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9 Best Pagerduty Alternatives To Improve Visibility and Agility

Are you looking for the best Pagerduty Alternatives to Simplify Your Incident Management Process To Improve Visibility and Agility?🧐

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As the world advances towards technology, our life moves more and more towards a virtual environment. Today, everyone is surrounded by applications and online platforms. Even businesses and organizations have brought all their processes, operations, and functioning online.

In today’s era, shopping is not usually done from stores, but from online applications; people enquire about a business, its services, and products, etc., not through calls, but by visiting the company websites and applications; and there are a lot more examples like that. In a nutshell, our world is influenced by web and mobile applications far and wide.

Considering this scenario, it becomes necessary for organizations and businesses to continuously monitor and manage the smooth performance of their applications.

Applications are built with technology, after all, and there can always be issues and problems with the same. However, if the technical issues prevail for a longer time, organizations and application owners might suffer huge losses.

As such, application performance monitoring and network performance monitoring are imperative activities for every business in today’s industry scenario.

Now, while businesses can employ engineers and professionals to manually keep testing and monitoring application performance, it doesn’t help much since even the least bit of downtime leads to losses, and manual monitoring can never be enough to immediately identify and alert about an issue or problem with the applications.

As such, application performance monitoring platforms and tools become necessary. Such tools send an instant alert to the concerned person and make it possible to fix the problems and issues at a faster pace.

Now, one such tool for the purpose is Pagerduty. It is one of the most popular application performance monitoring and alerting tools and can help a lot with keeping the uptime of your application, running smoothly at its best performance levels.

Let’s dig into more details about Pagerduty and how it works.

What is Pagerduty?🧐

As mentioned, Pagerduty is an application performance monitoring tool to help maintain and manage the smooth functioning of different applications.

Basically, it’s an alerting platform that generates a response to an incident within the application and sends a notification to the concerned personnel, who then acts upon the alert by identifying and fixing the issue as quickly as possible. 

The alerts are configured to be sent through calls, emails, and SMS. Moreover, if an alert to one personnel bounces or doesn’t receive attention, the system shall send the response to other concerned personnel.

Basically, the aim is to identify a prevailing situation in the application almost immediately and fix it so that the audience and users don’t suffer issues and losses due to the downtime caused by the incident.

The good thing is that you can create these incident response alerts on Pagerduty for a number of platforms at once due to the seamless third-party integration capabilities possessed by the tool.

Moreover, the tool also provides you reports about all the incidents that happened during a period and how quickly they were resolved. Also, you can know the impact it had on your application performance and business. All these reports offer you an insight into the areas of improvement.

With all of that, Pagerduty is an efficient tool, a must-have for every organization to make sure that its business operations and functions don’t suffer due to application incidents, technical issues, and downtime. 

However, while the tool is extremely useful and functional with all essential application monitoring features, it’s unbelievably costly as well.

Pagerduty comes at the cost of $35 per month per user. This will lead any organization to some expenses that will highly disrupt their operational and working budgets. So, most organizations would like to seek another option that may be equally good, if not better.

Well, luckily enough, with the growing need for application performance monitoring tools, those engaged in working in the area didn’t stay back from developing them.

As such, there is a plethora of application performance monitoring and incident response management tools that one can use as good Pagerduty alternatives.

The question is, how would you find them? Well, we have made the task slightly easier for you by compiling this list with all the necessary details about some of the best Pagerduty alternatives. Let’s get to them!

Best Pagerduty Alternatives – Our Pick👌

As you have read so far along, there’s no doubt about the fact that Pagerduty is an excellent application performance monitoring tool and can keep you at the top of your game in maintaining the uptime of your applications.

However, this tool is extremely costly as well, which definitely makes you want to look for some other options.

Well, you can find your options here. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the best Pagerduty alternatives that you can try for managing your application performance and ensuring that it’s always uptime.

1. Better Uptime

With the most extensive features and functionalities, the Better Uptime application performance monitoring tool is undoubtedly Pagerduty Alternatives.

It helps monitor the application performance and uptime, instantly send incident alerts and reports via SMS, calls, and emails, and even look at the status of the application over a single page.

The application even has an in-built uptime monitoring system. So, you can constantly be assured that your applications are not suffering any downtime, and even when they do, you shall get an alert, and you can fix the issue immediately.

Best Pagerduty Alternatives

The good part about the alerts and notifications on this tool is that it comes with screenshots showing the issue that occurred in the application and its performance.

This screenshot gives a quicker head start into investigating the problem and debugging the application. Moreover, Better Uptime can integrate with most third-party applications, which allow for enhanced analytics and monitoring features as well.

So, it’s the perfect tool to keep up with the smooth functioning and performance of your applications, and the good part is that it’s free as well.

However, it’s not entirely free to use. The tool has a free version, but it comes with certain restrictions. You need to move on to the paid versions of the tool to unlock better features.

Best Pagerduty Alternatives 1
Better Uptime vs.

Nonetheless, the free version meets most of your basic needs that are supported by Pagerduty for a cost.

Considering this fact, Better Uptime is definitely one of the best Pagerduty alternatives and something worth your time and even the cost if you do decide to upgrade to its paid plans.

2. Zenduty -- End-to-end incident response platform

If you are looking for an advanced tool with higher features and functionalities for incident response alerts and management, then Zenduty shall come in very handy.

While the tool is advanced in terms of its features and functionalities, it keeps things extremely simple and easy to understand for its users.

The tool has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps with efficient and consistent incident response management.

Best Pagerduty Alternatives 2

The tool integrates well with most of your organizations’ operational applications such as Slack, Zoom, and Teams and makes sure that you get instant alerts and notifications via calls, messages, and emails in case of any issue, technical or otherwise, arises with your application.

The tool even goes a little extra mile in sending the alerts in the sense that along with the alert, it guides you for an action to be taken in cases where such guidance is possible.

This type of step-by-step fix, along with the incident response notification, makes it quicker and easier for you to debug the application and have it back uptime.

Zenduty - Anatomy of an Incident

Additionally, if there is anything that you are unable to put together about the application or its functionality, you can easily understand the same through the tutorial and videos available within the application interface.

The best part yet is that you get it all free of any charge. So, basically, whatever features you get over Pagerduty for a charge, you get almost similar ones on Zenduty without paying a penny for them.

This factor, coupled with all the other extensive and excellent features and functionalities of Zenduty, makes it an excellent option, thereby making it a tool you must surely consider as an option, especially when you are low on budget and could really use some savings for other organizational expenses.

3. xMatters – Automated Incident Management

If you want a tool that can boost the productivity of your in-house team, then xMatters is the perfect solution for the purpose.

This tool is basically built for DevOps teams to manage their on-call operations and tasks while making sure that everything moves forward in a smooth workflow.

This application performance monitoring tool has excellent features and functionalities that make it possible to constantly monitor the applications for their performance and send incident responses and alerts instantly in the form of detailed notifications so that they can be fixed immediately.

In addition to application performance monitoring, this tool also helps with scheduling and automating the workflows that further boost the productivity of the team. The best part about all this is that you get the notifications and alerts in real-time.

xMatters Adaptive Incident Management Product Features

What makes this tool even better is its sleek, simple, and attractive user interface that is easy to understand and work with.

Additionally, this tool has the capability to integrate with over 200 other third-party applications and tools. With that kind of integration capabilities, there are hardly any limits to the extension of functionalities of xMatters.

Best Pagerduty Alternatives 3

With all that, it’s a pretty great alternative and it even has a free version. However, there are several restrictions with the free version, and even with the paid versions, you need to be careful about using your on-call notifications as they come with a limit.

So, while the pricing is an issue with xMatters, you can still try the free version, especially if your team size is small and the requirements are limited and basic.

Once you are comfortable with the free version, you can decide if you want to move on to the paid ones or not.

4. Opsgenie

Another amazing Pagerduty alternatives on the list is Opsgenie. With extensive features and functionalities, this tool helps you keep your applications performing at their best at all times. 

Basically, all it does is send you incident response reports and alerts. However, these alerts are more detailed in comparison to what you may get from any other incident response and application performance monitoring tool.

In addition to alerting you about the problem, this tool comes with features and functionalities to immediately investigate the incident. This way, you can fix the issue faster and make sure that your applications do not suffer downtime.

Moreover, along with helping you manage the operational performance of your applications, this tool helps manage the overall team performance and productivity too by providing a functionality to schedule and manage the on-calls for DevOps tasks and functions.

This way, it’s easier for you to manage and maintain the organizational workflows and keep the work consistent and efficient.

Another good thing about Opsgenie is that you may not have to pay for it. The tool has a free version with unlimited SMS alerts. However, it restricts the number of users to just five.

Moreover, the functionalities in the free version are quite basic. So, if you have a larger team and want to benefit from higher features and functionalities, then you will have to move to the paid plans.

Nonetheless, the tool is a good head start, especially for smaller teams, and even the paid plans don’t burn a very big hole in your pocket, so you can definitely check them out.

5. AlertOps – Master the Unexpected

Now, if you are looking for software solely to cut some costs, then AlertOps shall not be your best bet considering that it’s more expensive than Pagerduty.

However, if you are looking for something with excellent application performance monitoring and incident response management functionalities, then this is a tool to check out for sure.

Master the Unexpected | Optimize Incident Response | Incident Management | Automated Escalations

While it’s more expensive than the former, and you will have to pay a lot to get all the advanced features and functionalities, there’s nothing that Pagerduty can do and AlertOps cannot.

To put it in more straightforward terms, when it comes to features and functionalities, both these are extremely similar.

The tool integrates with a number of third-party applications and tools and helps you manage and application performance at best.

AlertOps not only provides you instant notifications and alerts about incidents and issues in your application, but it also helps manage and fix those issues so that the applications remain uptime and deliver smooth operational performance.

In addition to monitoring your application performance, this tool is also efficient in maintaining and managing your database. It constantly monitors your database backups and ensures that none of your data is at any risk of loss, theft, or infringement.

Moreover, you can even manage your tasks, jobs, and workflows with this tool by seamlessly scheduling them. This saves a lot of time, and you are able to be more productive and efficient in your work.

Obviously, the tool is not an option for you in case you are a beginner, but if you are established, and want an advanced tool for meeting your application performance monitoring requirements, then this is a tool you must try. 

6. Cabot – monitor and alert

If you want absolutely free Pagerduty alternatives, then Cabot is the tool that you must be putting into consideration. This is an open-source and free application performance monitoring tool with almost as good, advanced, and extensive features and functionalities as Pagerduty.

The tool comes with a very simple and easy-to-understand user interface that you can use to set up a system for application performance monitoring and alerts.

Best Pagerduty Alternatives 4

As such, you can receive instant notifications in case there is any discrepancy with the performance of your applications, even if it’s so much so that something has gone wrong with the code.

Additionally, you can set up notifications and alerts based on existing data codes and collectors. This functionality particularly makes your task easier considering the fact that you need not set up any new data collection and response system.

Everything is pretty much automated, and you can ensure smooth performing, well-maintained applications with constant monitoring and alerting features and functionalities.

With all of that, Cabot, although simple, is very intuitive and can serve as a fairly good tool especially when a free solution with some basic and helpful functionalities to support you with the smooth performance of your applications and operational workflows was all that you were looking for.

7. OnPage

Another tool that helps manage incident responses and application performance with utmost efficiency and efficacy is OnPage. Built on the principles of automation, this tool essentially automates the incident responses alert and their resolution.

As such, the tool constantly monitors your applications, systems, and other operational workflows, and whenever it encounters any issue hindering the smooth functioning and processing of the operations, it generates an automated response and takes actions to fix the issue or debug the application altogether. 

OnPage Incident Management - Perfect for ITOps, Clinical and Crisis Communication

With this automation of incident response and resolution, you can take immediate actions and ensure that your applications remain uptime and at their best performance at all times.

However, it still lacks the advanced features and functionalities of on-call scheduling and integration offered by Pagerduty.

Moreover, there is no free version available for OnPage. Nonetheless, you can get a free trial, and if you are satisfied with whatever basic functionalities you get with it, you can give this tool a try.

While it’s not as efficient as Pagerduty, it would really help if you don’t have the resources to manually attend to an issue every time an incident response is generated.

8. Splunk

Next on the list is Splunk, another expensive application performance monitoring tool, yet considered one of the best Pagerduty alternatives. It comes with nearly all the advanced features and functionalities supported by Pagerduty.

As such, you can easily generate incident response notifications and alerts and have your engineers working on application performance issues almost instantly to ensure that your applications remain uptime, and the operations remain productive.

9 Best Pagerduty Alternatives To Improve Visibility and Agility

To further ensure the productivity of your operations, you can get constant status reports on the application performance monitoring, using which you can easily create your workflows. However, all this is part of the high-tier paid plans, and even with the basic paid plans, the functionalities are quite limited.

Another issue that comes with Splunk is it’s difficult to understand and hard to navigate the user interface. Considering these issues and problems with this tool, it’s definitely not for beginners.

However, if you are in the longer game, are established, and are ready to spend money on advanced application performance monitoring and incident response generation, then Splunk is the tool you need.

Splunk Everywhere! Application Performance Management

9. Response

Not a very advanced tool, yet a considerable Pagerduty Alternatives, last on our list is Response. This is a very basic tool with some basic features and functionalities that will make it easier for you to manage your organizational functions and operations.

The tool is designed to constantly monitor your applications and track the actions.

As it monitors and tracks your application performance, you get a clear picture of the surrounding issues and discrepancies with the applications, and based on the tracking, you can take actions to fix the issues, debug the applications, and ensure smooth operational performance.

Final Words

With the need to keep your applications performing well and operational workflows managed, you constantly need to monitor the applications and workflows and fix any problem coming your way.

Application Performance Monitoring and Incident Response Management tools are made for this purpose only. Now, while Pagerduty comes as the most popular and efficient tool, there are alternatives as well that you can consider, if not for anything else, then at least for cutting some costs.

We hope that this list of nine of the best Pagerduty alternatives was helpful and you have found the tool that suits your requirements best.