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Protect Your Online Privacy with a Super Powered Avast Secure Browser


Chrome is safe and powerful, and any security features not already included in the browser can easily be added, so you can choose from a range of security tools to make it just right for you.

However, if you can’t be bothered with the fuss of researching which add-ons work best and keeping them up to date, Avast has built a new version of Chrome with its pick of security add-ons fully integrated.

Previously called Avast SafeZone, this new version – Avast Secure Browser ( Download Now ) – streamlines the process of making Chrome as secure as possible, automatically installing and configuring key add-ons and providing the option to download further tools if you need them.

Protect your PC with a Super-Powered Avast Secure Browser

1. When you first open Avast Secure Browser, it looks just like Chrome and may even have imported your existing bookmarks. 1 There are three add-ons preinstalled: Adblock, 2 a video downloader 3 and Avast’s Security & Privacy Center. 4

Protect Your Online Privacy with a Super-Powered Avast Secure Browser

2. Open the Security & Privacy Center by clicking its icon. If you haven’t yet set the browser as your default, a bar across the top of the page provides a button to do this.

Some of the settings require you to download further software, 2 while others need switching on 3 or configuring.

Protect your PC with a Super-Powered Avast Secure Browser

3.The only preinstalled tool that’s switched off is AntiFingerprinting, 1 which stops websites from recognizing your browser based on its ‘fingerprint’ of add-ons and installed tools.

It’s switched off by default because it can stop some websites from working but if you’re willing to take that risk, toggle the switch to enable it. 2

Online Privacy with a Avast Secure Browser

  1. Adblock, 1 Anti-Phishing 2 and Anti-Tracking 3 work in the background to stop sites from bombarding you with adverts: Adblock stops visible ads; Anti-Phishing blocks websites known to be harmful; and Anti-Tracking uses the browser’s Do Not Track tools to stop adverts following you around the web.

5.Chrome’s incognito mode keeps you anonymous by wiping your history and cookies at the end of your browsing session.

Stealth Mode is Avast’s version of incognito, and it goes a step further by also switching on anti-tracking, 1 HTTPS encryption 2 and anti-phishing tools,even if you don’t have them on in the regular browsing mode.

6.HTTPS Encryption 1 forces websites you visit to open HTTPS versions, if they have them; and Flash Blocker 2 prevents websites that still use Flash technology from displaying animations and video.

Extension Guard 3 is a useful addition that stops you inadvertently installing add-ons that aren’t safe.

7.Password Managers is set to ‘Browser (Default)’, 1 which means Chrome will be looking after any passwords you’ve saved. If you use Avast Antivirus, you can use its password-management tool instead. Click the drop-down menu to select it.

8.Privacy Cleaner opens Chrome’s settings and takes you straight to its standard browser clean-up tool, which is set by default to wipe evidence of your last hour of browsing data. 1 Use the Advanced tab 2 if you want more control.

9.Avast switches the address-bar search engine from Google to Yahoo, but you can choose a different one from Settings. Click the menu button, choose Settings, then scroll down to the ‘Search engine’ section. 1 Choose an alternative from the drop-down menu 2 next to ‘Search engine used in the address bar’. 3

10.The browser also includes a video-downloading tool that works across a range of sites, including YouTube. If you find a video you’d like to keep a permanent copy of, click the toolbar icon, 1 then the Download button. 2 More information about the file is available
from the drop-down arrow. 3

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