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9 Best Origami Apps To Transform Paper into Art

In this guide, I’m going to show you Best Origami Apps for Android and iOS that will help to make Origami.

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Origami is a well-known Japanese art form that is based on paper folding. The artist folds the paper in various ways to make different sculptures. The art form is now associated with every kind of folding practice, irrespective of the culture of origin.

Origami is an ancient art form that has evolved over time. Today, the art has over six types that are widely used to make sculptures of various kinds.

These include Modular origami, Action origami, Wet-folding, Pureland origami, Origami Tessellations, Kirigami, and Strip folding.

Action Origami, as the name suggests, can move or fly when folded perfectly. The source of movement for action origami is kinetic energy coming through the hands of the artist. The action origami came from Japan.

If we talk about Modular origami, the artist must assemble several pieces to form origami. Modular origami is also known as 3D origami. The name 3D origami comes from the writer Joie Staff.

Similarly, Strip folding is a form of origami that requires the artist to fold and cut the paper into strips. One of the well-known pieces of folding origami is the star, which is considered a lucky star in Chinese culture. This form can also be used to make 3D sculptures using paper only.

For all the origami enthusiasts, the app markets are flooding with all sorts of apps to help you enjoy your origami.

However, not all of these apps are worth a try. And to help you pick the best origami app, we have made a list of apps you wouldn’t want to miss.

These apps would best suit anyone who’s into creating origami as a hobby but does not find the time to learn it anymore.

Moreover, these apps can help anyone stay close to their hobby of making origami even when their schedule is tight.

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Best Origami Apps To Make Origami – Our Pick👌

1. How To Make Origami

Featured by Mobilicoe, How to Make Origami is one of the best origami apps out there. The app helps the artist quickly learn new origami designs, and the learning process is very simple.

The best part about using this app is all the designs mentioned can be created without trouble.

Best Origami Apps To Make Origami

The How to Make Origami app focuses more on the teaching part. And to do that effectively, the app has included interactive features like visual representation to help the user learn the art of origami.

The designs that are mentioned on the app can be easily created in 3D, and that’s where things get exciting.

The app guides users to learn new origami sculptures using a step-by-step procedure. The actions are also interpreted using images to make understanding convenient.

Pros of using How to Make Origami:-

  • The app features over 65 origami patterns that can be learned very quickly. Moreover, the list also features some of the most famous origami-like cranes, duck, rose, and rabbit.
  • The app describes the process of making origami in a very simple-to-understand language. This makes the app work best with most people, and the steps are neatly put in for better understanding.
  • The app also includes YouTube lessons for designs that may seem complex to fold and learn.
  • The graphics of the app are very impressive. Most importantly, the app won’t trouble users with lags or bugs.

Cons of using How to Make Origami:-

  • Some users have reported that some instructions are unclear, even with the visual representation in place. The lack of clear guidelines for a few designs could disappoint some artists.
  • There are individual downloads for each design that a user may want to learn. Downloading all of them individually becomes time-consuming.

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2. Paper Origami

Designed and featured by Noobs Strikes, Paper Origami makes for another best origami apps because of its features. The app claims to provide origami lessons and tricks for over one thousand designs.

The app offers tutorials for origami animal designs, bird designs, designs for dolls, dress designs, and much more.

The app features interactive design and has fantastic origami tricks for over one thousand designs. Various methods are used in the app to make the learning process and experience even better. It is beautiful how the app has used images to explain the paper folding method. 

The app frequently receives new updates to ensure learners can learn origami without hassle. Moreover, the app is friendly and supportive for kids. The language used in tutorials is easy to understand. 

Paper Origami has designs for everyone. The wide variety of origami designs to choose from makes it one app for all users alike.

Pros of using the Paper Origami app:-

  • The app has as many as one thousand origami designs to choose from. Many designs ensure that the user isn’t bored with using the app.
  • The design and graphics of the app are user-friendly. It is very easy to use the app, thanks to its design. One may also save their favorite designs.
  • The app has step-by-step instructions for all the designs with interactive video tutorials. These tutorials simplify intricate origami designs.
  • Paper Origami also allows users to share their favorite origami designs and diagrams with their loved ones. This feature has been useful to artists who want to teach drawing to their friends.

Cons of using Paper Origami app:-

  • The users need a reliable internet connection to use the application without issues. The app may not work without internet connectivity.
  • The video tutorials in the app might take more than the expected time to load. Sometimes the delay happens due to poor connectivity as well.

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3. How to Make Origami

Designed by BSoft-JSC, How to Make Origami is another origami app that is among the best origami apps.

The app serves as a guide to origami artists through which they may learn and make new designs.

Best Origami Apps To Make Origami

The app supports designs for a wide range of origami, which begins with animals and goes deep toward Christmas origami.

Christmas and Valentine’s origami is an attraction for the users of the How to Make Origami app by BSoft-JSC. Some of the apps offer Christmas and Valentine’s origami as occasional origami programs. However, that’s not true with the How to Make Origami app. 

The application has a lot to offer to users.

If someone’s phone is running out of space due to any reason: How to Make an origami app won’t trouble them, the app is very small in size.

The app also supports a category called easy. This category features some of the most straightforward origami designs that can help beginners get going.

Pros of using the How to Make Origami app:-

  • For heavy mobile users fond of Origami, this is one of the best origami apps because it won’t take much of their storage space.
  • The app has various origami designs for artists of all levels. Some designs are very simple, while some plans require proper knowledge of origami.
  • The graphics of the How to Make Origami app are excellent. The pictures describe steps to make origami can be read easily.
  • The application is free for users, which means with this app, one doesn’t have to pay anything to learn origami.

Cons of using the How to Make Origami app:-

  • The app doesn’t support video tutorials, which might make it difficult to understand some intricate designs.
  • Some users are not happy with the ads shown in the app. They have complained about the app showing way too many ads.

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4. Animals Origami Instructions

Animals Origami Instructions is an app for animal origami by tunny apps. It is one of the best origami apps for learning animal origami.

The app features as many as 50 origami designs to discover.

9 Best Origami Apps To Transform Paper into Art

The app features some unique origami styles that one may want to learn. The list is vast and has some very simple and quick-to-make designs too. The animal designs are unique and exciting to make and learn about.

More importantly, the app is very small and won’t take up much space on the user’s device. The compact size of the app makes it an attraction for heavy mobile users who love making origami.

The great thing about the app is it has held and fast-forward options for the various lessons taught.

The speed-up button can also pace up to a missed part while rerunning a tutorial. The app can be used effectively to learn more and more ways of origami to create animal designs.

Pros of using Animals Origami Instructions:-

  • The app is tiny and can run on space as low as 10MB. The small app size also ensures that it can run smoothly on old devices. 
  • The app teaches the artist about animal origami only. This makes the app one of the best origami apps for users who want to learn about animal origami only.
  • The app can even run without an internet connection. Once installed, one doesn’t need to connect their device to the internet to learn origami through this app.
  • The lessons come with fast-forward buttons, which can be useful in many ways.

Cons of using the Animals Origami app:-

  • The app doesn’t support tutorial images describing the steps for origami designs in detail.
  • The graphics of the app could be reworked and made better.
  • Sometimes lessons might take longer than usual to load.

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5. Origami Crafts: Tanks, Cars, And Other Vehicles

Origami Crafts is a dedicated origami app that teaches how to make origami vehicles. The app features a variety of vehicle designs that can be made into origami models easily.

Some interesting origami designs featured on the app include tanks, cars, buses, and trucks.

9 Best Origami Apps To Transform Paper into Art

These small vehicle models could be used as toys or decoratives at homes or offices. The app has made the learning process easier with inbuilt video lessons. The app also has a rewind button, making re-running the video tutorials easier.

The app features about twenty designs that could make for an origami garage if all the models are made with perfection.

The app has some fantastic tricks inside that can make a newbie design some attractive vehicles quickly. However, one may also have to use glue or pins to hold the models together.

Pros of using Origami Crafts: Tanks, Cars, And Other Vehicles:-

  • The app is dedicated to vehicles’ origami, making it easier to find and choose specific origami designs.
  • There are video tutorials that greatly help understand the typical folds in origami.
  • The app also uses images to present the data effectively and easily visually.
  • It also enables users to share their favorite origami designs with their friends. This makes the art-sharing process even more straightforward.
  • Origami Crafts is one of the best origami apps because of its features and size. It won’t take up much space on the user’s device.

Cons of using Origami Crafts: Tanks, Cars, And Other Vehicles:-

  • The graphics of the app need to be worked on. They could be improved, and the app’s outlook would become more stylish.
  • There’s no way to read the instructions because the app doesn’t support images with a step-by-step guide to make origami.

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At the time of our research on Best Origami Apps To Make Origami, we found a video about “How to Fold – Origami Folding Tips for Beginners” worth watching.

How to Fold - Origami Folding Tips for Beginners

6. How to Make Origami Animals

Yet another app from Mobilicos, How to Make Origami Animals focuses on teaching animal origami. The app is feature-loaded, and that’s where it becomes one of the best origami apps to learn animal origami from.

9 Best Origami Apps To Transform Paper into Art

The app features over thirty designs of animals, and it has a step-to-step guide for all models featured on the app. 

The app also supports adding a favorite feature that simplifies shortlisting some of the user’s most preferred designs. This app has video tutorials, and the quality of videos is better than any other app.

The app’s small size makes it an attraction because even with the compact size, it doesn’t compromise the quality of its content. 

The app also lets users share their favorite designs easily with friends. Moreover, the app keeps on getting updates now and then to stay relevant for the users.

Pros of using How to Make Origami Animals:-

  • The app has plenty of features that make learning origami fun and an exciting process for all. It combines some of the best origami designs for pros and beginners alike.
  • It is easier to understand origami-making instructions with this app because it shows the instructions in a very elegant manner. The clean user interface is a sign of a great app.
  • The graphics of the app are very impressive, and they give the app a very subtle look. 
  • The video tutorials of the app are excellent and make the learning process fun. 

Cons of using How to Make Origami Animals:-

  • The app can only help the user learn more about animal origami and won’t help with any other category of origami making. 
  • There are ad pop-ups in the app that could become annoying at times. 
  • One cannot download all the tutorials on origami designs in one go. They have to download the video tutorials one by one. 
  • The number of designs on the app is very limited, which might make the app boring after a while. 

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7. Origami Furniture: How To Make Paper Crafts

This is one of the best origami apps to learn the craft from for origami enthusiasts who want to learn the art of making fantastic furniture with paper.

The app has many interactive furniture origami models to learn. There is a mix of both intricate and uncomplicated furniture designs on the app.

9 Best Origami Apps To Transform Paper into Art

The app features over thirty designs of origami furniture, and that’s where things get exciting for new artists. The app can teach plenty of fantastic furniture, making tips and tricks with the users.

Moreover, the app has plenty of functions that intend to make learning origami easier and more fun.

Like most origami apps, this furniture app also supports video tutorials and interactive visual representations to ensure tips and tricks are apparent to the user. 

Pros of using Origami Furniture: How To Make Paper Crafts:-

  • The app is excellent for people who want to learn the art of making furniture origami. It explicitly teaches the user about furniture origami only, which is why anyone interested in furniture should prefer this app.
  • The Origami furniture app is free to use. Users cannot pay anything to use this app and learn various origami designs. A free app with many origami lessons is something very special. 
  • There are multiple designs to choose from and learn. One won’t be bored quickly with this app. 
  • The graphics of the app are pretty well designed.

Cons of using Origami Furniture: How To Make Paper Crafts:-

  • The app may not work without a stable internet connection. 
  • The bugs in the app might be annoying at times.

Download on Google Play Store

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8. Furniture Origami 

Another app for creating origami furniture, this furniture origami app is a tool for users to learn origami rather quickly.

The app has some interactive features and unique furniture origami models. One may also find the app very easy to use because of its simple design. 

Best Origami Apps

One may also use the app’s share feature to send a particular design to their friends. Apart from this, the furniture origami app also has the add-to favorites feature.

This feature can help save tutorials or designs for quick access.

The steps for making origami designs in the app are easy to follow as the developers have used simple and easy-to-use language. Simple-to-understand steps ensure that even kids can learn to make origami models from this app.

The app’s straightforward style and user-friendly interface make the app stand amongst some of the best origami apps on the internet. 

Pros of using Furniture Origami:-

  • The app has easy instructions that can greatly help you learn origami. Moreover, these steps are described in great detail.
  • One does not have to pay anything to learn origami through the Furniture Origami app because it is free for everyone with an internet connection. 
  • After installing the app, one does not always have to be connected to the internet to use Furniture Origami. The app can also load all the origami lessons, even when offline.
  • The Furniture Origami app can operate on all types of devices. The app has no specific system requirements to run smoothly on a user’s device.

Cons of using Furniture Origami:-

  • The app and its offerings are limited to a specific category of origami. The limited designs make the app unnecessary for users who want to learn multiple types of origami. 
  • The graphics of the app are very basic, and they should be worked on. 

Download on Google Play Store


What is the best origami website?

There are several great origami websites, but one that stands out is Origami Club. This website offers a wide variety of diagrams for both simple and complex models, along with step-by-step video tutorials. Additionally, Origami Club has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find the model you want to make.

What is the coolest origami?

The coolest origami is subjective and varies depending on personal preferences. Some people may find intricate modular origami designs the coolest, while others may prefer simple animal models or even origami-inspired fashion designs. It ultimately comes down to individual taste.

What is the easiest origami ever?

One of the easiest origami designs is the traditional paper crane. With just a square piece of paper and a few simple folds, you can create a beautiful crane in just a few minutes.

What are the 5 types of origami fold?

There are five basic types of origami folds: valley fold, mountain fold, reverse fold, squash fold, and sink fold. Each of these folds is used differently to create various origami designs.

Does NASA use origami?

Yes, NASA has used origami-inspired designs for various purposes, including space exploration and satellite deployment. Using origami allows for compact and efficient designs that can be easily transported and deployed in space.

Is it OK to sell origami?

Yes, it is generally okay to sell origami creations as long as they are your original designs or you have obtained permission to sell someone else’s design. However, selling origami created from copyrighted designs without permission could lead to legal issues.

What is the hardest origami figure ever?

The hardest origami figure ever is subjective, as different designs may be more difficult for different people. However, some commonly cited challenging models include the Kawasaki rose, the Eastern dragon, and the black forest cuckoo clock.

What are the hardest origami crafts?

One of the most challenging crafts is modular origami, which involves creating complex designs by connecting multiple folded units. This type of origami requires a great deal of patience, precision, and the ability to follow detailed instructions.

What origami is lucky?

In Japanese culture, the crane is considered a symbol of luck and longevity. Folding 1000 paper cranes, known as senbazuru, is said to bring good luck and grant a wish.

What is the minimum age for origami?

There is no minimum age for origami, as people of all ages can enjoy it. However, younger children may need more assistance and guidance when learning origami.

What was origami first called?

Origami was first called “oru kami” in Japanese, which means “folded paper”.

What is the oldest origami book?

The oldest known origami book is “Senbazuru Orikata” (“How to Fold One Thousand Cranes”), which was published in Japan in 1797.

What is the most famous origami shape?

One of the most famous origami shapes is the paper crane. This design has become iconic and is widely recognized as a symbol of peace.

What is 3D origami called?

3D origami, also known as modular origami, involves creating complex designs by connecting multiple folded units.

What religion is origami?

Origami is not affiliated with any particular religion, although it has been used in some religious ceremonies and rituals.

What is not used in most origami?

Most origami designs do not involve cutting the paper, as it is typically folded to create the desired shape.

What’s the math behind origami?

Origami involves a variety of mathematical concepts, such as geometry, symmetry, and fractions. The precise measurements and folds required in origami require a deep understanding of mathematical principles.

Does origami mean paper god?

No, origami does not mean “paper god”. The word “origami” comes from the Japanese words “ori”, meaning “to fold”, and “kami”, meaning “paper”.

Is it illegal to fold money into origami?

Folding money into origami designs is not illegal, but it is important to be mindful of the legality of altering or defacing currency in your country or region.

Is origami a science or art?

Origami can be considered both a science and an art. The precise folding techniques required for origami involve mathematical and scientific principles, while the final product is often seen as a beautiful and expressive art form.

How many folds of paper is impossible?

According to the principles of origami, it is mathematically impossible to fold a piece of paper in half more than seven or eight times, depending on the size and thickness of the paper.

What is the most smallest origami?

The most smallest origami is the nano origami, which involves folding paper at a microscopic scale. The smallest origami ever made was a crane measuring just 0.1 millimeters, created by Anja Markiewicz.

Is origami better than kirigami?

Origami and kirigami are both enjoyable paper crafts but differ in their techniques and outcomes. Origami involves only folding paper, while kirigami involves folding and cutting paper to create more intricate designs.

What is the simplest origami animal?

The simplest origami animal is the dog. You can create a cute paper pup with just a few simple folds.

Why is origami an inexpensive art?

Origami is an inexpensive art because it requires only paper, which is widely available and affordable. Additionally, origami designs can be made using scrap paper or even recycled materials.

What does 55 origami stars mean?

In Japanese culture, 55 origami stars represent good luck and are often given as gifts to wish someone well.

What do 100 origami stars mean?

In Japanese culture, 100 origami stars are often given as a gift to wish someone good luck and to show appreciation.

What does 1000 paper stars mean?

In Japanese culture, folding 1000 paper cranes, known as senbazuru, is said to bring good luck and grant a wish.

Do children with ADHD benefit from origami?

Origami can be a beneficial activity for children with ADHD, as it can help improve focus and concentration and provide a calming and relaxing outlet for energy.

Who is the youngest origami artist?

It is difficult to determine who the youngest origami artist is, as many children enjoy and create origami designs at a young age.

Is origami good for ADHD?

Yes, origami can be beneficial for individuals with ADHD, as it can help improve focus, concentration, and relaxation.

Is origami Chinese or Japanese?

Origami originated in Japan, although folding paper techniques can be traced back to China and other cultures.

What does origami mean in Japanese?

Origami means “folded paper” in Japanese.

What are the 3 types of origami?

The three types of origami are action, modular, and traditional. Action origami involves models with moving parts, modular origami involves connecting multiple folded units, and traditional origami involves creating models from a single sheet of paper.

Is origami just for kids?

No, origami can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Many professional origami artists create complex and intricate designs unsuitable for children.

When was origami most popular?

Origami has been popular in Japan for centuries, but it gained global popularity in the 20th century by publishing instructional books and establishing origami societies worldwide.

Who was the first origami master?

The first origami master is unknown, as paper folding techniques have been practiced in various cultures for centuries. However, Japan is credited with developing the art form into what we know today as origami.

What are origami people called?

Origami enthusiasts and practitioners are often referred to as “folders”.

Who is the best origami master in the world?

There are many talented origami artists worldwide, and it is difficult to determine who the “best” master is. However, some renowned origami artists include Akira Yoshizawa, Robert J. Lang, and Satoshi Kamiya.

Who is considered the greatest of all origami artists?

Akira Yoshizawa is often considered the greatest of all origami artists. He is credited with developing many of the folding techniques and design principles used in modern origami.

Why did NASA use origami?

NASA used origami-inspired designs for space exploration because they allowed for compact and efficient designs that could be easily transported and deployed in space.

What is Ninja Star origami called?

Ninja Star origami is also known as the shuriken, a traditional Japanese weapon.

What is Montessori origami?

Montessori origami is a type of paper folding activity used in Montessori education to promote fine motor skills, concentration, and creativity. It typically involves creating simple origami models that are appropriate for young children.


Origami is a fantastic art form that is more than paper folding, requiring patience and effort. There are plenty of best origami apps from which one may choose to learn extraordinary origami models.

The origami models can also be used as decorative at homes. Moreover, Origami apps can be great for learning origami art from the comfort of one’s home. Most of the apps are free to use and have a user-friendly interface.