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Open Chat in WhatsApp – Use This Trick and There Will Be No Need for Saving Numbers to Chat on WhatsApp


How many times did you want to discover an unidentified number that it’s been calling or messaging you or you just simply wanted to open chats in WhatsApp without the need to save those numbers first in your contact list? (originally not possible if you don’t have the app installed).

Well, today we will speak about an app that will enable you to manage your contacts and Whatsapp much more wisely. With one of the simplest apps available, you can open chats in WhatsApp with one touch on the screen. Here are the best features of Open Chat for WHatsapp: Trick & Help.

We have also shared the GbWhatsapp for Android Device. It is one of the best Modded Version of Official Whatsapp developed by Atnaf hoaks. I recommended you to download the Latest Gb Whatsapp apk to obtain the exclusive features which are not available in any other app.

Why you’ll love Open Chat for WHatsapp: Trick & Help?

Developed for android users, very easy for using with simple and clean interface this tools app for chatting in WhatsApp directly is offering all users of WhatsApp to easily and without effort open chats in WhatsApp with any number. With the help of this useful WhatsApp tool users will be able with just a touch on their screen, simple and quickly to open chats with specific numbers that use WhatsApp without the need to save that number first.

All you need to do is open the app and enter your phone number of interest and the app will quickly open a chat in WhatsApp with that number.

What are the best features of Open Chat for WHatsapp: Trick & Help?

On this app, all users of WhatsApp chatting are offered to enjoy amazing quality features that will help them enjoy the chatting on WhatsApp every time. Users that want to open chats with themselves or to check an unknown number to see if they use WhatsApp or even to send a message without saving that number can do those things easily with the app. Just enter the number and the chat will open directly! On the app all country codes of numbers are detected directly and also users can change country codes to find numbers outside their country.

Download WhatsApp apk 

The integrated list can be edited, users are allowed to delete the numbers from it if they want. Users can open chats without saving the specific numbers on their contact list because the app uses a free WhatsApp API.

Download this messaging app for free now on Google Play and manage your Whatsapp more wisely!

Google Play Download Link: Open Chat in WhatsApp



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