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Outsourcing Development Checklist for Startups

Few outsourcing development companies acknowledge that working with startups may be harder and much less profitable than making a product for the established enterprise. Which is why we’ve made our own five-step code, that ensures great results and drives the motivation across our team members when we’re working with startup owners. 

#1 believe in the project! 

Top Motivational Factors for Startups 

Needless to say that when you’re running a startup there is a totally different atmosphere inside the company. Unlike the big enterprise resource planning system development company, startup preserves this high level of intimacy between founders and their product. Startup owners are directly interested in the success of their product as long as they are creators of the core idea. 

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On the other hand, self-started entrepreneurs are usually constrained with resources. Time and money primarily. Working on a daytime job and paying attention to your own project may be as challenging, as raising funds to support it. From time to time those two factors result in the painful decision-making of which feature to live and which one to give up in order to fit in the budget. 

Being a self-funded company ourself we experienced those financial and time constrains the hard way. Maybe that’s why we were able to cope with those troubles and help our clients to make the most out of their budgets by integrating as many features as possible. 

Still, working with startups is always a unique and inspiring experience. It is filled with those exciting moments when we find ourselves pushing imagination and creativity to the edge. Even such a boring and scrupulous stage as writing down specifications turn into a real adventure because we’re trying to put client’s unique vision to paper and keep the costs as low as possible. 

Along the way we’ve worked out our own checklist for startup clients: 

  • #1 believe in the project! 
  • #2 advise on any issue. 
  • #3 take care of every penny. 
  • #4 be creative. 
  • #5 keep pushing to release. 
  • Having troubles? Go to #1! 

#2 advise on any issue 

Research and Analysis 

Before starting full-scale startup development process it is highly advised to run industry research, analyze the competition and audience of the future product. Without spending enough time on industry research a novice entrepreneur risks just losing money with no gain. 

Researching your niche is especially important if you’re about to startup mobile app company. There are around 4,2 million apps available for download. Take your time searching for apps with the same idea as your own. 

It must be acknowledged that making a professional survey without having any experience in the industry may be hard. For these purposes, the GBKSOFT team offers a special stage called Mobile App Idea Crash Test. It’s completely free and allows new entrepreneurs get a first feedback and professional market research from start. 

What’s inside: 

  • Market research on app’s demand. 
  • Competitive analysis. 
  • Development risk assessment. 
  • Target audience survey 

Note: All there work is Copyright Protected – We’ll sign an NDA with our experts prior to crash-test your idea.   

#3 take care of every penny 

Mobile App Startup Business Plan 

Form our experience a clear business plan is a key success factor for every company. While business management responsibilities and business plan development are entrusted to the entrepreneur we are ready to support the client with statistics and industry insights. 

Understanding your customer’s needs is a crucial part in product development and mobile app is not an exception. However, it may be hard to collect those valuable insights and reach out your target audience while you still unable to show your product. 

You probably noticed that describing your idea to the other person is the best way to sort things out. That’s why we are scrupulous when it comes to geather Executive Summary of our client’s business plan. This includes Problem, Solution and Unique Value Proposition he/she is aiming to provide with an app. 

Outsourcing Development Checklist for Startups

The reason we need this information is that it is used to make accurate specs and use cases for the project. Fun thing to note that sometimes this information is used by our clients to create a clear business plan for their venture. 

 App Monetization Potential Analysis 

Another vital step is to test apps monetization potential. This is where the market statistics and competition survey will be handy. Every entrepreneur wants to know when this project will start making money, what Rate of Return and Return on Investment (ROI) to expect. 

In order to calculate these figures, we can provide our clients with average app prices across his/her niche. In addition, we advise the best monetization strategies that can be used inside the mobile app. 

For instance, many of our clients was thinking about advertisements or app purchases as primary monetization channels. But truth be told both those methods affect the engagement rates and result in low app download rates. As a consequence paid apps or apps with too many ads are not getting many users and losing potential profit in the long run. 

Note: We’ve got a vast code base of modules and ready-made solutions that speed up the development process and cut your expenses.  

#4 be creative 

Insights & Recommendations 

Making a startup with software “ingredient” doesn’t necessarily requires founder to become a tech person. Startup owner should know the industry and its inner problems, but a software development stuff can be outsourced as well as some other business processes like logistics. 

Which is why we always go an extra mile to supplement startup owner with new ideas and solutions. We use 6 years of software development experience we’ve got to educate our client’s and show them best practices available on the software market nowadays. 

Some extra recommendation and software startup ideas that we provide: 

  • Additional variants of UI/UX design features. 
  • Extra functionality to stand out from the rest. 
  • Recommendations of suitable technologies and platform for the product. 
  • Recommendations from industry experts with 5+ years of experience. 
  • A list of minimal, viable product features and a list of desirable ones. 

#5 keep pushing to release 

Keep the Faith 

Being a startup owner is hard and challenging. It captures all your thoughts, time and inspiration. It puts extra responsibilities to you without any guarantees of success. But if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need. 

We were a startup once and know this feeling when you get to your goal. No jokes, this is one of the most precious experiences we’ve got so far. That’s why we are doing our best to help startups achieving their goals and share this great moment once more!