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19 Best Online Shopping Apps in India – Reviewed

How will we know which one is the better online shopping apps in India at the current time?🤷‍♂️ There are many changes that the apps from its launching time till now have made. And during this time it is not best to go out just for shopping. 

And we can not always purchase pricey products so finding an app with hefty discounts, the best prices, and a good customer experience is a must. 

And online shopping is one such department that has flourished during this pandemic. And to make sure that you will get an app with an easy returning policy, fully-loaded variety, and better payment opportunities, I’ve made a list.

Best Online Shopping Apps in India – Our Pick 👌

In this article, we have tried to include all the top leading online shopping apps in India so why waste any more time let’s get to know them in detail. 

1. Amazon

The top-notch, leading online shopping app in India, Amazon, undoubtedly has a large collection of not only branded apparel but its collection. The prices are never seen before in any other online shopping apps in India.

With a very basic interface, Amazon has collected a wide number of electronic appliances, garments, goods, toys, chocolates, daily essentials, industrial, home decor, kitchen appliances, and many more. 

Best Online Shopping Apps in India

You can never get mixed up in the app as there are different organized sessions for each thing and you can also search according to color, sizes, brands, or specific names. Their amazing shipping policy has made Amazon one of the most visited apps and sites. 

It offers a long list of features including easy return, order tracking, hassle-free payment, and two different paying method.

And to get even better services, Amazon has launched Amazon Prime which adds charm to the already feature-loaded app. The Amazon Prime member gets super fast delivery, sometimes within 3 hours, you will have your order in hand, and many discounts offers too. 

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2. Flipkart

The second on our list is Flipkart which can give tight competition to Amazon. The app offers anything to everything, it has electronics, books, fashion, furniture, toys, decor, personal care, and many more.

The app does not have fancy bells and whistles so it is not hard at all to find the right product swiftly. You can also search according to prices, colors, sizes, and even brands. Crystal clear descriptions are available under the product.

And to get other insight, there are other customers’ ratings and reviews. The app is offering a long list of features such as easy return, fast delivery, good quality, affordable prices, and many more. 

What’s Next for Ranbir And Alia?

Cash on delivery or online payment? The decision is yours. And you can not miss special offers that Flipkart members are entitled to. The customer’s services have drastically changed from what they used to be. 

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3. Myntra

Moving on next I have here Myntra. When it comes to popular shops not considering Myntra would be unfair to the brand and its long-lasting customers. The price that you will get here for apparel can not be seen in any other apps. 

The app has trending fashion and is a house to many brands so variety is guaranteed in the app. The app is pretty intuitive and you can easily find what you are looking for with its picture-capturing feature.

The app lets you click a picture of the product that you are searching for and then click on the search option to find the exact product. Details are some people are mentioned so no chaos or misunderstanding or confusion can happen. 

Myntra India’s Fashion Expert X Hrithik Roshan

There is a clear division between sections, and they offer exclusive discounts and offers that are too good to not use. And if you do not have cash at the moment then you can add the product to the wishlist for later purchase. 

These products are easily shared through WhatsApp or Facebook and the best thing is that you will get RS. 100 for referring a friend. Timely and fast delivery is guaranteed in the store with easily returning policy. 

You can select your payment mode, both online and offline payment is accepted.

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4. Snap deal

Snapdeal is a common name among regular purchasers as it is always considered amongst the leading online shops in India. 

You can consider Snap deal for almost everything, you named it, Snap deal has it. The app has a wide collection of electronic items, books, gadgets, home decors, appliances, and many more.

Just like Amazon and Myntra, Snapdeal also offers order tracking, easy return ( the return period may be shorter, a week, compared to other online shopping apps in India). 

Snapdeal | Brand Waali Quality Bazaar Waali Deal | Riteish | Genelia | Snapdeal Online Shopping

The app is a safe platform, therefore, ensures safe payment methods. And to be sure about products there are other customers’ reviews and rating about the same product. The details are written precisely so that no one will have hard making decisions. 

It is a probability that you will get your order after a long time and many users have criticized the interface of Snapdeal’s Android as well as the iOS app so that needs fixing. 

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5. Ajio: Handpicked Curated Fashion

If you are looking for a brand that only in the span of two years of its launch has made an impact in the online shopping apps in India, then Ajio is the right name. In recent times, Ajio is a leading marketplace.

The app is commonplace for both Indian ethnic fashion as well as western culture fashion. There is nothing that Ajio can not provide you, be it clothing, footwear, accessories, apparel, almost anything, and everything. 

Best Online Shopping Apps in India 1

However top selling of Ajio is its indie collection that the audience seems to like too much. If you are just window shopping then you can add the product to the cart for later purchases. It’s a safe platform and there is no hassle in checkouts. 

And the app has a tracking option so that their customers can see the status of their order. And what I love the most about Ajio is that you can easily return the product within a month of delivery. 

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6. Shein – The Hottest Trends & Fashion

The 2008 launch and new jersey based branched, Shein has made a place on the heart of Indian citizens in a very short time and all due to it being a brilliant online shopping app. The app has a large collection of trendy western clothes. 

It is a nice destination for fashion icons who will love to have a splash of color in their swimwear, along with flowy dresses with bright flowers. It is one of the places that offer not only western clothing but also modest apparel. 

The app has an artistic tint to the interface and is initiative in the sense that they have all sizes models so that it does not work around certain physiques, and how can you leave the site without actually looking through men’s and kid’s collections. 

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7. Paytm mall 

Paytm has also stepped into the field of online shopping with a brand called Paytm Mall and is considered the best among others. The rates that you will see here won’t make your bank crept so that is a plus point.  

The app is a one-stop destination shop so that you won’t waste time finding the right destination as the app provides you with everything to anything. Be it electronics, garments, daily necessities, toys, groceries, baby care, or any more such things.

Paytm Mall | One Stop Shop For All 🛍️ #shopnow

There is a wide number of brands to select from so you won’t be bounded to only one brand. Discounts and offers are a common thing in Paytm Mall, due to which customers are very loyal to the brand. 

You can find things swiftly in Paytm Mall and you can rest assured that you will only get the best quality as everything is defined crystal clear in the description box. The app is a safe platform and offers safe payment methods to its customers. 

And the stand-out feature of Paytm Mall is that you can keep track of your order. The customer services and their policy allows you a pleasant experience. But its cashback policy has gained its fan database. Almost everything that you are going to buy from Paytm will earn you cashback.

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8. Nykaa: Beauty Shopping App. Buy Makeup & Cosmetics

India Based company, developed by Falguni Nayar and launched in 2012, Nykaa is a fully-loaded marketplace and one of the most liked destinations of many avid purchasers. 

The place has so much to offer and so much to look put for. The deals are awesome as well as rates on some of the products. Nykaa is a brand that lives up to its expectation of customers by providing the best quality and best experience. 

The Nykaa app is also a fine thing as you won’t have to solve rocket science to understand and use it. All of these features are a minor reason behind Nykaa’s loyal purchasers and if you can not believe my words then you can check their active members. 

Best Online Shopping Apps in India 2

There is so much in the skin section to check out. From face wash, cleanser, scrub, exfoliators, facial wipes, makeup remover to toner, Nykaa has it all. And do not get disheartened if you could not find the best moisturizers, masks, kits, and combos.

And the list does not end here as there is plenty of eye care, lip care commodities, as well as neck creams, and body care accessories. Leading brands in the skin such as Innisfree, L’oreal Paris, Neutrogena, Mammaearth, and Nykaa’s own Nykaa naturals are ready to be purchased. 

And the attractive feature of Nykaa is that you can not find the best destination for new mothers and their babies. It has baby care and you can find maternity clothes, baby oils, nursing and feeding equipment, baby toys and you can also send gifts to new mothers. 

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9. eBay

eBay is one of the online shopping apps in India that resembles OLX (discussed later on. It gives you a two-in-one app that lets you not only buy things at a lower price than most but also provides you a platform to sell. 

Undoubtedly the app is listed among other leading retailers that houses things related to home, electronics, cars, furniture, and many more and is like having a personal genie but with no restriction on wishes as it seems that they almost have everything. 

If you could not find trustworthy second-hand cars then you can check out the automobiles present on eBay with quite a low price, at that. There are no criteria as to what should not be uploaded to sell so eBay is free territory for sellers as well as buyers. 

The app interface is pretty simple and finding things are a lot easier with the filtered search option. Even though everything seems alright there are some people who are not happy with the app therefore it can be better than it is now.

All in all, this app does seem to attract users in but it can become a big hit if they work on customer experiences and broaden their marketing plans. If you can overlook this caveat then give eBay a thought.

10. AliExpress

If you are willing to take a chance then Ali Express is the right decision as the app has mixed criticism from customers. Although the number of downloads makes everyone believe that the placed order rarely comes bad. 

AliExpress Gaming 30S ENG

The app needs quite a change as it does not have positive reviews from its Indian customers and the app’s interface is hard to get used to. Apart from this, the app has some good quality products at rates that can challenge other online shopping apps’ budgets in India. 

Many customers put up with the app as the prices and the offers that they are getting are too good to let go of. 

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11. OLX: Buy & Sell near you

OLX is the shopping app that comes under online shopping apps in India that has both selling and buying features. It is a place where the rates are bargainous.

It is a spot where all types of second-hand products can be bought as well as sold. The process of buying from OLX is straightforward as you have to directly call the seller to know more about the product and confirm the deal. 

19 Best Online Shopping Apps in India - Reviewed

To sell something on OLX, users simply have to put up a decent pic of the product and then whoever will be interested in the product will DM you via Chat First app. The app ensures that you are not getting scammed or receiving fraud calls. 

You can sell anything on OLX as there is no restriction on what to sell. But keep in mind that having no restrictions does not mean you can put up crappy things for sales and also there is no assurance that it would be purchased or sold out. 

But, you have to put up with a somewhat complicated interface to buy and sell on OLX, therefore, developers can work on making OLX a better online shopping app in India. 

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12. Club Factory

Reasonable prices? Check. Lage collection of different aesthetics? Check. If you are one of the people looking for that then why not give Club Factory a shot?

It is again one of the instances where the app hit off the instance it was launched in the fashion show biz. The prices for some of the things can go as low as RS.90. The app has an intuitive interface that does not give much trouble to the customer. 

Best Online Shopping Apps in India 4

It can be a place where you come to find men’s jeans as well as trendy women’s solid denim. The app believes in good quality at a good rate therefore you won’t have any complaints regarding the orders’ quality. 

Women’s department has ethnic as well as western wear collection, jewelry, a wide range of bags and watches, style studded footwear, and comfy innerwear and nightwear, and the list is too long to write it all here. 

And then there is the men, baby, and kids department and not to forget home decor and living furniture. The availability does not end here as you can also shop mobiles and electronics-related accessories, grocery, beauty and personal care, and many more.

No doubt why everyone considers Club Factory as one of the leading online shopping apps in India. 

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13. Big Basket – Online Grocery Shopping, Home Delivery

Since its launch, Big Basket has only gained positive critics and is one of the apps that everyone should have on their smartphones.

It is one of the largest groceries store online that can help you to buy from anything to everything. Whether it is vegetables, fruits, necessities, bathroom suites, or beauty and makeup products. 

19 Best Online Shopping Apps in India - Reviewed

The prices that you will see in Big Basket are reasonable so you won’t have to worry about squandering money for something not worth it. Big Basket can be a destination that you can visit if you are looking for something for yourself to eat or something for your pet. 

It makes grocery shopping less hectic, and more interesting. Deals during festivals, deals, and offers are awesome. You won’t be required to tire yourself out by carrying loads of potatoes, and onions on your shoulders.

They appease people looking for good quality and quantity. The delivery period is also timely and they claim to be one of the Online shopping apps in India that has a super fast delivery. The app is super user-friendly and intuitive to customers.

There will be no problem in finding the ingredients and if you are not familiar with English then you can go ahead and search in 7 different languages. There are two options to pay, cash on delivery as well as an online transaction. 

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14. Craftsvilla – Sarees Suits Jewellery Shopping App

An online shop for ethnic collections then Craftsvilla is the right place to look for. You can see Color infusion in Craftsvilla. 

This place is the right fit for aesthete who loves cultural aesthetics and are proud to wear ethnic dresses but could not find the right place to do so. You can find Kalamkari-inspired ethnic wears to ever famous Ramadan lehengas in Craftsvilla’s closet. 

The app has almost every ethnic wear but the interface needs remodeling as many critics said it to be too hard to understand thus creating obstacles in surfing through the app. Therefore creating a disturbance in pleasant online shopping. 

Smart Office Wear & Chic Party Wear - Latest se latest ethnic fashion on Craftsvilla

Apart from this small hindrance, Craftsvilla can be considered among the best online shopping apps in India that have everything ethnic. Apart from ethnic apparel, the app has many more such as kurtas and tunics, jewelry, lehenga and gowns, and such likes. 

And how can we forget Craftsvilla’s men’s collection which is waiting for you to check out!

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15. TataCliq

I’m` pretty sure everyone knows about Tata company and Jamsetji Tata but not many know about their venture in the fashion and boutique industry so here I’m introducing TataCliq, a Tata company venture.

The company is growing in the heart of fashion lovers but at a slow pace. The app is very intuitive and not at all hard to get hang of it so give it a shot. The shop is housing all kinds of things.

From men’s apparel to women’s wardrobe, ending at kids’ fashion. And not only apparel but it also stores tv and appliances. You can change your fashion taste whenever you want with the help of TataCliq.

Download the App Now

You can alternate between ethnic Indian dresses and western dresses and if non of the fashion is to your taste then you can also have sports fashion. And it is a shopping hub so in the sense you can come here whenever you are in need of anything. 

Appliances, furniture, apparel, gadgets, speakers, trimmers, and many more. I’m a die heart fan of watches and if you want to join the club, then TataCliq has a pretty impressive collection of watches. 

And if you are missing on TataCliq’s wardrobe, then you are missing a lot. 

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16. Koovs

Koovs is one of the online shopping apps in India that made buying things a lot easier than it used to be. The brand is rapidly increasing in popularity among the shopping departments.

From comfy-looking cotton jeans to trending off-shoulder tops, you can find anything related to men’s as well as women’s apparel. The site is accessible for both men and women as they are not a women-centric shop.

The easy returning policy of this online shopping app is adding more charms to its popularity. Koovs is a perfect blend of class and fad. The app is easy to use and understand so you won’t have a problem surfing through the latest collection.

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17. Voonik

There is some misconception going on between fashion lovers as Voonik is mostly visited to search for women’s wardrobes only. What many do not know is that it has a wide range of both, men’s and women’s apparel. 

And the options do not end here as fashionistas with kids can also look up Voonik for ethnic fashion style. You won’t ever leave the site without a smile if you are a fan of traditional silk sarees that will make you look no less than goddesses. 

19 Best Online Shopping Apps in India - Reviewed

Their discounts on Indian ethnic will leave your jaw dropped so tighten your seatbelts to be awe-struck. If you are one to redecorate your house with chic accessories, gadgets, and decor then, you are at the right place. 

From Kanchipuram silk sarees to Uppada Handloom, Voonik is the right decision. No long lines, and no stepping out of the house. In current times, Voonik official website is under construction but look out for its relaunching. 

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18. ShopClues

Last but not least, ShopClues is the one summing up this article. The app is quite popular among buyers. Especially with its fast services, purchasers love coming back to ShopClues and keeping eye on the burly discounts and offers.

The store is an all-in-one stop that can provide you with the latest technical gadgets to classic home decors. This user-friendly interface app has differentiated departments for everything so that customers won’t have difficulty finding anything. 

We deliver where no one else can! #Shopclues

It has a men’s closet, from apparel such as cargos, track pants, casual wear to classy and formal wear as well as ethnic wear and there are separate sections for women to uncover. You can find almost anything related to home and kitchen in the ShopClues collection.

From small items such as food and beverages to appliances such as television, and large appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and many more. Whatever you can think of using in daily lifestyles, ShopClues has it all. 

It has beauty and perfumes brands, has its own lingerie collection, and if you are looking for car accessories then no need to search anywhere, you can find it in Shopclues as well. All these features have made ShopClues on our list. 

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These were some of the best Online Shopping apps in India. These all providers have some pros and cons and their selection is completely up to you, which one is best suitable for you based on your shopping needs and your location because some apps are not providing delivery in some remote locations.

Happy Shopping. 🙂