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11 Of The Best Pandora Alternatives To Try Out

Pandora is fantastic, but it isn’t accessible everywhere. If you desire to listen to music without paying for it, below are the top Pandora alternatives.

Pandora is among the most well-known online music streaming platform. And the majority of Pandora’s users adore it. If you’ve come to this page, it’s because you’re seeking Pandora alternatives. So, to begin, let’s go over how Pandora works…

You launch Pandora, choose a category or mood of the music, and then let the “radio” blast some music for you. If you enjoy a song, you can add similar tunes to the radio station by clicking the thumbs-up button. If you don’t, you’ll click a thumbs-down symbol, and the radio station will stop playing that genre.

It’s a classic setup that’s also highly user-friendly. Not only is Pandora unavailable in many regions, but there is a plethora of alternative music streaming services to choose from. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top available Pandora alternatives in this post. There is no specific order in which we are presenting them.

Best Pandora Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Amazon Music

Best Pandora Alternatives

How it Measures Up:-

Because of Pandora’s rapidly expanding catalog size, Amazon Music has emerged as the most compact Pandora alternatives. Many consumers, on the other hand, prefer the more typical music streaming service layout available with Amazon Music, rather as Pandora’s somewhat difficult to navigate streaming stations.

Notable Characteristics:-

Amazon Music has a database of 2 million songs available for purchase. In the world of music streaming services, that is a minuscule figure. 

Despite this, Amazon Music’s catalog is updated frequently to include the most recent tunes, sometimes even before Pandora does so. Filtering playlists as per mood, genre, and engagement are all choices in the application.


Amazon Music gives free access to the Amazon Prime Music service provided by Amazon. Anyone who has an Amazon account can use the free membership to enjoy ad-supported content via the Amazon Music service, which is available worldwide.

In the past, only Amazon Echo buyers could take advantage of the free membership offer. But, at the time of this publication, the free edition of Amazon Music is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany only.

Amazon Prime Music is available to anyone who has purchased an Amazon Prime subscription. In the event that you currently use Amazon Prime because of its many other features, you may consider Prime Music to be an added feature.

We also have Amazon Music Unlimited. This grants access to over 60 million tracks as well as unrestricted ad-free on-demand playing, flexible bitrate control, offline downloading, and a host of other features. 

A subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited costs $7.99 per month if you are an Amazon Prime member and $9.99 per month for those who do not have Amazon Prime.

In addition to all of the features available on the prior tiers, Amazon Music Unlimited HD enables users to stream music at Ultra High Definition (UHD). 

To  Stream audio at High Definition means that the average bitrate is 3730kbps, which is much greater than the rate of all other music streaming services. 

To subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited HD costs $12.99 per month if you are an Amazon Prime member and $14.99 per month for people who do not have Prime.

Availability in specific regions. At the time of this publication, Amazon Music free was only accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The accessibility of Amazon Music services depends largely on the subscription option and area.

2. Radio4000

Best Pandora Alternatives 1

How it Measures Up:-

Compared to Pandora, Radio4000 offers a unique experience. Rather than skipping songs and liking them, you can walk around a global map and switch to radio stations that have been curated by people.

The outcome is a music listening experience that opens you to a large volume of new songs without the limitations of skipping or missing artists, among other things.

The display is simple but easy to navigate, and there are two web player alternatives to choose from.

Notable Characteristics:-

This service allows you to create a personalized radio station that can be aired to other people who visit your area by clicking on it, which is a convenient function. 

All of Radio4000’s tracks are sourced from YouTube, this ensures you get access to the entire YouTube archive at your disposal. This sets it apart from other Pandora alternatives.

The disadvantage of this is that it is possible for a track to be lost, and there is no stability in terms of audio sound quality. Nonetheless, the variety of music accessible more than compensates for this


Radio4000 is absolutely free to listen to, and it is available in every single country on the planet.

3. Radio.Garden

11 Of The Best Pandora Alternatives To Try Out

How it Stacks Up:-

Radio Garden is a music streaming service that is almost entirely unique among the Pandora alternatives on this list. As opposed to picking individual musicians or themed radio stations, one can spin the planet to discover radio stations operating from all over the globe.

Radio Garden, in contrast to Pandora, provides access to the whole world of music with a few clicks of the mouse. You can choose from tens of thousands of broadcast stations, and enjoy music from any genre, style, performer, and other categories imaginable.

Notable Characteristics:-

An astounding amount of radio stations may be found on Radio Garden’s website. Due to the fact that they are real-time radio broadcasts, Radio Garden lacks user editing or individual station control. Users can connect radio stations to their favorites list and look for a particular radio station, city, nation, or area. 

Radio Garden also maintains a list of strange and amazing radio stations. Anyone can enjoy a transmission of ambient nature noises, the acoustics of a theatre organ, or even the conversations of truck drivers.


Radio Garden is a completely free service. Contingent on which radio stations you listen to, you may hear advertisements for local businesses.

Availability in specific regions: Radio Garden is in every country on the planet.

4. iHeartRadio

Best Pandora Alternatives 3

How it Measures Up:-

iHeartRadio consolidates radio feeds from more than 850 local stations into a single platform, as well as podcasts, audio playlists, and other features. As a consequence, this is one of the Pandora alternatives that offer a diverse selection of content kinds.

IHeartRadio, like Pandora, is a simple application to use. There are certain advantages to using iHeartRadio, like its user library, that enables you to modify and change your most recently heard podcast, radio stations, artists, and playlists.

Notable Characteristics:-

The previously talked about user library referred to as ‘Your Library’, is a helpful tool for personalization. There is also a helpful ideas feature, which provides suggestions for new songs, radio stations, and podcasts that you might like.

Because iHeartRadio is the parent brand for the iHeartMedia network, users may tune in to hundreds of broadcasts and live radio stations from any part of the United States using the service.

Pricing:- We have e three different forms of iHeartRadio subscriptions

First is the free subscription. This provides access to unlimited and live radio at all hours of day or night, as well as tailored artist radio stations and the iHeartRadio podcast library. 

With this account, you can skip up to six songs an hour, per station, for a total of 15 skips each day throughout all artist stations. With a paid iHeartRadio accounts one can skip up to 15 tracks each day throughout all artist stations.

Limitless song skipping throughout all stations is available with an iHeartRadio Plus subscription. On-demand music and artists’ play are also available, as is the ability to replay and save songs from the radio. You can get the  Plus subscription for $4.99 per month.

In the end, the iHeartRadio All Access membership includes everything included in the previous tiers, as well as unrestricted access to each and every single iHeartRadio song. 

This also includes the ability to create an endless number of customized playlists. A subscription to All Access is available for $9.99 per month.

5. TuneIn

How it Measures Up:

Only a small fraction of what TuneIn Radio performs is devoted to the production of music. In its purest form, this platform is all about online radio in the traditional sense: listening to live radio channels over the internet. 

While there are online-only music stations that are absolutely acceptable, TuneIn Radio’s big attraction is the ability to listen to live radio feeds.

Being one of the major Pandora alternatives, it certainly lives up to the name of the radio streaming platform that it is modeled after.

Notable Characteristics:-  More than 100,000 radio stations from all over the world, as well as hundreds of podcasts, are available on TuneIn. Musical, talk, sports, and trendy stations, along with kids’ stations and podcasts, can all be found in your streaming options if you use the appropriate filters.

TuneIn Radio (featuring iHeart)


There are two subscription options available on TuneIn: free and premium. TuneIn’s free service is ad-supported, with an advertisement playing every time you access a radio station or podcast.

When you subscribe to TuneIn Premium, you will never longer see banner advertisements on the TuneIn website or desktop clients. 

It also allows you to enjoy live match coverage of any NFL, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and NHL game. Advertisements from the channels such as CNBC radio stations MSNBC and Fox News are removed with a TuneIn Premium subscription.

You would get the TuneIn Premium subscription for $9.99 per month.

Availability in specific regions: TuneIn is in every country on the planet. But  TuneIn Premium services are only accessible in four countries: the United Kingdom,  Canada, Australia, Canada, and the United States. 

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6. AccuRadio

Best Pandora Alternatives 4

How it Measures Up:-

AccuRadio has been providing consumers with online radio streaming services and has been around since 2000. This makes it one of the oldest Pandora alternatives currently in operation. 

AccuRadio has been providing consumers with online radio streaming services and has been around since 2000. This makes it one of the oldest Pandora alternatives currently in operation.  AccuRadio’s long-standing success has been built on the principle of simplicity. 

The AccuRadio layout is straightforward and straightforward to use, and it allows for a reasonable number of station customization by the user. AccuRadio doesn’t have the most extensive music library, but it is extensive enough to keep you entertained while you listen.

Notable Characteristics:-

You can combine up to 15 channels to create a more personalized listening experience for yourself or others. 

Also available is the ability to evaluate music on a five-star scale, after which you can apply the Five Star Radio option to only hear your absolute favorite music. When compared to Pandora, one of the most useful features of AccuRadio is the ability to skip songs at any time for all accounts.


Unlike many Pandora alternatives, AccuRadio does not provide a premium account or a subscription-based subscription service. The service is sponsored by advertisements, though you can limit the frequency of advertisements if you register for a free account.

Availability in specific regions: AccuRadio is in every country on the planet.

7. Spotify

11 Of The Best Pandora Alternatives To Try Out

How it Measures Up:-

Spotify offers a number of positive attributes. Spotify has grown into the de facto standard for music streaming services, having amassed a catalog of more than 50 million music tracks, 700,000 podcasts, and approximately 300 million subscribers. This easily makes up the envy of other Pandora alternatives.

At this stage, Spotify also offers a user interface that is easily identifiable and familiar. Although it isn’t the most visually appealing interface, it is quite straightforward to use.

The poor sound quality of Spotify is the most significant disadvantage of the service. In comparison to other Pandora alternatives. 

How Does Spotify Work?

Spotify provides audio streaming at a meager 320kbps which is really small compared to the premium Deezer HiFi option that provides as much as 1,411kbps or Amazon Music Unlimited that provides an average of 850kbps.

Notable Characteristics:

In terms of features, Spotify’s offering is far from “premium.” When compared to internet radio, Spotify provides a lot more. Do you want on-demand streaming? 

When it comes to this, Spotify is among the best. You’re looking to broaden your culinary horizons. Investigate the music discovery tools available through Spotify. Non-musical content, such as stand-up comedy and podcasts, can also be found on the website. 

And don’t forget about the end-of-year roundups that describe your listening habits as well as your favorite songs from the year.

There are other ways in which Spotify is upping the ante against Pandora. It is similar to Pandora in that it allows users to rate songs by giving them a thumbs-up or using a thumbs-down.  Spotify also provides music recommendations.


Free and premium subscriptions are available on Spotify, with the latter being the default option. In addition to being ad-supported, the free version does not allow for offline playback and it fails to provide access to the top audio playback that Spotify is capable of providing.

You can Unlock offline music playback and the rest of its smartphone app capabilities with a Spotify Premium membership. You’ll also get rid of any ad interruptions and have access to Spotify’s highest audio quality listening option. For $9.99 per month, you can have access to the Spotify Premium service.

Subscriptions to Spotify Premium are available in two configurations. It costs $4.99 per month for a Spotify Student subscription, which gives you access to everything available with the Premium account. (with a functional student email account).

Furthermore, Spotify Family provides access to everything included in the Premium subscription for as many as six accounts that share the same physical location. Spotify Family accounts are available for $14.99 per month on the Spotify website.

Availability in specific geographic areas: More than 80 nations offer access to Spotify’s music streaming service.

Spotify vs Pandora

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8. Jango

Best Pandora Alternatives 6

How it Measures Up:

Jango has been in operation since 2007, and it is one of Pandora’s early direct competitors. Both Jango and Pandora function in a similar fashion.

Jango’s suggestions are guided by the habits of its users, whilst Pandora’s music recommendations are predicted by the Music Genome.

Notable Characteristics:-

The Variety of options on each Jango radio station let you customize the sound of each station. One can choose to include the most searched user choices in order to broaden the radio station’s reach, or one can include More Variety. Additionally, you can add individual artists from a radio station that is currently playing.

Independent musicians are highlighted and promoted by Jango across its network of radio stations. You will be able to offer feedback if an independent artist is featured.

It’s worth noting that Jango makes use of its own cryptocurrency, called NeuCoin. If you want to tip any artist, you can do so with NeuCoin, which will assist them to earn a modest remuneration for their work.


Jango does not have a premium version available. The entire service is supported by advertisements. Having said that, Jango does not inundate you with advertisements and interrupt your listening experience.

It is difficult to find advertisements because they are so scarce. In addition, if a user links his Facebook account, he can minimize the number of adverts you see in a day to a single instance.

The fact that Jango does not disturb the Android or iOS apps with advertising is also a significant plus (and something very outstanding).

Availability in specific regions: Jango is in every country on the planet.

9. Deezer

How it Measures Up:-

Deezer’s music library contains more than 57 million tracks, far outstripping the offerings of most competitors, particularly Pandora, in terms of volume. Deezer’s user interface has been improved in recent years, making it easier to use.

11 Of The Best Pandora Alternatives To Try Out

In spite of this, the UI does not offer anything particularly noteworthy. But that in itself may not be considered a bad thing.    If you’re hopping from service to service, this may not be the case.

Notable Characteristics:

As of the time of this publication, Deezer has more than 30,000 public radio channels and over 100 million playlists available to the public on its platform, according to the company. 

Obviously, you’re not intending to go through each and every one of them. Fortunately, Deezer’s search functionality is useful and can assist you in finding what you’re looking for.

Deezer Flow builds a unique playlist for users that includes all of the user’s favorite songs including new recommendations and songs one might have forgotten he liked.

Exclusive DJ mixes, one-of-a-kind podcasts, as well as other Deezer Original productions may all be found on Deezer. You might also have a look at Deezer Next to see which musicians the music streaming platform believes will be successful in the future.


Deezer offers four different types of subscriptions. In addition to being ad-supported, the free edition of Deezer limits you to a personal listening profile and only allows you to skip a restricted amount of tracks each day.

It is also not possible to listen to music on the go with the free version, this is quite common for other Pandora alternatives.

In addition to removing advertisements from the audio experience, Deezer Premium provides endless skips per day including the ability to listen to music while not connected to the internet. Deezer Premium is available for $9.99 a month.

While the fact that one has “unlimited skips,” the Deezer forums include multiple messages from disgruntled users who are confused as to why they can’t skip more than 150 tracks per hour despite having “unlimited skips.” 

Creating a playlist and skipping between tunes could lead to your account being locked unexpectedly, so it’s something to think about before you do anything. The problem stems from the way in which the Deezer development team strives to prevent account sharing.

In addition to these two products, there is one more subscription tier that includes a variety of options. Deezer Family contains everything from the previous tier, as well as the ability to create six separate listening profiles for each of your devices.

On the other hand, Deezer HiFi contains everything from the previous grade while also unlocking high-quality 16-bit FLAC audio rather than additional listening modes. 

Deezer HiFi is an excellent choice if you appreciate high-quality audio, which is something that most music streaming services can not provide.

It will cost you $14.99 per month to subscribe to Deezer Family and Deezer HiFi.

How Deezer Pays Artists: Discussing Artist Remuneration and UCPS

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10. YouTube Music

How it Measures Up: 

YouTube Music is the music streaming service that is gradually displacing Google Play Music in terms of popularity. 

Users will now discover the YouTube Music app in the place where Google Play Music was previously available as a common feature on newer Android devices (only on new devices, Google Play Music will not abruptly disappear into thin air).

YouTube Music does not provide an official amount of available songs since it relies on its licensing agreements with record companies, user-submitted content on YouTube, mashups, remixes, and a variety of other sources. 

The YouTube Music collection contains a considerable amount of content. Pandora is a distant second in terms of library resources. After all, Pandora outperforms the majority of other services, so it’s hardly a reflection of Pandora’s abilities.

The YouTube Music interface is straightforward to use, despite the fact that it is far from the most visually appealing music streaming platform available.

Notable Characteristics:-

Without a question, one of the most noticeable YouTube Music aspects is the vast and diverse collection of music available. 

Besides that, YouTube Music is also a platform for live music streams from a variety of performers. A YouTube Music connection for the Google Clock is also available, allowing you to awaken to the music of your choice, whether it’s an artist or playlist.


The YouTube Music subscription service offers three different subscription packages. With the free version, one would get an ad-supported experience (you’ll see or listen to an advertisement after every three to six songs). 

The music is also streamed at a lesser bitrate, and if you’re listening on a mobile device, you’ll have to keep the screen turned on at all times. This is unquestionably a significant drawback of YouTube Music compared to other Pandora alternatives.

One can (and you probably should) switch to one of YouTube Music’s premium levels to have access to more functionality. 

YouTube Music Premium removes the commercials, enables you to enjoy music in the background on your mobile devices. It also allows the user to download music for offline listening. 

YouTube Music Premium removes the commercials, enables you to enjoy music in the background on your mobile devices. 

It also allows the user to download music for offline listening.  A YouTube Music Premium subscription is available for $9.99 a month on the YouTube website.

Afterward, we have a YouTube Premium subscription, that gives you access to all the features in the previous tier, including YouTube Originals (which are YouTube’s programming channels). 

The YouTube Premium subscription also includes the removal of advertisements from the primary YouTube website. The monthly cost of the YouTube Premium subscription is USD 11.99. Is YouTube Premium a good investment of your money? Everything is dependent on your YouTube use.

Availability in specific regions. YouTube Music and its premium equivalents are available in over 70 countries, except the United States.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pandora Alternatives

Spotify has been my default music streaming provider for some time and I don’t intend to switch.  However, the appeal of services such as Pandora, Jango, and Radio Garden is the discovery of new music, that they provide in abundance.

However, if the sound quality is crucial to you, you should consider Deezer HiFi or Amazon Music Unlimited HD as well.

However, if the sound quality is crucial to you, you should consider Deezer HiFi or Amazon Music Unlimited HD as well. 

If you are into music production, you must learn how to distribute your music via streaming platforms to be successful.