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11 Best OwnCloud Alternative To Share Files and Folders

Wondering what the Best OwnCloud Alternative in 2022 is? 🤔 No worries, because that’s what I’m going to show you today.

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Everybody wants to own their private storage space on the cloud today. You cannot blame them. Storing essential documents on the cloud has several advantages; namely, it is safe from prying eyes, and you can access it anytime you want. 

This self-hosted cloud platform enables you or your firm to use all the features that come with cloud storage. For example, you have Dropbox. But, using that means your data is controlled in the house. 

You have proper control over your stuff, which is good in today’s unsafe environment. That makes sure there is no data breach of your sensitive information. Almost every week, we wake up to the news of a massive data breach on secure platforms. 

It sounds scary, indeed. Hence, when you invest in hardware to design or purchase server space, the software must be robust and stable. This helps you come up with your private cloud storage platform. 

On that note, OwnCloud is one of the best private cloud storage platforms that allows you to design your storage for your documents. You would be delighted to know that it has more than 50 million users globally. 

It is open-source software with all the bells and whistles required for a private cloud storage platform. Few include access to all devices, file and folder sharing, sync, editing documents on the internet, support for third-party storage platforms, etc. 

We do not deny that OwnCloud is one of the best cloud storage options available today, but IT companies tend to search for better opportunities. That is because it comes with several flaws. 

You might not be able to use it on a Windows server. This can be a significant issue for several firms because they use Windows Server instead of Linux.

Let us first read why OwnCloud was such a popular cloud storage platform. 

Reasons for OwnCloud popularity 🤷‍♂️

Knowing why OwnCloud was popular lets, you find out what users looked for. You have several free cloud storage hosts in the market. Despite competition like Dropbox, OwnCloud has managed to establish itself. 

With MySQL, Apache, and PHP, this free file hosting software can be used for personal and professional use. The main benefit of using this cloud storage platform is that controlling the group’s rights and the user administration are present for saved files. 

Not to mention, it is free to own, and you can label the box with your name written on it. There are a few paid options for you to make use of. It comes with exceptional customization features, from plugins to themes. 

The cloud storage platform is a technical sound package. When you want to share data space using it, you can do so because it is easy. The platform was flexible. In this sense, it could be used for personal and professional purposes. 

You could be a business or an individual. You can run complex file management, perform more operations, and so on, without paying anything. It comes with a flaw where the levels of encryption are high. 

You can share files with others using the same OwnCloud service, but you need to activate the encryption. Some file types cannot find a way inside; hence you may have to keep turning it off. Sadly, OwnCloud is not overpowering when compared to cloud storage platforms today. 

Users’ needs keep going high while this cloud storage platform remains stagnant. Many users complained that it was quite slow.

When you need a more commercial and professional cloud storage platform, we have compiled an alternative to owncloud list just for you.

Best OwnCloud Alternative – Our Top Pick 👌

This post will explore a few of the best OwnCloud alternatives in the market today.

Several platforms seem to be a better option as they provide robust features. They are also cheap and have exceptional qualities.

1. FileCloud

FileCloud (Download Here) ranks first on our list of the ideal OwnCloud alternative.

The cloud storage platform has common features and supports Windows and Linux servers. Not to mention, you can also enjoy other things from FileCloud.

Best OwnCloud Alternative

You have multi-tenancy hosting, where you can run applications on Docker, endpoint backup, local storage support, and so on. It helps you edit documents through the Office online server on the cloud. 

You also have built-in ransomware protection, unlimited users on the cloud, and others. We liked the user interface of the cloud storage platform. You do not have to be well-versed in technology to use and operate it. 

You can find tools that comply with federal requirements on this platform. It is affordable because you are spending less than OwnCloud. FileCloud comes with a community edition in which five users can work on the cloud storage platform. 

They can work using the unlimited user account, which is advantageous, and the community edition costs $10 annually. Overall, we liked this cloud storage platform for its numerous features and keen similarities with OwnCloud. 

If you are searching for a robust cloud storage tool, then FileCloud should be your best option. 

2. NextCloud

Second, on our list is NextCloud (Download Here). It is a popular open-source service for private cloud storage.

Karl Franklitschek launched this cloud storage platform in 2016. Hence, the features of NextCloud are quite similar to OwnCloud. 

11 Best OwnCloud Alternative To Share Files and Folders

This is a strong evolution of the former cloud storage platform. But, it gives you more support and inclination for editing documents, locking files not to allow anybody to edit them, and the video/audio chat. 

As we read, several former employees of OwnCloud designed this service. They wanted to further come up with a program that they had previously developed.

We were quite impressed with the structure of the cloud storage service for a simple transition. 

Home office with Nextcloud

Not to mention, they are currently concentrating on saving services on the cloud. They want to implement features for users to see and use with ease.

The service prioritizes security features, and the software comes with powerful tools for taking control of your data. 

You can use this cloud storage platform for your business or home use. The tool comes such that it is optimized for bringing the best from your cloud storage platform. You have more than two different subscription packages.

The features provided on it depend on the option you select for NextCloud. When you choose the standard plan, it comes with 50 users for close to $50 annually. There is also a premium plan with more than 30 users for $1000 annually.

3. Seafile

Next, we have an exciting cloud storage platform called Seafile. This open-source software comes highly recommended by those who have worked on OwnCloud. We felt that this open-source tool could find the source code on GitHub. 

Most of the features of this open-source cloud storage platform can be found on OwnCloud. You can sync and encrypt several files with the capability to resume the transfer when it is interrupted. 

11 Best OwnCloud Alternative To Share Files and Folders

You can create links that are protected with a password. They can be shared with clients, access offline data, and real-time notifications. You can also edit the documents coming with the WYSIWYG markdown editor.

Seafile is a popular option for those who prefer working on open source. Few users have also noticed similar features to Dropbox. The client and server are based on open source. This cloud storage platform supports end-to-end client encryption.

You can also install the software easily with functions. Unfortunately, you cannot synchronize services like CalDav or CardDav. It also provides a barrage of services for user collaboration and file administration.

Best OwnCloud Alternative

There is a messaging as well as a commenting function. You also have file versioning in which the cloud storage platform is suitable for teamwork. The speed of synchronization and reliability add to the functional nature of this program. 

It can work on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, also iOS and Android. Overall, Seafile is suitable for those who want to increase their productivity in business.

When you want robust features, you can use the professional edition, priced at $50 for 50 users.

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4. Pydio

We found Pydio (Download Here), a good OwnCloud alternative. This cloud storage platform was previously called as AjaXplorer.

This is one of the best open-source platforms because you have plenty to explore. 

Take back control on your files with Pydio Cells !

Earlier, a few users had complained that it has several bugs, which have been addressed since. This is one of the best cloud storage solutions that offer you syncing and storage solutions on different devices. 

Users can decide on the data to sync, and you can share files publicly online. You can use this platform on all the available operating systems. This cloud storage platform has some excellent security provisions, including EncFS encryption.

Is it better than OwnCloud? We feel that way because you can work with important content and offer flexibility. Users can customize it accordingly, and it comes with GDPR-compliant logs and other tools for your use. 

You can use the basic version for free, but it has limited features. When you want better features, you can use the premium version. The annual subscription rate for up to 50 users is less than $50.

5. Syncthing

Fifth, on our list, we have Syncthing, an open-source service designed by Resilio Sync.

It was earlier called BitTorrent Sync. Though the project is under development most of the time, it does not take away the fact that it syncs appropriately. 

11 Best OwnCloud Alternative To Share Files and Folders

The user interface is excellent and has an appealing navigation capability. You cannot find an integrated file monitoring system. The changes occurring in the complete repository must be scanned.

When that happens, the performance of the cloud storage platform can be weakened. If you want to work on Ubuntu, then you might not be able to sync with it. The initialization process can also be slightly on the difficult side. 

Syncthing suits those who want to work on a straightforward cloud storage platform. The features and operations are not similar to OwnCloud, but this is an open-source platform that will ensure you do not regret your time spent there. 

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6. SpiderOak

We will now read about SpiderOak. According to a few experts, this is one of the best OwnCloud alternatives in 2022. The reason for that is it supports end-to-end encryption.

This cloud storage platform comes with an excellent reputation for being able to go with professional encryption.

Best OwnCloud Alternative

This is a closed-source tool, where you must trust the host for reliability and safety. You do not have to use a backdoor key to upload files. You have to use higher security in this service platform than a service like Dropbox.

Not to mention, this cloud storage platform is quite more flexible than OwnCloud. You can efficiently perform adjustments. For example, you can choose the number of structures of folders. Apart from that, you can save them on the proper PC or laptop. 

When you have secured the folder, you can view it on other nodes. That means it is part of the clustering file system in this service. You can sync the folders on several PCs or laptops using the right structure. 

You can also encompass the synchronization among folders that are secured. However, we were not satisfied with the upload speed. If you want to upload the entire folder, then it takes quite a while. 

Considering everything, SpiderOak is an excellent cloud storage platform that you would want to consider using for personal and professional usage. 

7. SparkleShare

SparkleShare is open-source software for professional entrepreneurs. When your requirement is high and requires a powerful cloud storage platform, it is this one. Like some of the tools we have seen in this list, it is a complicated process.

We found that it is suitable for those working on Linux operating systems. This is a viable OwnCloud alternative because you need to have some basic technical knowledge to move on. There is a minor flaw in this service; it makes use of the version control system Git. 

It lets the tracking of modifications and occurs without much hassle. This is helpful for large projects where you have many employees using the service. When you want to make the files accessible on the server, SparkleShare comes to mind. 

Of course, you will need a robust encryption process SSH and Git on the local server. File synchronization needs you to put up with a few constraints. In that case, users will want to use another tool for syncing images and audio. 

The client encryption is not important because file names are not encrypted. With the help of a single password, you can work hassle-free. Indeed, it would be better to have another encryption system. 

When you are a technically sound entrepreneur looking for an optimum solution for your local server requirements, SparkleShare is the best choice. This OwnCloud alternative helps Linux users perform their tasks efficiently. 

8. Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is a freeware program that lets you synchronize files between several PCs.

That is possible due to the BitTorrent protocol found in file-sharing software. You can come up with a decentralized network using synchronized terminals.

11 Best OwnCloud Alternative To Share Files and Folders

Your folder is assigned a key with a combination of numbers and letters. This is the code for your folder. You can enter the key and then start to sync through another terminal. We were able to distribute 300MB of files to several colleagues efficiently. 

We became instant fans of this cloud storage service. Not to mention, they update their product often. You can also sync data of more than 40GB, something not found in most of the other services. 

It is suitable for small firms, families, and friends who want to share personal data. The investment of your time is worth it. Few users felt that you need to be highly technologically advanced to use it. 

However, it is fast, private, and affordable once you get ahold of it. 

Resilio Sync is a suitable OwnCloud alternative in the market. It is ideal for file distribution. Users need to share the key with their friends or colleagues, and they can transfer data. It also comes with small but useful features that prevent a data breach. 

Unfortunately, when you want to modify the access settings, you must get a premium version of the cloud storage platform. 

9. GoodSync

GoodSync is another of the OwnCloud alternative on our list. This cloud storage platform is suitable for those who are technically well-versed. You might have come across this name if you have used cloud storage tools. 

11 Best OwnCloud Alternative To Share Files and Folders

We were satisfied with the features and capabilities of this platform; notably, you can perform file synchronization with major operating systems. This system can be said as one of the best alternatives for OwnCloud. 

You would be amazed at the reviews about this tool, which are overwhelmingly positive. Does it come with drawbacks? Yes, it does. One of the faults in this platform is that you have to undergo a complicated initialization procedure. 

The process can bring the best of minds into a dilemma. You do have several chances for initializing the process. Not to mention, you can also mold the file structure setup based on your needs. 

You can use the platform for 30 days, after which you have to buy it. We prefer these kinds of tools that come on a trial basis. If you are happy with what you saw, you can purchase the file hosting program. 

When you want to spend money on a cloud storage platform, GoodSync is the best option because it operates seamlessly on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is worth your time and money. 

10. Digital Pigeon

Finally, we have Digital Pigeon, a cloud storage company founded in 2010. This stable file delivery service firm offers a decent platform for marketing companies, creative studios, and digital media producers. 

You will not miss deadlines for those handling huge files due to the fast service for sending and receiving files. The firm uses enterprise-grade Amazon servers to ensure that your content is safe and delivered fast.

A few of the features in this cloud storage platform include access controls/permissions, audit trail, drag & drop, encryption, real-time synchronization, and organized workflow management. According to a photographer user, he uses this platform to deliver images to his client’s world over. 

Some users were unaware that the app archives all your files and data. Here is your best option when your data gets corrupted, and you are looking for a solution to retrieve them. You can have the files restored and download them. 

It is priced at $15/month and does not come with a free version. However, you can make use of their free trial. Digital Pigeon may not have robust features when compared to FileCloud and NextCloud.

But it does come with excellent capabilities for your content handling and requirements.


Is Nextcloud better than ownCloud? 

While Nextcloud is a familiar software, it has become evident that it is considerably more ambitious than ownCloud in terms of cooperation.

The former spin-off has developed since its 2016 release from a basic file syncing and sharing solution to a high-end rival to cloud suites like Microsoft 365. There are just little variations between file storage and file sharing. 

The add-on and security features show significant differences: first, ownCloud’s licensing model ensures that some functionality, including full-text search, workflow management, or branding, is only accessible to paying Enterprise clients.

Users of Nextcloud are not subject to these restrictions because only support and update services are charged extra. 

Is ownCloud still free? 

In accordance with your needs, it might be. Anyone can use ownCloud because it is open-source.

In addition, the ownCloud GmbH provides premium memberships that enable additional functionality and support. 


We have come to the end of our discussion. We hope you found this post useful on the best OwnCloud alternative in today’s market. Did we see something of interest? Yes, we felt that FileCloud and NextCloud are excellent options for OwnCloud. 

These two cloud storage platforms are the closest to the original. Not to mention, they come with more features and power. The others are good and feature some handy functions for you to use. 

If you value security, you might consider going with SpiderOak and SparkleShare. They come with robust encryption features that can protect your data well without any breach. If you are a Linux user, then Syncthing is your optimum choice. 

You can also design a decentralized file-sharing network using some cloud storage platforms mentioned here. However, you have to pay for doing so. Overall, we feel that this is a well-balanced set of alternatives. 

You can surely find something that blends with your personal or entrepreneurial requirements. Finding your cloud storage tool comes down to the purpose you want from the file hosting service. 

Not to mention, you need to ensure that they appeal to you. These OwnCloud alternatives can be strongly considered when you want a file hosting software that is not Dropbox but comes with equally useful features. 

You are now set to begin your search.