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9 Of The Best Party Game Apps For Unlimited Fun at Party


This is a complete guide to Best Party Game Apps to download on your Smartphone. 🤴

And let me be clear about something:

All the apps mentioned in this Party Game Apps list are able to keep anybody hooked throughout a party.

Let’s get started. 🐱‍🏍

Are you planning to host a party and have your friends come around for some serious fun? Then you would want to learn of the best ways to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Now that you have the foods, drinks, and music, how about throw something unusual into the mix to loosen up everyone and get them in the mood to party?

That’s what party games do. They help you learn more about the secrets of your friends, and other attendees, whole keeping it as fun as possible. Thankfully, these days, you don’t have to think too hard about cooking up a game for your party.

The development of so many party game apps makes it easier to have fun at your party. With so many party game apps available today, the issue now lies in being able to select the best for your party.

We understand how daunting the task can be; hence, we’ve researched, selected, and reviewed eight of the best party game apps available for download on Android and iOS app stores. Here, take a look at our choices:

Best Party Game Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌👌

1. Escape Team

This is one of the best party games you will have or play on your Android or iPhone. It is not surprising that it has made the top spot on our list considering its popularity and all the beautiful features it comes with.

It is available for free download to both Android and iOS users; however, you may need to subscribe for premium to get access to some of the app’s features and functionalities.

One thing is guaranteed – this app will turn up the fun at your party. Whether it is a family reunion party or an adult party held in a faraway Island, this app will bring all the joy you need to dance the night away. 

2-4 players can enjoy escape Team at a time. The game puts you in a team and asks you to work on puzzles against the clock. Puzzles vary depending on the category you decide to pick.

For instance, your puzzle might involve arranging pieces of different puzzles, translating Morse code, solving Sudoku riddles, or several other things.

You will find that each mission in the game consists of several different puzzles, so you will need to complete relevant puzzles before the clock runs down to complete a particular mission. 

We must warn at this point, however, that Escape Team is not entirely a mobile game, as there are parts of it, where you would need to print out relevant documents that are involved in the puzzle.

So, it will be great to have an accessible printer at the venue of your party before starting this game to avoid any disruption.

Apart from that part, this game is one that you and every attendee of your party would love and be happy to have throughout the party.

Below are some of the features of the Escape Team app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Party Game Apps to download.


  • Free to download on Android and iOS app stores
  • Team game 
  • Different types of puzzle paired into each challenge.

Overall, this is an app that would bring extra fun to the venue of your party. It is also easy to use, so you would not find any trouble launching it during your next party.

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2. Bounden

Bounden is another game that’s worth making it to the top of our list of best party game apps this year. This app offers so much to keep anybody hooked throughout a party.

Although the app is entirely premium, it offers so much fun compared to the little amount you will be paying to acquire it. This is a party game app that brings a redefinition of how mobile games are played.

Best Party Game Apps

Generally, mobile games are known to be played at a static position, but with this one, you will need to stand up and move your body on the dance floor.

The whole idea of the game is to light up any dull party by sending everybody to the dance floor. With bounden, different people would be excused to the dance floor at various times to dance with their partner.

Of course, you are at liberty to set a punishment for anyone that defaults when it gets to their turn. Usually, most people would fix that defaulters take a certain number of shots of drink.

However, it doesn’t have to be that. Fix something else if it is a non-alcohol drinking party. You don’t need to be scared about anything though, considering that dancing skill is not the focus in this game. Besides, most other attendees might have gotten two tipsy to care when it gets to your turn to dance. 

Usually, the game is played by two people holding the different ends of a phone. Each of them would then have to guide a sphere through a path with rings. 

Merely holding this would put you and your partner into a dancing position and mood. Of course, you don’t expect anything less from a game that has players bending and twisting to navigate the sphere. 


  • Enjoyed by two players at a time.
  • Basically a dancing app
  • Available in premium versions on Android and iOS app stores. 

Overall, Bounden is a simple but very exciting game that can be played in any party setting. You will love the about of fun that it brings to your party.

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3. Heads Up

This is perhaps the most popular app on this list. Having stayed on overtime, it has brought the needed thrill to thousands of parties. It is one app you would want to have on your phone if you are planning to host a party any so.

Best Party Game Apps

Created by Ellen DeGeneres, a US TV host, this app has gone on to become one of the best party game apps in modern times. You would probably have seen her play the game on her show with some of her famous guests. 

The game is one that you and your friends would love for the great fun that it brings to every party, as well as for the ease of its interface. 

How to Play:-

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, this game is pretty easy to play but has a few tricks, and it is these tricks that bring the fun to it. Once the app has been installed, and a few permission is granted, it is ready to launch. 

You will begin every play session by choosing a topic. Topics include celebrities, movies, animals, and more. From the topic you select, the app would put up words at random.

Before the word comes on, a player would be required to put the phone on his/her head and wait for the countdown to begin. After the countdown, your team members would gather around to see what’s shown on the screen.

The app then gives you 60 seconds to try to guess what’s on the phone screen through clues that your team members would offer.

The games too often evolve into team members screaming clues or acting like animals, so if you are looking for a game to set up the mood for the party, then this is the perfect one for you. 

Below are some of the features of the Heads Up app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Party Game Apps to download.


  • Multi-player enabled 
  • Free for download on Android and iOS app stores 
  • Several different categories to choose from
  • Intuitive interface 

Overall, this is one app you would like to have if you are planning a party. The beauty of the app is that it can easily be incorporated into any party, irrespective of the nature of the party. Just keep playing to continue enjoying all the fun it brings.

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4. Spaceteam

This one is an oldie in the party game app world, but it is still a goldie as far as party fun is concerned.

Definitely one of the best party games that can be played on a phone, Spaceteam has all the elements that you will need to light up your party or a friend’s party. It is one of the best corporative experiences that you can have at a party.

The good thing about it is that you would need just your phone or tablet to play it. However, we must warn at this point that this game is quite addictive, so you would want to watch your activities after your first attempt at the game.

It works in a simple manner, similar to some of the apps we’ve reviewed above. Everyone begins by downloading the app on their device, and you all would see a panel for the spaceship that you are supposed to fly together.

The twist is that everyone would see a different panel that they would try to fly the craft from. The idea here is that you would be shown sets of instructions, but just like Captain Kirk from Star Trek, there would be a need for you to delegate tasks to different team members.

The instructions are meant for every player, although they are mostly a combination of stuff you would not necessarily need throughout the game. Each task is, however, time-sensitive, do you would need to save as much time as possible. 

The start of the game is as easy as saying “burn toast” or “wash socks“. However, within a short time, the whole team would be screaming bizarre phrases to one another in the struggle to keep the ship on course.

You will soon forget the time as all your attention would be on trying to sail your spaceship. 

Below are some of the features of the Spaceteam app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Party Game Apps to download.


  • Free to download for Android and iOS users 
  • Played by 2 to 8 players 
  • Easy to use.

Overall, this is one app that you would love to own if you are planning a party. It is not age sensitive, so you can start it at any party, irrespective of the audience, and still be guaranteed that everyone would have so much fun.

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5. Kings (Drinking Game)

Kings is an Iconic party app that’s designed to take the fun in any party to another level. It is indeed a game for kings like the creators of the app to put it.

If you want an excellent company that will take the atmosphere in your party from zero to a hundred, then this is the one to look unto.

Best Party Game Apps

The only issue with this game is that it is designed for only Android users; however, it offers so many features to hold any game lover engrossed for hours.

Everything about the features and functionalities of this app is designed to encourage bonding among friends and other party rockers. This party app deals with a deck of cards.

Each card featured in the game has a unique challenge attached to it, and players would be tasked to complete the challenge before being allowed to advance to the next stage. The game is pretty easy to launch, and it has a beautiful interface.

How to Play:-

Playing this game is easy and straightforward. However, you will need many players, considering that fun gets better with more people. Once you and others are gathered, launch the game and let the first player start.

Each player will take turns to act out the instruction on the deck that they select. In events where anyone can’t act out the instruction on the card, he or she would serve a pre-agreed punishment.

With each passing time, you will discover that the meaning of the cards is sticking to everyone’s mind, and this is where the energy and fun of the game kick off on a whole new level.

One great thing about the game is that any number of players and another can play it. So, wherever your party is holding, you can wipe out your phone and take the fun to a whole new level.

It is important to state at this point, however, that you might be required to act out some insane roles, depending on the level selected. Hence, you want to watch out for the kind of people in your gang. 

Below are some of the features of the Kings (Drinking Game) app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Party Game Apps to download.


  • It has a straightforward and easy to understand interface.
  • It is customizable 
  • An unlimited number of players.

Generally, the game is filled with some unusual but funny requests. You can customize the cards to suit your party’s needs by changing the meaning of some of the cards.

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6. Picolo drinking game

Forget all the complications with all other party apps; this one is easy to use. All that’s needed is for you to type in your name, and you are good to go.

It is also possible to play the game without entering your name; however, most people would prefer to enter their name to get an unlimited version of fun. With this app, you can expect that your party would be filled with so much fun.

With the level of fun that this app offers, it is not surprising that it offers so much fun. This is the perfect party gaming app for minimalists, considering that it comes with zero complications in sound and in detail.

Juggling through the challenges might cause some mixed feelings, but that’s is part of what increases the fun. The game has different modes, so you can select one based on how crazy you want the night out to get.

The “Getting Started” mode is the most basic, and it is free. In this stage, the challenges you will get are quite limited, but it is always advisable to start there and play your way to the top.

Beginners can always start in this mode. If, however, you are ready, you take the fun to another level, then you can try any of the other game modes, including the “Hot,” “Getting Crazy,” and “Caliente’ modes.

These advanced modes would require premium registration to gain access to them. If there’s enough alcohol to go round, and you are ready to go dirty, then you would want to try the “Bar Mode.”

Below are some of the features of the Picolo drinking game app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Party Game Apps to download.


  • The graphics are very simple, allowing users to easily understand the game, irrespective of their level of expertise.
  • A multiplayer option allows for two or more players to participate. 
  • Different game modes are available to fit different levels of expertise.
  • Overall, this app is one that has been certified cool enough in a lot of reviews. Grab it now to turn up the level of fun at your next party.

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7. Hot Potato

Most of the party games that we’ve reviewed so far are party games meant for adults, but hey, let’s not completely forget our little ones in this mix. They go to parties too and quite frankly; they deserve some fun also. This app is available to give them all the fun that they deserve and more.

It is an app that offers a fun way to get children talking. The game is an educational game designed to help teach children how to speak, but who says they can’t play and learn at the same time in their parties? The availability of a timer even tops the spice of the game.

Children are not only struggling to complete the game, but they are struggling to do so on time. To play, the game would require you to stay the potato, and then the phone gets moved from one person to the other.

Most people play the game in a circle, but if there is no practical way to form a ring, you can develop a contingency plan for the last person to be able to pass it to the first. 

When the timer stops, the person holding the phone will have to identify the word on the screen to remain in the game.

If they fail at their attempt, then they will have to sit out the remaining of the game until a winner is gotten. The timer varies in length of time, and you would be able to set it at a particular time interval before beginning. 

A variation of the game pairs two players from different teams, and each player asks the opposing player questions. The opposing player, would, on the other hand, need to answer the question before continuing the game.

Adults can play this game, too, and it would transform any adult party into total fun. You can customize the game and add several different variations to fit your party needs. 

Below are some of the features of the Hot Potato app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Party Game Apps to download.


  • Easily customizable to fit different party needs
  • Designed for children and adults. 
  • Free for download on Android and iOS stores 
  • Educational games.

Overall, this is one app you would like to have on your phone if you want to host a weekend getaway party for your children and others in the neighborhood. The game is highly recommended for classroom teachers, too, as it allows them to teach their kids new words in an enjoyable manner.

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8. eTABU

Finally, in our list of best party game apps is eTABU. We’ve included this game for the level of fun it promises to bring to any party. The game might be the last on our list, but it is certainly not the least of them.

In fact, it is one of the best things that will happen to your party. If you are looking to transform your party from a dull event into one that participants will remember and talk about for months, then this card has all the spices you need.

Best Party Game Apps

It is a unique game app that allows you and other people to play unlimited card games on your mobile device. It is available for download on Android and iOS app stores.

Before launching the game, participants are divided into two teams. Players from both sides would need to guess keywords that their teammates present.

Of course, the teammates can use certain forbidden words or gestures that will make the words clear enough. A team wins the game after earning a certain amount of points.

The game is free and easy to play, with numerous exciting features to make for an unforgettable party. Its features also include the skip, exclamation, and pause features, which can be used at any time throughout the game.

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These are some of the best party game apps you can get out there. Each of them offers a unique level of fun, so you’d have to select one that best suits your party. With each of them, however, you can expect unlimited fun throughout your party.