earth Map on phones to play it. 

The price for this game came from a team called Brand Studio Experiments Group at Google that wanted to find an innovative or novel way to use this technology.

Since Google Earth has been used to host geo quizzes and guided tours, it was thought that it could also be used for a geography game. Carmen Sandiego was pitched by JK Kefalas, a Creative Engineer who loved this game growing up.  

So, if you like classic games and want to learn Geography simultaneously, this is a great merge of the two in a fun and engaging game. 

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6. Sporcle 

Sporcle is one of the geography games, but it is also a general quiz site. Their section on geography is excellent, and the quizzes will test you on practically any category or geography you can think of.

If you’re a geography geek, you may still find some questions incredibly difficult to answer.  

It is one of the leading providers of trivia entertainment at live shows, on mobile devices, and on the web.

It has more than a million user-generated quizzes for every topic you can think of. Sporcle also has an app for Android and iOs devices so you can play on your mobile devices.  

The fun part of this site is that users can create their quizzes if they’d like to. So, you can get on this site, play a few, and even make your own. This is precisely why this site has grown so much. 

Sporcle believes that knowledge should be fun; therefore, their purpose is to make mentally stimulating diversions and bring people together. It began in 2007 and became a pub quiz business six years later in 2013.  

The creator Matt Ramme wanted to learn trivia and was frustrated because there wasn’t any website that suited his needs. This is why Sporcle came to be.

Here users can play and take quizzes, and the name comes from the words sports and oracle. Their first quiz was on the US Presidents, and they have come quite far since then, with quizzes still being uploaded onto the site.   

7. Lizard Point Geography Quizzes 

Another one of the top geography games is Lizard Point Geography Games, an excellent resource for children of all ages, students, and teachers.  There are drop-down menus that lead to more than 200 map quizzes.  

There are clickable maps on this site that will test your knowledge of the world. The maps also have options for study and practice, so users can quickly ‘level up as they master more and more of these quizzes.

Users registering on this site can engage in the community, track progress, and earn stamps for learning these maps.  

Lizard Point Quizzes is a family-run business that has provided free and fun educational content since 1997. They aim to keep the site safe for all ages and, therefore, school and family-friendly.

Privacy is also a priority on this site. Interestingly, the name comes from a geographical location in Great Britain, and the founder got to visit Lizard Point years after naming the website.  

Since this is a small business, users can also make donations to fund the quizzes and chip in for a support plan to remove ads.  

8. Zoomtastic – free online geography games

Zoomtastic is a very straightforward site with one game on it. When you get onto the site and click play, you get a map in front of you. There are only 30 seconds within which you need to guess what place it is.

It also zooms out every three seconds with additional information on nearby towns, rivers, and such. After 10 seconds, you will get four options from which you have to choose the correct answer. 

The fun part about this site is that you learn many things in just one game, like the countries, the bodies of water, and physical features. It’s a great game that can teach you a lot and is an excellent way to pass the time. 

Zoomtastic was created by Eric Ros, a web developer with other similar projects he has worked on. 

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9. GeoGuessr – Online geography games To Explore The World

GeoGuessr is one of the best geography games, slightly different from the others. Here you are given the Google Street View of a randomized location, and you have to look for clues to figure out where you are.

Best Online Geography Games 5

Using the directional arrow tools, you can change your perspective to get evidence with a 360° view as you look for structures, landmarks, vegetation, and road signs. 

You can make your guesses by pinning a location on the world map, and then you will find out how close or how far your guess is from the real answer. This is an excellent game for those aged ten and above.  

This game was released on 9 May 2013 and was designed by a Swedish IT consultant, Anton Wallén. Mapillary is used for non-members, and members can use a Google Street View location. This site got hundreds of thousands of visitors per day in just one week of being released. 

Wallén’s love for visiting faraway locations on Google Street View inspired GoeGuessr. He wanted to add gaming to this, it took a few weeks to develop this game, and it was spread over a couple of months.

For Google Street View, version 3 of the Google Maps API and the  Backbone.js JavaScript library have been used, and as said, Mapillary is used for the free map.  

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What is the website for the world geography game?

Numerous websites provide games for geography education.

A few choices are as follows:-

GeoGuessr:- This is a well-known website that tests users’ geographic knowledge using Google Street View photos.

World Geography Quiz:- This website provides several geography tests, such as a world geography game where you may check your knowledge of nations, capital cities, and other geographic facts.

National Geographic Kids:- Numerous educational games, including geography games that may teach you about various regions of the world, are available on the National Geographic Kids website.

Sheppard Software:- Geographical games that cover different parts of the world are available on this website, along with a large variety of other educational games.

Seterra:- Several tests and map activities are available in the well-known geography game Seterra. It offers a variety of game types, including a “learning mode” that corrects errors and offers feedback.

What are some games like globe?

Some other games and activities are comparable to Globe, a well-known game that includes spinning a real globe while attempting to distinguish various nations, cities, and other geographic features.

A few choices are as follows:-

GeoGuessr:- An online game that uses Google Street View photos to challenge users to determine their location.

Geo Challenge:- Various geography tests are available on this mobile app, one of which requires you to locate nations on a map.

GeoQuiz:- Another mobile app that provides a range of geography questions, this one requires you to locate countries on a map.

GeoPlunge:– Identifying nations and their capitals on a map is the object of this board game. Players must be at least eight years old to play.

World Geography Quiz:- You can test your understanding of other nations, their capital cities, and other geographical traits by playing this online quiz game.

What is the world map game?

Several games incorporate globes. Playing these games can facilitate learning about many nations, their capital cities, and other geographical traits.

What is the game where you guess the country?

Many games require players to identify the nation using hints or other information.

A few choices are as follows:-

GeoGuessr:- Players are asked to determine their position in the world in this online game using Google Street View photos.

Geo Challenge:- Various geography tests are available on this mobile app, one of which requires you to locate nations on a map.

World Geography Quiz:- You can test your understanding of other nations, their capital cities, and other geographical traits by playing this online quiz game.

GeoPlunge:- Identifying nations and their capitals on a map is the object of this board game. Players must be at least eight years old to play.

Is there a free GeoGuessr?

A well-known online game GeoGuessr asks users to identify their position in the world using Google Street View photos. There is a free version of the game with fewer features, even though the full version is not.

You can play several rounds in GeoGuessr’s “Classic” game mode for free to see how many points you can accumulate.

Additionally, it has a game option called “Adventure” that asks you to determine your location after virtual tours of several global places.

You’ll need to pay a monthly fee to obtain access to extra features like the “Challenge” mode, which lets you compete online against other players, and the “Scavenger” mode, which tests your ability to spot particular items in Google Street View photographs. Subscriptions are priced starting at $3.99 per month.

Where can you play Dordle?

You can access the game from the official website – zaratustra.itch.io/dordle/. Simply open the URL on the browser app on your PC or phone.

Is there a game like Heardle?

Lyricle is a music guessing game that is similar to Wordle and Heardle. The game involves guessing a game based on lyrics revealed line-by-line.

Is there a Geography like Wordle?

Worldle was created as an alternative to Wordle. The game will require you to island or geography based on the silhouette. The answers are not limited to five letters like Wordle.

What’s the Geography Wordle called?

The geography-based version of Wordle is Globle. The players need to guess a mystery country each day. The game has become a daily routine for many people.

Is GeoGuessr a geography?

The game GeoGuessr tests players’ geographic understanding by asking them to determine where they are in the world.

Players must use clues in the photographs, such as landmarks, buildings, and other features, to pinpoint their location. The game employs Google Street View images to provide players with a virtual view of a location.

A well-liked online game called GeoGuessr is an entertaining way to gauge and develop your geographic knowledge. For iOS and Android devices, it is furthermore accessible as a paid app.

GeoGuessr is entertaining and can also be utilized as a learning aid by assisting players in expanding their understanding of different regions of the globe and the locations of numerous nations, cities, and other geographic features.

Is GeoGuessr a Google game?

Although GeoGuessr is not a Google game, it does include Google Street View photos in its gameplay.

In the online game GeoGuessr, participants must determine their location in the world using hints from Google Street View photographs.

It is a well-known game that can be enjoyed for free online and is also offered as a paid app for iOS and Android gadgets.

GeoGuessr was developed by a Swedish programmer named Anton Wallén, unrelated to Google. But players may use Google Maps to assist them in finding certain nations, towns, and other geographic landmarks, and the game incorporates Google Street View photographs into its gameplay.

Is GeoGuessr legal?

Regarding legality, there is no reason to think that GeoGuessr is unlawful or that using it constitutes unlawful behavior. Playing the game will help you learn more about geography while having fun.

What is geography bingo?

A geography theme is included in the regular bingo game of geography bingo. Players in this game are handed bingo cards with a grid of squares, each with a name for a geographical feature, such as a nation, capital, mountain, or river.

Players mark off the spaces on their bingo cards that match the names of various geographic features as they are called out during the game.

The first person wins the game by lining up a line of marked squares (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) on their bingo card.

Students can play geography bingo in a classroom setting to learn about different regions and the locations of different nations, cities, and other geographic characteristics. It can also be played as a social game at gatherings and other events.

Several websites provide geography bingo printable cards and instructions on how to play the game. Additionally, several websites provide online playable digital versions of the game.

What age is GeoGuessr?

People of all ages can enjoy the game GeoGuessr, which can be a fun and instructive method to learn about different regions of the world and the locations of different nations, cities, and other geographic characteristics.

What is a Geo game?

A geography-related game involves learning about the Earth’s features and geography. Geo games come in various styles, from straightforward quizzes and map exercises to more challenging games, including puzzle solving and virtual world exploration.

How can I get better at geography?

There are several strategies to increase your proficiency in geography and expand your understanding of the topic.

Listed below are a few ideas:-

Practice with maps:- Regularly using maps is one of the finest methods to advance your geographic knowledge.

Maps can be used to learn about various nations, cities, and other geographic features and to practice finding specific locations on a map.

Use educational resources:– You can study geography with numerous online and printed materials. These sources could include atlases, online tests, and textbooks.

Travel and explore:- Experiences in many regions of the world are another method to hone your geographic knowledge. You can better understand the world and its many regions by visiting new countries and exploring new locales.

Learn about current events:– You can improve your geographic knowledge by keeping up with current events.

You can better understand the many cultures and geographic locations of the world by studying their events and challenges.

What are the 7 types of geography?

Here are seven prevalent categories of geography:-

Physical geography:- The physical attributes of the Earth, such as its landforms, oceans, and climate, are the main focus of this branch of geography.

Human geography:- With the study of population, culture, and economic activity, this branch of geography focuses on how humans interact with and shape the surface of the Earth.

Economic geography:- This branch of geography focuses on how products and services are produced, distributed, and consumed globally.

Political Geography:- This branch of geography concerns how states, borders, and other political entities interact.

Cultural geography:- This branch of geography focuses on the interactions between culture and the surface of the Earth.

Historical geography:- This branch of geography concerns how the Earth’s surface has changed over time. It also looks at earlier civilizations and how they interacted with their surroundings.

Regional geography:- This branch of geography concentrates on studying particular geographical regions or locations, together with their physical and cultural aspects.

What are the 5 geographic skills?

Geographers study and comprehend the Earth and its properties using geographic skills and the methods and instruments they employ.

These are five typical geographic abilities:-

Map interpretation:- Being able to detect and recognize various geographic elements on a map requires reading and comprehending maps, including knowing map symbols and scales.

Spatial analysis:- Analyzing and interpreting data and patterns concerning geographic location is a key component of spatial analysis.

Studying spatial data and comprehending connections between various geographic elements includes using tools like maps, GIS (geographic information systems), and remote sensing.

Data collection:- To collect data, one must be able to compile and analyze information from various sources, including field observations, satellite imaging, and census data.

GIS:- To create, analyze, and display spatial data, GIS (geographic information systems) uses digital tools and technologies. Using programs like ArcGIS and QGIS to handle and analyze spatial data and make and analyze maps is a component of GIS abilities.

Communication:- Geographers must be able to share their research and thoughts with others. Therefore, effective communication skills are crucial.

To convey information effectively, one must be able to create reports, deliver presentations, and use visual aids like maps and graphics.

Conclusion on online geography games

As mentioned in this article, we looked at the best online geography games and quite a few different ones.

You can easily pick one that seems most fun to you, and if you happen to get tired or bored of it, you can always come back and find another online game.

These are fun games that can help you refresh the geography knowledge you have and also help you learn more. 

These are great games for children to help them in school and their tests. They are also great for adults who want to test their geography knowledge. After all, it’s never a bad thing to have general knowledge, especially in geography.

So, if you’re going to improve your geography knowledge and pass the time in a fun and engaging manner, get on one of these sites and enjoy yourself as you learn.   

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