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Outlook for Beginners: Best Ways to Monitor Emails

While Microsoft Outlook is not the only mail service in the world, it for sure is one of the most popular. Microsoft does everything to increase Outlooks’ compatibility. It stood against Gmail for many years, offering its users a wide range of tools.

It easily syncs with other add-ins and plugins like Salesforce integration Outlook, SpamBayes, or Send Secure. If you want to improve your working experience with Outlook, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Choose Plugin

Outlook for Beginners: Best Ways to Monitor Emails

Before I share my top list of favorite plugins and add-ins with you, let’s start with the basics. There is a wide range of instruments you can choose from. Sometimes it is too difficult to choose, and you can get lost there. Some of them may be useless for you and even slow down your work. To get what you want, you to have to understand what and where to look for. There are 4 major categories of plugins you may need. Here they are:

  1. Security. The first thing we usually worry about online is the safety of our personal data. If you don’t want to get hacked, you can increase the level of protection;
  2. Miscellaneous. Apart from a high level of security or even compatibility with other devices, there are different plugins for unique cases and tools that can solve almost everything;
  3. Productivity. Outlook add-ins offer multiple ways to increase your productivity. You will need to pick the right tools to manage your emails in no time;
  4. Connection with all devices you need. Did you know that you can actually integrate all the Outlook features to all your devices? You have to use specific plugins for it.

Top Plugins to Improve Outlook

There is an impressive amount of different services ready for you. Some of them are new, others are used by users around the world. Here is the list of the most popular services you can try with Outlook:

  • Salesforce. Salesforce is Outlook’s native service, which means that it was specifically designed for Outlook. It allows syncing the important data, including events and contacts. Salesforce contains helpful instruments for businesses;
  • SpamBayes. This is a protective plugin that offers anti-spam security. This plugin increases the speed of work too, since spam is banned and nothing distracts you from your work. You will not receive suspicious emails at all. The service uses smart technology to analyze your behavior and helps to place emails in the right order;
  • Send Secure. The name says it all. You receive the plugin with the button Send Secure. It encrypts the message you are sending and offers the recipient to open the message via a specific interface. You have to download the installer and save it on your device. Once you run it, you will receive instructions from developers;
  • Lookeen. This is a popular productivity booster on your Outlook. Lookeen helps you to find important emails in no time. It offers you to organize folders so you can quickly find anything. You can search emails using all the categories possible, from the date to format. You can integrate this add-in and use it from the toolbar in Outlook;
  • PoliteMail. This is a helpful service for any business. You will receive metrics you can use, including timing and rates. Build advanced communication strategy without even the need to leave Outlook. If you have to communicate with the workforce, you can easily build benchmarks via the PoliteMail;
  • Skype Outlook. This is one of the most famous video conferencing tools you can also integrate into your Outlook. If you need Skype, you can push the button in Outlook. It is a helpful way to lead business since you don’t have to close your email while attending video conference;
  • mxHero. This is an integration plugin that offers you to reach Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can exchange your emails via any cloud system you need. Save important information or attachments you receive in letters. Apart from that, this plugin converts all the messages you want to save to the cloud in PDF. You can place these files anywhere you need and keep them forever;
  • Text Lightning. This plugin increases the speed of your work. It helps you to enter the email you’ve written and provide a similar answer that was received. If you are tired of inventing new ways to speak about the same things, you can use this service. It offers you ideas of fast replies. Apart from that, you can add files and images to the email in one move. Once you are done with letters, it helps you to clear an inbox;
  • Advanced Folders Watch. This add-in will be suitable for people who receive dozens and hundreds of emails. You can easily put everything on order with this service. Enter the keywords to quickly find all you need. It helps you to make folders and quickly sort emails out in the folders. You may even enable notifications on your device. Pick the important addresses you want to receive the push-up notifications from;
  • Google Apps Sync. Here is another tool that will help you to improve your general performance. It increases the number of tools you have under your hands. Once you install it, you can pick the features you need and share them with your colleagues;
  • Mail2Cloud. The plugin allows the integration of cloud storage. It connects you to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. With the cloud storage, you can clean your inbox, save the letters you want to come back to, and reach the information in a blink of an eye;
  • Microsoft SMS. This is a perfect add-in for anyone who exchanges messages via mobile phone. You can write an email and send it as an SMS. You can share the text with a group of people, as well as with one person.

Improve Your Outlook Experience

I hope my list of add-ins and plugins was helpful for you. You can start with one service and learn how to use it to your advantage. Save this list so you can come back to it whenever you need it.