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How to open LIT files on windows 10

LIT which is a short form for literature is an e-book format created by Microsoft. If you have recently come across a LIT file, you would realize how impossible to open LIT files on windows 10.

This file format can only be read by the Microsoft reader program which unfortunately was discontinued by Microsoft in 2012. What then happens to all the e-books in this format, considering the fact that they are a lot of them flying around?

A LIT file contains the content of the e-book itself and DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection that controls the use of copyrighted works. This ensures limited access to a lit file. In other words, the DRM provides a sort of protection to your file such that its content cannot be opened in an unauthorized device.

Best Way to open LIT files on windows 10

The only way to open a LIT file, considering Microsoft’s discontinuation of the Microsoft reader is by making use of third-party software. The most authentic of all software is calibre.

What is calibre?

Calibre is a brilliant free program for managing and reading ebooks. It can handle most popular book types and lets you easily convert them from one format to another – EPUB to MOBI, for example.

It comes with a built-in viewer, a book editor that lets you make changes and support for all the major hardware readers. 

This latest release of the software introduces support for high-res displays; and Calibre’s content server, which lets you access books over a network, has been completely rewritten.

The program can now convert ebooks directly to Microsoft’s Word DOCX format, which is a welcome addition for reading files in office software.

Download Calibre

Once it is downloaded and installation completed, proceed to open the software.

Click on the “Add books” button displayed on the toolbar. From the drop-down menu, read the various options and select the one most suited for your needs at the moment. for this lesson, click on “add books from a single directory

open LIT files on windows 10

Select the file that you need to read and click on open. The file selected would be added to your library.

Once this is done, double click on the file. This action would open the file in the calibre viewer

Alternatively, you can decide to convert the LIT file to any file extension of your choice. Converting it would enable you view the file in any other device; Android, IOS, kindle etc. The only way to successfully convert a LIT file, is to ensure that the file is DRM free. A LIT file can be converted in 2 ways

Using a desktop application:

Calibre still remains an excellent recommendation. Open Calibre. In the windows, select the book you want to convert and click on the “convert books” button

How to open LIT files on windows 10

Select the format you want to convert to. Click OK to enable conversion

Open a LIT file Using an Online solution

There are various sites that provide seamless conversion of files. It is important that you visit a safe site. Zamzar is one of such sites that allows for the conversion of almost every file format;

  • Simply log on to the website
  • Choose the file and your preferred output format
  • Insert your email
  • Click on convert
  • Zamzar will do the rest. Once the conversion is done, a download link to your converted file would be sent to you via email.

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