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Outstanding Notification Apps For Android


A notification is a message displayed to the specific users outside of the normal app ‘s UI. It tends to appear as an icon in the notification sector. In order to view details on the notification, the user clicks on the notification drawer that is systematically controlled so that the user can access and view it at any time.

Notification channels the user to create a customizable channel following each type of notification to be displayed.

They also provide a system that helps in managing notifications. You have the option of setting up notifications separately for each conversation group created by a particular user in the messaging app.

Here is the List of Outstanding Notification Apps For Android

1. Push notification

This is among the best notification apps that work effectively by allowing notification message to pop up on a given mobile device.

The app publishers never send them at any time and the users do not need to be available in the app or busy using their mobile devices in order to receive those messages.

These messages could appear to remind or update on the latest sports, an upcoming event, or a reminder to download a coupon. In most cases, these notification messages appear more like mobile alerts even though the message only reaches the users who have installed the given app.

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2. Hi Locker

This widget is a combination of the latest design of lollipop and UI. Despite having the beautiful looks, it has amazing features.

It is simple in design and provides clean simple UI to the user. Immediately after launching the app in a few days, you have to turn on the notification access.

3. Notiwidget

This widget lets you interact with your notifications on the lock screen. When speaking of features, the notifications look similar to the original one with no custom appearance.

It has full control over all actions and media players. When it comes to customization, you have the option of choosing from different clock sizes to filter notifications.

It gives room for the creation of many widgets as you please on all the screens on your phone. The widgetlocker in this app makes it easier to operate music players.

4. Heads-up Notifications

When using this app, any android device can get this notification app working for them. It is stated that your device does not need rooting to work well with this app. Being one of the best notification apps, giving it a try could be worth your time.

It has endless features just like common top rated apps of notification. It displays a notification as a pop-up and easily controls the notifications to be displayed.

It is easy to display this app on lock screen not to forget the battery has been friendly in terms of saving power. You have an option to choose how long you prefer the notification to display.

However, getting so many notifications increases the usage of your battery. When using media player, you are more likely to see a pop up for the music playing if your setting is accurate. It is suggested that it is not advisable to use heads up on certain apps. The heads-up notification is available in fourteen languages.

5. Locky notification

From the term above, locky notification refers to the lock screen widget with notifications. When using this app, you are able to view all of your notifications without unlocking your mobile phone.

This app monitors the notifications coming through from any app of your device and displays them on your screen lock to save you a time of digging into apps to search for the notifications. In the case, you want to check notifications from third-party apps require the activation of the Locky app to process them. The disadvantage that comes with it is complained to be a low battery saver.

6. Notifier Pro

As mobile phones are getting more advanced, notifications cannot cope with the latest trends leaving end users to constantly seek best notification apps. Notification system for Android is not that bad as it sometimes outperforms Apple phones.

This app enhances your phone’s alert notification. It was updated recently to be on par with the trending ones. Aside from that, the app can integrate notifications from pre-installed apps on phone through the accessibility service.

Alternatively, your selection on a specific notification will give you the ability to control how the notification app behaves. For effectiveness, notifier pro users need to activate the accessibility service in order to process notifications for Android.

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7. Smart notify

Smart notify includes notifications for other several apps selected by you. It gives you the capabilities to read messages just by pressing volume keys and allows you to respond to a voice message.

In the detection of a WIFI signal, a notification tone will sound or even after removing your device from your pocket. It has numerous features that make it top of the list of the best notification apps. It works uniquely compared to the other notification apps and this makes it an amazing and interesting app to use in this case.

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My take

With the unending list of the best notification apps, only the suitable one is for you will be helpful. It is best to put into consideration the fact that notification apps can save you the trouble of checking your phone frequently for new messages or updates as no one would love to be near distracted minded people.

Hope my article “Outstanding Notification Apps For Android” helps you to identify notifications apps for android.